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Manic Panic was founded by two sisters, Tish and Snooky Bellomo, in NYCC in 1977. Over the past four decades, it has grown from a small boutique on St.Marks Place to an internationally renowned hair color and cosmetics company. Most famous for their vivid and bold hair dyes that are available worldwide, they are headquartered in Long Island City in Queens NY.

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Foundations -Manic Panic -Dreamtone Flawless Foundation & Color Corrector - Virgin (White)

on 9/24/2018 1:01:00 AM


I am a little paler than nc10. As you can imagine it doesn't get much paler than this, and very few (if any) foundations are a dead on shade match.

Unfortunately...I hate this product. You are better off finding a physical sunscreen with white cast and mixing it into your foundation. Because Manic Panic Dreamtone is basically that. Titanium dioxide (physical sunscreen filter) is what makes this white foundation...white. It's common to use titanium dioxide as white pigment. In fact that's a big reason some of the palest shades in a line of foundations don't preform as well as darker shades.

All this would be fine with me. But the formula of this sucks. It's thick, messes up the formula of the foundation I mix it into, and is quite cakey. My make up always looks scary when I use this. Not because it's stark white, more so because of the texture of it.

I won't repurchase.

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Hair -Manic Panic -Virgin Snow Toner

on 9/19/2018 4:28:00 PM


The difference between clockable home highlights and $$$ looking ones? Foil and toner. Virgin Snow makes you ICY and removes all that cheap yellow brassiness. And you don’t have to do weird calculations with developer and other toners here.

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Hair Color -Manic Panic -Siren's Song

on 7/24/2018 7:20:00 PM


I decided to redye my hair last year. I used this dye and when I finished. The color looked amazing. I had originally dyed it blue, but it faded and that’s why I decided to redye it. After about a week it started to fade again. Since then, I haven’t dyed it again. It’s a really ugly greenish-brown color. The color that it changed my hair has caused so much bullying that I actually want to cut my hair. I’m extremely disappointed. I’m going to try a different color this time. Hopefully, it works.

Hair Color -Manic Panic -Ultra Violet

on 7/3/2018 12:31:00 PM


I purchased this colour in August of last year. I used it on level 7.5 blonde hair. I applied it with very little conditioner using my hands and a tint brush. When I rinsed out the formula, under indoor lighting it looked black. Walking outside it was a dark blue with hints of purple. Let me tell you it was very, very patchy, but I only blame myself for the patchiness. The since the second time I used this colour it was looked perfectly fine. I would advise you to use this product straight from the container.
When this color fades, it gives blonde hair a silver-white look. Of course this is due to the blue pigments in the dye. This product fully washed out of my hair after about a month. Sad to say: I cannot recall the longevity of this product since it was about a year ago.

If you are looking for a true purple, I would not recommend this product. However, I would recommend it if you are looking to create your own toner.

Hair Color -Manic Panic -Temporary Hair dye

on 5/29/2018 7:00:00 PM


I literally showered for the FIRST TIME with purple haze in. AND IT ALL CAME OUT!

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