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Treatments (Face) -ModelCo -Instant Miracle Booster

on 1/27/2018 6:13:00 PM


I'm wavering between 2 and 3 lippies for this product. It's not a horrible product, but it just didn't do anything for me, and it wasn't cheap either. This serum goes for €45 on their website, which is up there with significantly more high end brands. I bought it on sale for a lot less, but still - with that price tag I expected something more. It's a thin, slightly oily consistency that sinks into the skin surprisingly quickly. It has a slew of claims, from brightening to firming and anti-ageing. It also boasts with a ton of natural ingredients from all kinds of superfruits and plants, but again, I didn't see the miraculous results that the description and the name hinted at. It wasn't very hydrating either, so if anything I think it'd be best for people whose skin has no tendencies to get dry, or for the warmer months/warmer climates. It didn't break me out, which is good I guess, but I can find a lot of products that doesn't AND does something for my skin. The packaging feels very cheap, and I realised right away that it was very reminiscent of another product. I finally figured it out - I swear it's the exact same packaging as Max Factor's Colour Adapt foundation that I used to cake on my face in my early teens. Ah, the nostalgia!

I can't speak for the application under makeup, since I only use this at night, but I believe the reviewer below as I have sometimes noticed it has a slight tendency to ball up. It hasn't been a huge issue for me, though. Maybe it depends on what other products you use it with?

It does claim to be completely free of chemicals (obviously buying into the whole "all chemicals are bad chemicals" agenda), so if you want something really natural for your skin and you don't mind essential oils such as lavender - this might be for you. I'm all for going as natural as possible without losing effectiveness, but for me, this formula was ineffective. Overall, not impressed with the performance, and though I've not used it up, I've moved on to a serum that gives my skin both the hydration and brightening effect it needs.

+ Cruelty free (PETA certified)
+ Vegan
+ Free of a whole lot of undesirables - parabens, sulfates, PEGs, and so on
+ Didn't break me out

- I didn't notice a single difference when using this serum, compared to using no serum at all. None.
- "Free of chemicals" claim makes me want to roll my eyes a bit
- Not worth the price tag
- Cheap packaging

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Mascara -ModelCo -POWERLASH Long Wear Black Mascara

on 9/15/2017 8:44:00 AM


Does nothing but color my lashes black and clump them together. Terrible.

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Misc Beauty Tools -ModelCo -Jelly Blender

on 8/11/2017 7:57:00 PM

I have just been reading some reviews of other silicon blenders hoping to get some tips as to why this product did nothing for me. If there was some technique I was unaware of. And, I have to say, that I was pretty annoyed at the tone of some reviewers. Just because a product does not work for some people and it works for you does not mean the other people are idiots and deserve to be insulted. Give it a rest people. This is a forum to air your experiences with products for the edification of other potential users. You are not better than the other users. We are all different in experiences, finances, life-stages and skin types.
If I have strayed into this tone of abuse or patronisation in any previous review I do apologise. It has been unintentional entirely.
Enough of the soap box.
I bought this when I was purchasing the Modelco silicon primer for my daughter (who has very sensitive skin by the way and absolutely loves it) in a Modelco half price sale. Seeing the jelly blender I was intrigued as I have never been impressed with the way other blenders or sponges seem to steal half the makeup I put on them instead of putting it on my face. It was half price which I think amounted to about $4 AU so I took the plunge.
I tried it every which way-wiping, patting, pushing into pores, with makeup applied directly to the blender or onto the skin, with different textures of foundation. Everything I could think of. Every time I ended up just using my fingertips as usual afterwards as this left streaks, did not get into pores and little lines. It actually did nothing at all for me. Zip.
If you want to try it out it isn't exactly a big investment-even full price- but my experience was that it was a totally useless product and a waste of money.

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Mascara -ModelCo -Volume Lash Extreme Black Mascara by Hailey Baldwin

on 7/26/2017 3:53:00 AM


This reminds me of the Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint in look and feel and brush style but with a slightly better brush (less prickly). Like the old Maybelline Lash Stiletto but blacker. Super black, ultra defined non-clumpy lashes, holds a curl. Slightly crispy feel. I usually have downward pointing straight lashes, but if I hold the brush at the base of my lashes and *slowly* pull the wand up I get a good curl and fanned out separation. For me 1 coat is enough as 2 coats look like spikey long falsies.

Formula is a perfect consistency for me. Slightly wet, but not thin or runny. I think it would age well and not dry out too quick especially as there is so much in the tube (0.4 oz/12 ml, nearly double Tarte's). A bit wetter than their "Lash & Line" (love, the perfect wet/dry consistency from the start but dries up in 2 months) and much wetter than "Fatlash" (hate, too dry and flakes).

The plastic hard brush is a mix between Covergirl Lashblast (volume) and spiky like Tarteist (clump-free definition). I find the Covergirl one slightly too large and the Tarteist a bit too prickly so I like this one and find it really easy to work with. The brush wipey thing at the neck wipes off/leaves the right amount on the brush so no clumpy globs but also no dry brushing either.

Formula is lightly vanilla-rose scented, which smells pretty but scented mascaras always irritate my eyes. I do like this mascara but for this reason I will go back to Tarteist. I do love the Feline Liquid Eyeliner by Hailey Baldwin (comes in a kit with an eyeliner guide tool, or a combo kit with the mascara and tool). Its unscented, fine tip, super black, and lasts all day on my oily lids.

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Contour -ModelCo -Contour Stick


This product is cheap and the texture of the product is great. However, it only comes in one colour which clearly would not work on anyone with very light or dark beautiful skin. For me the shade was a bit too dark and the amount of product you get is kind of depressing. As someone who doesnt wear makeup often and only uses small amounts of the product so that the colour is somewhat okay it is running out so quickly.

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