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Cleansers -Mario Badescu -Enzyme Cleansing Gel


Maybe the worst cleanser I've ever used. It doesn't remove makeup. When I use toner afterwards, tons of dirt/makeup is on the pad. On top of that, it feels the skin leaving tight and dry! Without even cleansing it! And if I get it anywhere NEAR my eyes, they burn like crazy. Never experienced that with even the harshest bar soap.

I'm mad I spent anything on this but luckily it was the mini bottle at an Ulta sale.

Treatments (Face) -Mario Badescu -Drying Lotion

on 6/13/2018 9:20:00 AM


Omgg. Iv only tried this on my face for 2 days and it is insane!!!! If you have normal skin with pimples every now and then (mostly whiteheads and redish spots) THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU. It doesnt vanish your pimples overnight however it reduces the size ALOT. This is magic in a little pink bottle. Defo reccommend xx

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Toners -Mario Badescu -Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater

on 6/13/2018 1:34:00 AM


I am so angry right now...
For the past six months, I have spent tons of money evening out my skin tone.
And this facial spray ruined all of my progress in a matter of days.
I sprayed some on my face before bed and woke up with five huge cystic zits on my cheeks and chin.. And tons of red dots all over my nose!
My face is a bumpy, flaky itchy mess!!!
I have not changed my routine in six months and have not had any zits in as long.
I will never buy this product or anything from this line ever again.

Treatments (Eye) -Mario Badescu -Chamomile eye cream

on 6/7/2018 5:58:00 PM

I love this eye cream, but I'm using Argan Oil nowadays.

Toners -Mario Badescu -Special Cucumber Lotion


I've been using this toner for a few weeks now and I'm impressed.
I've been a fan of MB for quite a few years now, having started on the papaya enzyme mask many moons ago, and moving onto the night creams and some day creams. I especially love the enzyme cleanser, which has been an on-off staple for a few years now.
I decided to give this a go based on trying to find an astringent type toner as opposed to a simple rosewater/glycerine/ not-much-else-involved toner, and I'm really liking it, as sometimes simple does equal the best.

* cheap (in Aus, this isn't available in drugstores, only online and at Mecca, which is considered a prestige/higher end beauty store), about $22 for a bit bottle I believe. While not cheap, I consider it so for a mid range brand
* packaging- comes in a squeezable plastic bottle with a nozzle that flips up. Easy to dispense product onto a cotton pad, non waste
* smell- strong but pleasant scent. Same goes with most MB products, some which I'm not a fan of such as the cleaner previously mentioned. The scents are usually strong but not unpleasant.
* not too strong - doesn't burn or dry out my skin
* simple and effective - removes oil and excess makeup or dirt still present after cleansing, without drying out the skin. Also seems to prevent breakouts but I'll come back to this at a later date

* not readily available where I live
* scent could be considered too strong for some

All around a fairly effective and simple toner. More of a daily staple as opposed to a "wow" luxury item, but that's also what I really like about the brand

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