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Milk Makeup was founded in 2016 by Milk co-founder Mazdack Rassi, Zanna Roberts Rassi, creative director Georgie Greville, and product developer and COO Dianna Ruth. They specialize in creating multi-use makeup products with durable packaging, making it easier to take the products on the go. The brand was created by Milk Studios, which is based in both New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA.

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Toners -Milk Makeup -Cooling Water Stick

on 1/15/2019 1:42:00 AM


I'm super oily, so oily that most days I can't bear the thought of a facial moisturizer. This little baby is perfect for my face. It's light, yet penetrates the skin. It doesn't make me feel or look greasy. It's totally odorless. It feels deliciously cooling, even hours later, especially on my eyelids. In addition to all those benefits, it's also the only skincare product I've ever been able to use in the eye area without getting watery eyes and the accompanying gunky eyelashes. My skin, at least, only needs a light once over; even the mini lasted me several months. The cons: stick format products are always a bit deceptive - I still have to blend it in. Also, the packaging feels quite cheap and flimsy, considering the price ($24); it was the aesthetics that originally attracted me to this product, so that's a mild disappointment. Nevertheless, I love Cooling Water Stick to death, and will continue to purchase it for as long as it's available.

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Primer/ Corrector -Milk Makeup -Blur Stick

on 1/13/2019 6:27:00 PM


I am thinking this is a perfect winter primer for me. For the record, I am 40 and have combination skin, but the oily parts get VERY oily. I usually use the MakeUp Forever Mattifying Primer, but this tends to suck up any bit of "glow" I might want to have and also can make the rest of my makeup look cakey by the end of the day. The best way to apply this is to rub it on to your finger, and press it into your trouble areas. This doesn't mattify for long, but what it DOES do, is keep your pores smoothed over and clear so that my makeup wears beautifully during the day. I don't wear foundation though, I just spot conceal. This allows my skin to glow but in a good way. At the end of the day, after 16 hours of wear, my skin looks healthy but not greasy. I got the small size of this to try, but I think I'm going to purchase the full size to keep in my arsenal. I also really like the swivel up stick, because it seems like it would be good to travel with (one less thing to leak!).

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Brows -Milk Makeup -Gel Brow

on 1/6/2019 11:37:00 AM


I really like this product. It's one of the few I've actually purchased after receiving a trial sample at Sephora. I use Pilsner, a medium brown that's pretty neutral (not too warm or too cool). It goes on very smoothly but not slippery or sloppy. I find it's good for filling in sparser areas, but also denser ones that a need just a little extra. I still like my Anastasia brow pencil, and find them easy to use, but sometimes more time consuming because of how thin it is. Because the Milk pencil is a little thicker and goes on smoothly, Ione big swipe and maybe one or two small ones does the trick.

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Masks -Milk Makeup -Watermelon Brightening Face Mask

on 1/5/2019 11:47:00 AM


Tonight I decided to try a new mask in my 100 Days 100 Masks Challenge, this was the new Milk Makeup Watermelon Brightening Face Mask. This is a mask really designed for convenience, especially for those who are always on-the-go or travel. The mask comes in a twist up stick which you then apply directly to clean, dry, skin. This is both simple, yet problematic. It is difficult to get into all the corners and folds on face, like the nose area, the area between your nose and mouth, and slightly tricky to get in the area around your eyes.

After you apply the Milk Watermelon Brightening Mask you will need to let it dry on skin which takes about ten minutes. After this simply rinse off and continue your skincare routine as normal. I found this left my skin feeling a little tight but pores did look a little less noticeable. The only bummer was that I didn’t notice any brightening effect. I really think this mask is more geared toward those who have skin that is on the oily end of the spectrum, especially since this is full of oil absorbing ingredients. Those with oily skin will definitely appreciate this mask much more than us dry skin gals. If you are interested my video review can be seen here:

Mascara -Milk Makeup -KUSH High Volume Mascara

on 12/28/2018 10:56:00 AM


So the trick, I feel, with this product is to wait until it has had proper time to dry out in the tube. I luckily only had a deluxe sample tube so it took only a couple weeks to hit that sweet spot.

In the beginning I was pretty " Ehhh" about this. Now i guess I'm " eh, ok" and intend to use it up. It was too wet with such a giant brush. It got on my eyelids and made a mess of my long lashes. I didnt see any benefits from CBD oil or the heart shaped fibers. I ended up with gunkes up spider lashes half the time.

But, now that's its dried out a bit, it's a little better. It separates more. But it still gets on my eyelids and requires a lash seperator.

Would not buy into hype of full size.

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