Milani Cosmetics was founded in 2002 by brother and sister Laurie Minc and Ralph Bijou. They are headquarted in Los Angeles, CA.

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Not tested on animals

Recent Milani Reviews

Eyeliner -Milani -Eye Tech Extreme

on 12/10/2017 1:30:00 AM


This eyeliner is pretty good for the price. I don't wear it often (just a personal makeup preference), but when I do, I'm satisfied with the results. It's definitely not waterproof, as I've cried it in before and it definitely smudged around my eyes. It's also not the smoothest liquid eyeliner I've had, but it's really easy to work through.

The formula is definitely pigmented, and highlights my lash line effortlessly. If it's a regular day and I'm not sweating or touching my eyes, the eyeliner will last all day until I remove it, which is easy to do. Overall, it's a solid and cheap eyeliner, and it doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes at all. The felt tip is a nice size, and tapers at the end, which helps to create a sharp line. It's a dependable product in good packaging.

I recommend it, as it's at a good price point.

Lipstick -Milani -COLOR STATEMENT LIPSTICK - Best Red

These smell like fruit punch, which I love. This is a great red I think its pretty universal. I am super pale and it looks good on me and I have seen it on darker skintones as well and it looks great.

Liquid -Milani -Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer


Prefacing this with I am pale usually the lightest color in drugstore foundations. So I grabbed the lightest color used it a few times I did like the formula, it was thick, but it blended fairly well, except that it made me look very orange because the undertones are yellow. I did see that they recently added a lighter shade I may try it. not sure yet.

Blush -Milani -#11 Blossomtime Rose

on 12/9/2017 1:14:00 PM


I'm surprised there aren't more reviews for this blush!

Blossomtime Rose is a medium, very peachy pink with a touch of golden sparkle (bigger particles than shimmer, but doesn't look glittery on my face.) It has a lovely satiny texture that picks up easily with brush or fingertips. I only need a very small amount to wake up my face. They always say to pick your blush by the color you blush naturally; I now fantasize about blushing Blossomtime Rose naturally, because it's that pretty. I usually only wear blush when feeling unwell, but this beauty makes me want to wear blush every day.

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Brows -Milani -Easybrow Tinted Fiber Gel

This brow gel has a slight tint to it, but not too much. I use it after filling my eyebrows in with dipbrow. The gel can go on lightly or wet. It has a nice applicator. I like that the packaging is compact. Milani is cruelty free.

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