Milani Cosmetics was founded in 2002 by brother and sister Laurie Minc and Ralph Bijou. They are headquarted in Los Angeles, CA.

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Recent MILANI Reviews

Blush -MILANI -Baked Blush - Luminoso

on 2/16/2019 1:42:00 PM


The peachy shade is flattering, but the gold shimmer is a little too much. It's very pretty in the pan and when swatched, but applied to the cheeks the gold turns a little more glittery and less glowy. It's a little bit chalky too, feels pretty cheap (which it's sort of is to be fair). Pigmented but not the most longwearing. But it's a pretty blush if you're looking for a warm blush/highlighter combo type of product.

The packaging is a bit bulky since it contains a hidden mirror and a flat brush underneath the pan. The mirror is a nice touch, but the brush is pretty useless.

+ Cruelty free
+ Vegan
+ Can double as a blush and a highlighter
+ Affordable

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Brows -MILANI -Stay Put Brow Color

on 2/15/2019 6:39:00 PM


Came across the reviews for this product right about when my Anastasia of Beverly Hills Dip Brow dried out and I accidentally moistened it with tap water rather than a sterile solution. Didn't want bacteria growing in there, so off to the nearest drug store I went to buy this Milani Product. My normal brow go- to's are ABH brow wiz, to pencil in bare spots and still look natural, OR Dip Brow when I need a more defined, long lasting, waterproof look. To compare both brand pomades:

Color choices: Milani medium brown clear winner for me. ABH medium brown too dark, their soft brown which I use has a reddish undertone. (note Milani appears much lighter in the drugstore package than it is). Milani shade is a perfect, neutral medium brown. Can't speak for the other colors.

Application: Dipbrow applies more smoothly, However, personal preference is for Milani which is harder to overapply, as sometimes with dipbrow I would get scary brows and have to remove and start over.

Longevity: Milani lasts about the same and is equally waterproof to DipBrow, I.e, in sweltering heat either could smudge if touched - even by sunglasses. But otherwise just fine.

Brush/spoolie: Milan brush too wide for me, spoolie sub par. I have an ABH brush which is awesome and purchased separately from the Dip brow. Hence I wouldn't factor the Milani spoolie into the pricing equation, but again, personal preference.

Cost: Me I prefer to spend less out of pocket sometimes, so Milani the winner. But if you are a heavy user of the product perhaps dipbrow wins.

Overall, I think this is certainly worthy of a try.

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Lips -MILANI -Hypnotic Lights Holographic Lip Topper - Fluorescent Light

on 2/15/2019 5:54:00 PM


Wow – this stuff should come with a warning label, because it packs some serious wattage!

That said, this product is absolutely gorgeous when layered over a similarly-colored lipstick. That brings me to my next point: This is NOT a lip gloss. If you’re looking for a stand-in for Milani’s Brilliant Shine Glosses of yore, keep looking; Hypnotic Lights don’t fill the bill.

Hypnotic Lights are semi-opaque, not particularly smooth (due to the high [micro]glitter content) and not at all emollient. In fact, a little clear gloss on top is not a bad idea if your lips tend to be very dry. My favorite combination: Stain first (Silk Naturals makes a great one), balm(100% Pure makes wonderful ones), lip liner, lipstick, then Hypnotic Lights, and finally a drop of clear gloss over all, for moisture and to smooth out Hypnotic Lights. Hypnotic Lights has a very pleasant vanilla scent/taste, and comes in a sturdy plastic tube, with a doefoot applicator, topped by a sparkly gold cap. I have noticed a tendency for a bit of product to ooze out when the cap is screwed back on; this could make at least a minor mess in a purse. This product (the topper) is tenacious; be sure you want sparkling lips for a few hours if you choose to wear this.

I chose the shade “Fluorescent Lights,” which is an extremely shimmery bright pink fuchsia. It lends a three-dimensional effect over fuchsia lip color; it looks *okay* over bare lips, but I much prefer to use it to top a coordinating lip color.

This is a fun product that reminds me a lot of Lime Crime’s pricier [and even more sparkly] Diamond Crushers. I hope more shades are introduced. Milani has become pretty much my go-to brand for cruelty-free, high-quality lip products that are gentle on my budget.

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Lipstick -MILANI -Bold Color Statement Matte Lipstick


I have this in three colors: I Am Radiant (medium terracotta), I Am Confident (deep burgundy), and I Am Fabulous (medium mauve pink). I really like all three shades, but the formula is not without its minor drawbacks.

Negatives first:
- I Am Confident and I Am Radiant wear quickly and noticeably from the inner portion of my lip. It's similar to the way certain liquid lipsticks wear, which can look rather unattractive.

- The formula is ever so slightly drying. Not as bad as their older matte formulation, but still not comfortable for long-term wear. I never wear these two days in a row.

Now for the positives:
- Gorgeous, sleek packaging. I'm glad they went with matte black instead of fingerprint-hungry, tacky gold.

- Great pigmentation and easy application. None of these three shades drag on the lips, and the application is opaque in one swipe.

- Super cheap. I paid $6 for these at Target.

- Great color range. There's even a black shade!

- Not a true, velvety matte. I count this as a positive, as it does help with the dryness factor.

I Am Fabulous is my favorite of the bunch, because it's a pretty close dupe to KVD Lovecraft!

I'll definitely purchase others from the range, and repurchase these shades. This may not be the perfect lipstick, but it's still very good, especially for the price!

Lip Gloss -MILANI -Keep It Full Nourishing Lip Plumper


I've had this now in two shades: Prismatic Peach and Luminoso. I like Luminoso better because it gives a wash of glow, whereas Prismatic Peach is more of a glimmering finish. Both are pretty though, albeit quite sheer.

I enjoy this gloss very much. I find it to be incredibly hydrating, and the boost of hydration really does help the lips to appear fuller, rather than parched and thin. It's a thick kind of formula, but it's not sticky. I typically prefer a stickier gloss for the purpose of longevity, but this is so sheer that it isn't super noticeable when it wears, so I'm not bothered by the slight slickness. That being said, it does hang around longer than other non-sticky glosses I've tried.
There's a slight cooling tingle, but it's nowhere close to, say, the Buxom glosses. I don't believe that tingle is what is causing the plumping though.
The scent is sweet and candy-like. I enjoy it a lot.

The packaging is a dream. The giant doe-foot applicator is soooo plush and soft, and it makes applying the gloss a dream. It's almost calming, haha!

I paid $8 at Target for this, and you get 0.13 ounces, which is about standard for glosses in all price ranges. So I'd say it's quite the bargain.

I'll definitely be repurchasing this!

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