The Maybelline Company was created by a 19-year-old entrepreneur named Tom Lyle Williams in 1915. Williams noticed his older sister Mabel applying a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to her eyelashes to give them a darker, fuller look. He adapted it with a chemistry set and produced a product sold locally called lash-in-brow-line. Williams renamed his eye beautifier Maybelline, in honor of his sister Mabel, who gave him the idea. In 1917 the company produced Maybelline Cake Mascara, ""the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use"" and Ultra Lash in the 1960s, which was the first mass-market automatic

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Recent Maybelline Reviews

Eye Shadow -Maybelline -Color Tattoo Concentrated Crayon

on 2/18/2018 11:55:00 PM


These are now just about the only eye crayons available. And at $11 or so they are hugely overpriced. There are some by Rimmel and Annabelle but they're no better. The problem is that I need a smudger pencil to do a good smoky eye. I will have to keep using these to smudge my regular pencil line. These, plus my ten year old CG smudgers that I really would rather not have to use. I wonder why no one cares about making these in decent colours anymore? They are so much faster than using a brush and eyeshadow to create a smoky eye. The colour selection is just awful in this line. It's all glittery and pale except one dark black shade. So, my bottom line is that I need these and use them sparingly to blend my eyeliner pencil. It doesn't matter which colour - I have two or three and they are all about the same insipid, almost invisible deal. I just need one as a finishing touch to the ultra hard line that all twist-up pencils give. And no, I will never use liquid eyeliner. It never looked good on me in the last 50 years and it's not going to now.

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Mascara -Maybelline -Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara


Gives you disney princess, super long lashes. Because it's more lengthening and less volumizing.

I didn't really run into clumps, but if there were i just combed through with it with a lash comb. Also- it lasts super long, the whole day- heck, i apply my makeup around 6 in the morning and sometimes there are nights when i'm so tired I forget to wash my makeup off and guess what? my mascara is still on my face the next morning and hardly smudged. If you find difficulty in removing it try using cleansing oils. If you like bambi, fluttery, princess eyes GET THIS. if you're into the everyday slightly voluminous look get their volum' express hypercurl mascara.

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Lipstick -Maybelline -Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

on 2/18/2018 8:47:00 PM


This is the most long lasting lipstick I have ever used in my life ! I got the color lover and its perfect. I have never seen color last this long. My HG lipstick grom now on

Mascara -Maybelline -Total Temptation

on 2/18/2018 8:21:00 PM


To review this new mascara, I have to use all the worst insults you can use for a mascara and here they are:
Gummy, not much in the tube, flakes immediately, smears onto the upper and lower lids, does nothing with one coat but two or three coats give twig lashes, awkward brush that is too large. It's ugly with one, two or three coats. The final look is ugly. You have to use a wet sponge to try to get off the specks that fell all over. There is no way I could make it work. If anyone can make it work they deserve a medal. I've used some bad mascaras and this is one of the worst. How can they make it look so sumptuous and thick in the ads? The commercials are all lies: you can be sure they are wearing false lashes. This gave zero length, fullness or lushness, which is what a mascara should do. It gave ugly black clumpy, skimpy lashes. Don't be fooled by their ads and displays as I was. I have not worn mascara for a long time and was so looking forward to this exciting new one. My lashes had grown from using castor oil, my lids were all healed, and then I use this horrible product and look actually worse than I do with no makeup.

Liquid -Maybelline -Superstay 24HR Full Coverage Foundation

on 2/18/2018 7:28:00 PM


I have tried EVERY foundation that states its long lasting and full coverage because I have a birth mark around my eye that is difficult to cover. Ive tried, CoverFx, L'ancome, Clinique, all revlon color stay, illuminaire etc. And I have to say this is the best foundation Ive tried on my 35 year old skin. Its hard to believe a drug store brand that cost me $11 CAD is longer lasting and has better coverage than one Ive spent $70 on! But it IS THE BEST! I just picked up this foundation on a whim after trying and loving the maybelline 24 hour matte ink lipstick and thinking ' if they can make lipstick last that long I wonder what theyre foundation is like?' And Im so glad I did. This will be my HG foundation going forward.

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