The Maybelline Company was created by a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Tom Lyle Williams in 1915. Williams noticed his older sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it with a chemistry set and produced a product sold locally called lash-in-brow-line. Williams renamed his eye beautifier Maybelline, in honor of his sister Mabel, who gave him the idea. In 1917 the company produced Maybelline Cake Mascara, ""the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use"" and Ultra Lash in the 1960s, which was the first mass-market automatic

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Recent Maybelline Reviews

Stick -Maybelline -Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick

on 12/13/2017 11:26:00 PM


I tried this until there was none left. This foundation washed me out and made my skin weird and oily near the nose and under eyes area (think big pores) which is the opposite of what it says it does and left me dry and patchy around the chin and temples. Not a fan :(

Concealers -Maybelline -Fit Me Concealer

on 12/13/2017 8:36:00 PM


• Color match
• Availability
• OKish coverage

• Crepes under eyes
• Drying
• Short wear

I don't recommend this. I recommend Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Concealer, it's much better.

Liquid -Maybelline -Superstay Full Coverage Foundation

on 12/13/2017 1:53:00 PM

This has officially cemented Maybelline’s position in my life as my HG makeup brand. I literally can do a my face but better look and beat face with all Maybelline products. And everything in between which is where I usually am for work. I could not wait for this to get into stores so I purchased it on Amazon for $9.99. My shade in Matte + Poreless is Coconut so I got that and Warm Coconut. They are both the same shade. Warm Coconut is just a tad bit more golden but they literally are the same to the eye. I am making a point of this because I am not sure why with only 16 available shades they would have duplicates. Also, the swatches online (Ulta, Amazon) have Warm Coconut as a very deep shade which it is not so be beware women of color. I wear this without primer, set with Too Faced primed and poreless pressed powder and go on about my makeup. This wears like iron on me and postpones oil breakthrough. It wears like Estée Lauder DoubleWear. Yeah I said it. I am very pleased with this. I remove it with an oil as info. Excellent product.

Blush -Maybelline -Master blush and highlight

on 12/13/2017 1:27:00 PM

This quad comes with a pretty metallic shimmery highlighter. It is NOT a subtle highlighter and people who like a subtle, natural looking highlight should steer more towards ELF than this palette which includes a sexy, bold, in your face highlighter. There are 3 shades of blush: A cool bright pink, a deep purple plum, and a stunning and unique coral shade. Sometimes I mix a little bit of the blush with the highlight to add a sheen, other than that all 3 blushes are matte. These blushes are very pigmented so i warn everyone to use a light hand when applying them. I find the pink may take some extra effort to blend, but the other 2 blushes are super blend-able. If you are new to wearing blush or like super natural looks this may not be the product for you: it is extremely pigmented.

Eye Shadow -Maybelline -New York The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette

on 12/13/2017 1:13:00 PM


These eyeshadows are gorgeous! I have tested several of the palettes, but purchased rooftop bronzes as i love warm browns. The eyeshadows were velvety, pigmented, and had no fallout. There is a gorgeous shimmery soft gold ivory, a pretty shimmery white gold a pigmented satin warm brown/bronze, a deeper satin brown, and a deeper satin taupe brown. If i had a complaint it would be that there aren't any matte shadows. In the middle there is a glittery soft copper or beige that sort of reminds me of mac all that glitters with some added oomph! Beginners beware: this is a super pigmented palette!

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