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Eye Shadow -Makeup Revolution -x The Emily Edit - The Needs Face & Eye Palette

on 9/20/2018 10:48:00 AM


For The Needs palette Emily took inspiration from having to edit the "fluff" out of her pieces in her past job (she was a TV reporter & news anchor), by selecting her favourite 'must-have' shades from her favourite Revolution face palettes that have been featured on her YouTube channel over the past few years; Courage- medium brown matte bronzer/contour and Kindness - translucent powder (originally from the Ultra Contour palette), Gratitude - cream pearlesent highlight (originally from the Goddess blush palette) and Joy - peachy pink matte blush (originally from the Hot Spice blush palette). Then we also get six eyeshadows; Honesty - satin coral and Passion - blackened plum, with red shimmer (originally from the New-trals Vs Neutrals eyeshadow palette) and Peace - matte muted peach, Hope -matte fudge brown, Faith - matte terracotta and Love - matte cream (originally from the Light and Shade eyeshadow palette).

I've started collecting Revolution collaboration palettes, as imo the formula qualities seem to be a bit higher in them, in comparison to their regular lines that I've tried and this is no exception; in every other Revolution palette that I've reviewed so far there is at least one shade that I don't care for, but every shade here is of a great quality for this price-point. I love Revolution's highlighters, so it'll surprise no-one to learn that I love Gratitude - it doesn't rain glitter/shimmer and it lasts all day. Joy blush and Courage bronzer/contour are neutral tones, so both products will adapt to most skintones. Kindness is great for my dry skin; it sets, but doesn't totally mattify.

My only niggle is with the palette itself, as I'm really enjoying the actual products; I wish that the powder (Kindness) had a wider pan and hadn't been placed above the blackened plum and coral eyeshadows - I have picked up some shadow along with the powder when using a large powder brush a few times and have smeared it over my cheeks, so I mostly use it to set my concealer, rather then to set my foundation like I would like to do. Also; this is the kind of eye/face palette that begs for a sleek and compact case, so it can be tossed into a work/gym bag, weekend bag or suitcase for on-the-go looks and/or touch ups. I'd get to make this palette go further, if it had been smaller in design - something like Revolution's Beauty Legacy eye/face palette.

Everyone has their own idea of what is affordable, but I'd happily pay £10 for a good single blush, bronzer, highlight or powder, so getting all four at that price is fantastic value for me and overtakes the fact that four of the eyeshadow shades are basic "most palettes in existence already have dupes of these" types. I reach for this palette every other time I apply makeup for the powder and blush, then as the palette is open in front of me, I often go for the bronzer and/or highlighter, as well as doing my brows. If you don't own the original palettes that Emily selected the products from, then I think The Needs makes a great day-to-day "I need to get pretty & polished quickly" all-in-one palette, that's perfect for when we're in a rush, distracted, or just feeling a bit lazy.

Eye Shadow -Makeup Revolution -Fierce As Fire

Came as a freebie w The Emily Edit palette. Love these warm fall colors! Easy to blend, softly pigmented, very pretty. The smell is really funky tho. Both palettes have this funky smell like cheap Halloween makeup that's pretty strong. I don't know if it's bc it's a fragrance free brand or if it's just cheap powder but it def has a strong stink to it. The shadows are so lovely tho I can overlook it(unless I go blind😂) I really love this brands shadow collection and def recommend it. If u like really dramatic color tho this may not be for you. You can layer the shades but they never go super intense. I'd say go with a different brand...but if you're into softer washes of color that don't look crazy bold, then this is for you.

Eye Shadow -Makeup Revolution -The Wants Emily Edit

Love this palette! I saw the green shades on YT's @thataylaa and the color was amazing! The green tones was what made me buy this--gorgeous colors. There's a nice range of shades from light to dark, matte to metallic, and a bunch of different colors that all work together. They're not highly pigmented on the eye so if that's ur jam, u need to work harder w this one or choose a diff brand bc these go on lightly. You can build them but not to extreme. If you use Korean makeup you'll be happy w how they apply more sheer. The palette is actual plastic with a mirror. The whole thing is very upscale and better than any other palette I have as far as quality. The one major huge downside is the smell. They smell like Halloween makeup--like fake and weird. Disturbingly so. I don't know if it's bc there aren't any masking things in the formula or if it's cheap chemically powders, but the smell is def funky and disturbing. However I love the way these look so I just deal...can't guarantee they're made from safe stuff tho. There's a fair bit of fallout bc the shadows are so soft but that's fine bc they go on so smooth and blend well. Overall my new fave palette, just a little disturbed by how funky it smells.

Highlighters -Makeup Revolution -Liquid Highlighter

on 9/16/2018 3:42:00 PM


This product is great IF you know how to use it. I take the TINIEST bit (1-2 drops per cheek) and that is enough to do my whole orbital bone and my nose using a beauty blender. You have to work quickly with this product so do one area at a time and then stamp it out with a beauty sponge to get a lovely healthy glow. You could probably build this product up, but I love the naturalish shine the champagne shade gives me since I am pretty pale. Would definitely recommend.

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Eye Shadow -Makeup Revolution -Soph Eyeshadow Palette

on 9/12/2018 11:42:00 AM


I really love this make-up palette. Thats it - I love it

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