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The Maybelline Company was created by a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Tom Lyle Williams in 1915. Williams noticed his older sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it with a chemistry set and produced a product sold locally called lash-in-brow-line. Williams renamed his eye beautifier Maybelline, in honor of his sister Mabel, who gave him the idea. In 1917 the company produced Maybelline Cake Mascara, ""the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use"" and Ultra Lash in the 1960s, which was the first mass-market automatic

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Mascara -Maybelline New York -The Hyper Curl Volum'express Waterproof

on 10/19/2018 2:04:00 AM

I got this is the shade "Brown". It was an accident buy. There was a sale and I rushed thinking it was black. But when I got home I was not. Then I saw Kylie Jen using brown mascara on her bottom lashes and then voila! This was going to good use. I line the bottom of my lash with Mac Teddy and go over with this brown shade. What I like is the natural look instead of going jet black with the liner and mascara. The look is def more softer. What I dont like is "waterproof" , so this means lots of makeup remover and cotton. It takes 2-3 cotton pads to remove just the bottom of my lashes! I wish it came in non waterproof formula in my region but sadly "no". This curls and adds length. So this is an ok product


I would def try black after this

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Concealers -Maybelline New York -Superstay Better Skin Concealer + Corrector

on 10/18/2018 11:42:00 PM


Yes yes yes yes yes!

As a "retired" makeup artist who has honestly tried nearly every concealer on the planet including all of the cult favourites.

These days, I don't wear a lot of makeup and I don't like it to LOOK like I'm wearing makeup. I don't want to have to set with powder, I want to spend 5 minutes and go.

This concealer covers my extremely dark circles, does not crease, pill, or separate. It is truly the best one that I have ever used.

The only downside in my opinion is that it runs out much more quickly than any other concealer I have tried. That said, the pros outweigh the cons.

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Liquid -Maybelline New York -FIT Me Foundation (Matte + Poreless)

on 10/18/2018 11:24:00 PM


After the rave reviews at Insta and the whole planet basically I decided to try this out . There was a sale at the drug store and this was going on a huge discount. I felt this was a good deal. The sales person tried 220 and 230 on my back of my palm and matched to 230. I`m NC35-37 for ref. Gosh it was a disaster. Its too yellow golden on me! And then after researching the net, I went back to the store to check out 220 but still discovered its shows my pores and was too rosy. So I think I'm a 222 but didnt bother to buy another bottle.
I got too many negative feedback on 230 so I just use a tiny dot and dust some light powder because i sooooo wanted this to work. Further to my torment it oxidized and then I look darker. I look so yellow and sallow by the end of the day.
Hmmm... Then there`s an issue with the bottle. It didn't come with a pump dispenser. So I now i had to purchase a pump dispenser. So much for saving during a sale! I managed to find a pump dispenser and bottle at sephora and now thankfully i get the right amount. Even then it makes me look dark so I have to blend and add lighter powders. Having said that this actually looks like second skin because it didn't clog pores but removal was kinda hard. It leaves this oil- proof like film on your skin. You need some heavy duty makeup remover/cotton pads. Again more money to spend!! Urghhh..I give up. Not repurchasing!

The small bottle is ok and fits into makeup bags for travels.

Is it worth it?
Try on bare face. Choose lighter shade 'cos it does oxidized real bad
Do you want to splurge on the pump dispenser?

Maybelline, this certainly didn't "fit me"!!!

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Eyeliner -Maybelline New York -Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil

on 10/18/2018 12:30:00 PM


This eyeliner is genius. It’s perfect for hooded eyes since it’s super skinny and you can get right in the lashline. It glides on creamy, doesn’t smudge, and is a really intense black. Hourglass makes a skinny eyeliner like this but this does the trick for a fraction of the price. I love the hot pink packaging. My only gripe is you can’t twist too much up at a time or else the tip breaks off. I typically never buy drugstore makeup, but this knocks all eyeliners I’ve ever tried out of the water. Because I have hooded eyes, every pencil eyeliner smudges on me but not this one. I am stocking up in case they ever discontinue this. It also works wonderfully on my waterline. I wear a smokey eye every day and what makes a smokey eye is the intensity at the lashline and this maybeline eyeliner is the best thing ever to build up that intensity.

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Eye Shadow -Maybelline New York -Expert Wear Eye Shadow Quads - Natural Smokes

on 10/18/2018 9:49:00 AM


I've been using this for years now as my everyday, just going to work, nothing special eye shadow. It's pretty average and gets the job done. It lasts the work day (about 8 hours) and only creases a little bit, but tends to stay in place if I use primer. Once in a while, if my face gets too oily, it will transfer to above my eyelid. It's not super pigmented, but decent and comes out nice with a very natural look. Perfect for me to wear to work since I'm not allowed to wear super obvious make-up. It has to looks natural. There is a lot of shimmer in it though, and that tends to get everywhere, especially under my eyes and on my cheeks, but I kind of like it. I don't mind having a little extra sparkle.

The only reason I won't be repurchasing it is I've gotten more into owning individual shadows instead of palettes (though there are a few I still want to try). This is worth trying if you just want something for a cheap everyday shadow when you don't want to be fancy.

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