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Highlighters -ModelCo -On-the-Glow Cream Highlighter by Hailey Baldwin

on 11/26/2018 2:11:00 AM


I brought Spotlight, a beautiful sheer pearly white. Its supposed to be a natural multi-use product for eyes, lips and face. Sheer, heavy and sticky, it applies and feels like I'm wearing a lipgloss on my face, looks like sticky vaseline on the eyes. Feels thick and sticky on the lips. Gives a sheer barely there wet greasy look with fine sparkles - weird, like you have smeared lipgloss on your face for a youtube spoof video. Never dries down, stays tacky and heavy feeling on the skin. The only thing its good for is highlighting the body in summer, but the tiny amount for huge cost makes this not worth the bother. Packaging looks like a small pot of cheap lipgloss. Barely any product at 4.5g / 0.16 oz. For NZ $49 / US $33 this is a huge ripoff and a joke.

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Contour -ModelCo -Contour Stick

on 9/2/2018 2:20:00 PM


I’m surprised at the bad reviews. I got this in my Ipsy bag a while ago and it’s one of my favorites I’ve ever received. Comes in really handy. Very blendable in that you can make it light or dark depending on how much you rub it in. I’m not sure about how long it lasts tho. I found it much easier to contour with the stick compared to powder via brushes.

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Treatments (Face) -ModelCo -Instant Miracle Booster

on 8/27/2018 12:52:00 PM


Absorbs quickly, doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, clog my pores, cause acne, or make my skin oily. I love mixing it half and half with my heavier creams or thicker foundations. I find they spread better and mesh with my skin better. I love how its unscented too. The packaging dispenses the exact amount every time and doesn't leak when travelling. As for any "miracles", I don't think the ingredients support that. I've been using for several years and haven't found my pigmentation or fine lines improve. I like what it does for me and keep using, but only buy on special as its really just a light moisturiser for me.

Mascara -ModelCo -LASHXTEND Lengthening Mascara

on 7/13/2018 12:55:00 AM


I have problems with regular mascaras, even so waterproof ones, as they always transfer to under my eyes, hence my love of tubing mascaras. This one is good value when on special and I can pick it up from the Supermarket. It is not the best looking formula upon application I do admit, nor is it the in the most attractive of packaging, but great value and performance mean more to me. It is relatively easy to remove also, so I will continue purchasing it for these reasons.

Bronzers -ModelCo -Shimmer Bronzer

on 5/3/2018 1:32:00 PM


When I first got this bronzer in a subscription box I was quite scared. It's super shimmery in the pan and I've never been a fan of that, but once you put it on, it's just the nicest bronzey glow, not shimmery at all. I use it every time I do my makeup, whether I'm going out or just a natural day, I swear by it. I can't say much for the price as I got in a subscription box but it has become one of my favourite products!

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