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Makeup Geek cosmetics began when founder Marlena Stell started a YouTube channel in 2008. Her makeup tutorial videos quickly became popular and she has since turned her passion into a successful cosmetics company. The company offers contemporary budget-friendly products available on their website.

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Eye Shadow -Makeup Geek -Pigments - All colors

on 1/19/2018 1:46:00 PM

I have this in the shade Prism from the duochrome line. It's a light base that reflects pink/peach, and it's gorgeous on top of a pinkish eyeshadow. I've never been much of a fan of completely matte eye looks (they look good on others, but dry and dull on me), and I love layering this pigment on top of a matte shadow to liven up the look. That's generally how I prefer to use it - on top of other shadows - as it's a very light colour in itself.

It's finely milled, super pigmented and long-lasting. I prefer to apply it with a finger, and that way there's no issue with fall-out. A little goes such a long way, I don't see how anyone could go through the whole thing unless they use it every single day.

+ Cruelty free
+ Seem to be vegan (currently only the shades Wild Fire and Hologram is listed as non-vegan/containing carmine, but the shade Prism isn't available on their website anymore so I can't be 100% sure)
+ Gorgeous, "neutral" shade that looks good on top of a range of eyeshadows'
+ Pigmented and long-lasting
+ A little goes an incredibly long way
+ Doesn't contain talc (which sometimes irritates my eyes)

Eye Shadow -Makeup Geek - Eyeshadow (All)

on 1/5/2018 5:09:00 PM


I'm surprised to see such polar reviews on these eye shadows. I probably have about 15 shades (predominately mattes with a few shimmers/foiled ones) and I really enjoy this formula. I find these so easy to work with. I don't find that they blend away, actually to the contrary, I find that the pigment stays really vibrant on my eye lids throughout the day (NC20 - 25 skin tone), one of the best of any eye shadow formula I've tried (incl. ABH, tarte, juvia's place, KVD, UD, MAC, etc.). I have oily and hooded lids so eye shadow primer is always a must for me so I'm not sure if that makes a key difference with this particular formula moreso than others I use. Most people compare these to MAC and I actually like these better as they're softer, easier to blend IMO, and I've had very little fall out. They're also cruelty free and made in USA.

I don't have an opinion either way on their YouTube founder, but I just know that I like this formula and I'll continue to repurchase. I will say that I agree that shipping is a bit annoying but I always purchase mine during one of their sales throughout the year (~20 - 25% off) and given the per unit price is so affordable, not sure how much I can really complain overall about the cost. Would definitely recommend you check these out if you have specific colours you want but don't want to purchase an entire new palette.

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Eye Shadow -Makeup Geek -Eyeshadow - Concrete Jungle

on 12/13/2017 6:59:00 PM


Concrete Jungle is a unique grey shade; I've never seen anything else quite like it.
.Concrete Jungle is a cool tone, due at least in part to its purple undertones, but it's still somehow "dirty" enough to keep from going blue on my NW15 skin.
I love Concrete Jungle in my creases (it's exactly the right depth for that) with a lighter matte gray, like Makeup Geek Bedrock or Inglot M349, on my lids.
I haven't had trouble with staying power on my oily lids, with primer + blotting powder under my shadows.
Like all Makeup Geek eyeshadows, Concrete Jungle is $6.00 for a refill pan; it fits perfectly into one of Coastal Scents' inexpensive "Go Pods," and the total, including shipping, comes out to < $10.
Who needs MAC?

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Highlighters -Makeup Geek -Midnight Sun

on 12/9/2017 11:41:00 PM

I usually cannot wear gold highlighters. This is a pale true gold that I can wear and I love it. It’s lighter than Becca opal and more gold but not yellow. I cannot wear things like NARS Albatross and Becca Moonstone because they come off yellow. This is a very glossy finish. This can be applied lightly for a subtle highlight and can very easily be built up to a high shine. It can get metallic if applied too strongly.
The formula is soft and almost moist feeling, like not quit spongy. Like a not dry baked gelee formula. It’s densly packed but easily applies with brushes or fingers. It hasn’t seemed fragile but I’m also not trying too hard to break it. The compact is a solid gunmetal that feels secure. I really like it. The price does seem a little high but I got it 30% off and it’s totally worth it.
I never thought I’d like a gold highlighter, but this is soooooo pretty.

Highlighters -Makeup Geek -Highlighter (Duochrome) - Psychedelic

on 12/9/2017 8:25:00 AM


I just received this and it’s my first duo chrome highlighter from Makeup Geek and I instantly want to pick up celestial now. Pictures do not do this one justice. This is a very glossy highlighter that flashes rosey pink from a neutral gloss. This is not subtle at all. The gloss is bold and the flash of pink is bold. I am NC15 but this has a translucent base so I think it should work for many skin tones. I was so surprised by how bold and glossy it was. It’s very smooth. The packaging is beautiful. It’s a solid gunmetal.

This formula is interesting. This highlighter is soft but not loosely packed. I can't really think of something else that feels like this. It's like a moist extra dimension formula. It's almost spongy and not the dry hard gelee formula floating around. It is delicate but has not broken on me. It's pigmented and very easy to pick up. Go easy on it. You do not need much.

Now the price, I do think that they should have tried to get it down to under $20. I think there is a psychological shift when something hits $20. I think even $19 would have been better. That being said, for example if you look at MAC. Their basic blush in pot is $23 and mineralized blush is $28. Their highlighters (MSFs and extra dimension) are $33. Other brands are similar in that the highlighters cost more than the blushes. MUGs price increase from blushes to highlighters is consistent with how other brands price. But when you just glance at the price it feels like a break from the brands pricing even though it's really not.
Anyway, in a nutshell, great packaging, great formula, great color, the finish is not natural or subtle. If you want a strong duo chrome with a very glossy formula, go for it.

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