The Maybelline Company was created by a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Tom Lyle Williams in 1915. Williams noticed his older sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it with a chemistry set and produced a product sold locally called lash-in-brow-line. Williams renamed his eye beautifier Maybelline, in honor of his sister Mabel, who gave him the idea. In 1917 the company produced Maybelline Cake Mascara, ""the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use"" and Ultra Lash in the 1960s, which was the first mass-market automatic

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Recent Maybelline Reviews

Concealers -Maybelline -Fit Me Concealer

on 12/15/2017 12:07:00 PM


Really impressed with this concealer!

I have dark undereyes and can never fully erase them, it's the hollowness of my eyes that causes shadows.

However, this is a really decent concealer for undereyes and blemishes - dab on, and blended really gently with a dryish sponge. I find it lasts really well, and the colour Fair works well on my pale skin. Incidentally, it's darker than my foundation but blends well and doesn't look really light (I'm NOT a fan of the highlight under the eyes!).

I find it lasts really well, it does crease under my eyes, but then, I have lines there so it would. I like the packaging because I can clearly see how much is left and the doe foot is small enough to be precise. It's relatively cheap, about £7 I think but Maybelline is often on a 3 for 2 in local shops.

Overall, I reckon it's worth a go.

Liquid -Maybelline -Superstay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation

on 12/15/2017 10:17:00 AM


- high coverage, medium-plus-plus with 2 pumps in one layer (by no means, neither Estée Lauder Double Wear nor Revlon Colorstay reach this level of coverage with the same amount of product),
- truly matte finish,
- comfortable (no tight or stiff feeling, unlike Double Wear or Colorstay),
- does not suck the moisture out of your skin,
- natural looking shades (at least the one I use) with a decent choice of undertones,
- true pale shades (in UK, the shade Ivory used to, and still is, something so dark and orange on pale skin it’s just a fucking joke),
- long-lasting, thought not as un(re)movable as Double Wear,
- thick liquid, almost mousse-y (which won’t separate in the bottle, so no need to shake), but very easy to pick up and dot onto the face (the consistency reminds me of the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, but has a much better staying power),
- eye-catching square glass bottle with white cap and white pump (that works pretty well, the foundation doesn’t drip so the pump stays clean),
- alcohol-free and fragrance-free.

- the matte finish is almost dull at first, but this soften as the day goes on,
- dries too fast to be comfortably spreadable,
- drags a bit during application,
- creases a tiny bit (in the fine lines around my eyes and in the lines on my forehead),
- poor oil-control, but stays softly matte (except on my nose which, by itself, produces ten times more oil than my whole face),
- not really transfer-proof (but, to be fair, it doesn’t claim to be so), unlike Double Wear this one won’t stand up a light scratching (but does not transfer onto your fingers with a light touch)
- oxidizes in two ways : the shade slightly darkens and warms up,
- only 16 shades in US (and around 8 shades in Europe, SIGH) which is poor compared to the Fit Me Matte & Poreless 40 shades selection.

- use less product than you think you need,
- work in sections (because it dries fast and becomes unblendable),
- SPREAD IT first with your makeup sponge (preferably a Beauty Blender or any good dupe of your choice), roughly, without tweaking, then come back and use the regular bouncing method to blend,
- then set with your favourite powder (my HG is the It's Top Professional Touch Finish No Sebum Pact fro the Korean brand It’s Skin, a white pressed powder that applies as finely as a loose powder and has strong oil absorbing power with a lovely soft focus effect).
>>>>>>>>> This way you’ll use less product and get less creasing (the thicker the layer, the more it creases and settles into lines).

Superstay had three incarnations : the very first Superstay, then Superstay Better Skin and finally Superstay Full Coverage. From these, the first had my preferred finish : dry to the touch and very powdery but the lightest shades were way too dark and too pink/orange. Better Skin was a total fail : gummy feeling, dirty finish and dull shades. Actually, except for my personal taste for a very powdery finish, the Full Coverage offers the most beautiful results of the three formulas.

I use the UK shade 03 True Ivory, which is close to a MAC NC15 (but a touch less yellow, more on the neutral side), it begins at the right level of lightness but has a slightly too pink cast and, as the oxidization takes place, becomes a touch too dark but has a more yellow undertones which matches my skintone better. I’ve ordered the US shade 110 Porcelain (true yellow undertones) to compare and will update once I receive my order.

I also tend not to use any primer as (except for NYX #NoFilter Blurring Primer) they tend to produce just the opposite results of what they are meant to do : my foundation creases and transfers onto everything. So, as I'm used to, I wear the Superstay Full Coverage over just moisturized skin. And, as always, I remove it at night with a cleansing oil (I tend to wear only long-lasting foundations due to my oily skin, so removing with a cleansing oil is an unavoidable process).

Once you’ve mastered your best way to apply this foundation (like I’ve found mine), you’ll be amazed with the results.

I’m glad that Maybelline kept the US shade 112 Natural Ivory (which was first launched within the Fit Me Matte & Poreless range) and let the 115 Ivory out because 115 was obviously pink while 112 is much more natural-looking. Kudos to Maybelline for working hard on the shades during the last decade, especially creating pale shades with beige and yellow undertones (and stopping believe that pale skins are always pink or orange). I hope they will expand the shades range, and match the Fit Me Matte & Poreless line (which has an impressive shades selection, the darkest ebony shades are gorgeous).

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Mascara -Maybelline -Lash Sensational Luscious


Like other reviewers have mentioned before me, I'm shocked at all the bad reviews! This is possibly the best drugstore mascara I've ever used. It's very dark, it does not flake, it adds volume, and gives my lashes the full fan effect, as advertised. I do need to run a lash comb through my lashes if I'm getting glammed up for a night out. But for day-to-day wear, I'm just careful not to apply a TON of mascara and I don't need the lash comb. I compared this to my beloved L'Oreal Voluminous, and this blows Voluminous out of the water. It even beats the high-end Benefit They're Real and Too Faced Better Than Sex.

I took away 1 lippie because it's next to impossible to remove. It says "washable mascara" in the description on the packaging...pffffft lol. That's a joke. I thought I had accidentally bought the waterproof version, but apparently not. For this reason alone, I'm hesitant to repurchase. Thankfully I haven't been losing extra lashes while removing my eye makeup, or else I'd be really bummed.

NOTE: my black tube says "Lash Sensational Luscious Full Fan Effect" and does not mention anything about "Oil Blends" like I see in the official product pictures online. I wonder if this has been reformulated? Do I have the new version or the old version? This may explain all of the bad reviews here.

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Brows -Maybelline -Brow Precise Micro Pencil

on 12/14/2017 5:14:00 PM


HG status!!! I bought my 5th one today lol

Stick -Maybelline -Fit Me Shine-Free Foundation Stick

on 12/13/2017 11:26:00 PM


I tried this until there was none left. This foundation washed me out and made my skin weird and oily near the nose and under eyes area (think big pores) which is the opposite of what it says it does and left me dry and patchy around the chin and temples. Not a fan :(

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