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Polishes -Mavala -Nail color cream

on 11/9/2017 8:24:00 PM


- huge color selection;
- vibrant opaque colors. Can easily get away with one coat;
- small size (5ml). I like the concept of having less polish, I've never finished a full bottle.

- it only lasts about 3 to 4 days before chipping;
- small polish equals a small brush, small brush with short chubby handle isn't the easiest combo to work with.

I had many of them while living in Switzerland, but I won't buy them again. They are good polishes but aren't great.

Top/Base Coats -Mavala -Ridge Filler

on 8/24/2017 2:01:00 PM


This ridge filler really works and it adds quite a lot of strength to the nail. It works great as a nail polish base for with thin, weak nails. It has matte(a little bit satin) finish and peachy, skin like tint. It works for smoothing the surface of the nail for guys as well.
It has really similar feel and texture to the 2nd phase of mavala's strengthening treatment with nylon fibers.

Polishes -Mavala -Night Fever

on 8/2/2017 3:34:00 AM


Night Fever is from Mavala's Disco Collection 2016. I really struggle to describe this polish. It's has a duo chrome blue-teal base, metallic base and purple shimmer. I think it's the base colour that shifts from lighter to darker, but the shimmer makes it shift purple too. This is like no other polish I own (and I own hundreds!). I loved wearing this polish.

I marked it down slightly for the formula. Like many other metallic polish, when you apply Night Fever it drags off base colour, so you have to make sure the first coat it set before you start on your second coat. For this reason I made my coats a little thicker than usual (that way I didn't have over the same spot with the brush twice), meaning it took longer to dry.

Despite the slightly more demanding formula, I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase this polish. It is original and very pretty.

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Lash Treatments -Mavala -Double-Lash

on 7/12/2017 2:28:00 AM



So the first time i use this (4 months ago) it really does my eyelash& brows longer in a week (i use tons of it every night, not just a swipe or two but tons). And i stop using it because i think my lashes and brows are already in a good length.

It leave just 3/4 lenght of my former thick long brows and she made it thinner too. I didnt realize until i remove my makeup and after that i was so mad i put a lot of mavala on my brows hoping for the best. I was pretty skeptical bcs this time i need mavala to bring me new grown brows (on the bald place) not just elongate my already grown brows.

And when i woke up i looked in the mirror and (thanks god) there's many baby brows on my previously bald space. I know i can always count on this one❤️

Polishes -Mavala -White

on 6/8/2017 7:30:00 AM


With a name like White, they might be dropping a point on originality, but at least there is no confusion on what you are getting: a white, cream polish. This particular white is stark, there is not a hint of other colours in it.

The consistency this polish is very good for a white polish, it's not too watery or too thick or stringy, it applies just like any other polish. I needed 2 coats for perfect opacity, which is a plus, as most white polishes I have tried so far needed a minimum of 3 coats.

White polish looks wrong on red-y skintone, so I would never wear it by itself. I wear white as a base for stamping or glitter. I am glad I found this white, as for the base colour the less coats the better. There might be better options out there, but this is the best crisp white I have found so far.

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