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Skincare - Face -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -50% Glycolic Peel

on 5/25/2018 9:53:00 PM


IMHO, this (50%) glycolic acid is powerful stuff and be careful using it at home...I ended up with swollen skin and scabs and flaking--just to show that it works. These side effects were gone using Aloe Vera and moisturing creams and ice packs within a day. But, this "peel" given in any medical setting would probably had the same effects for SO MUCH more money..Start with less time or less concentration if you want to avoid side effects. I never left it on long enough to see "frosted skin, " as described in the booklet. Too scared for that...

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Treatments (Face) -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -Mandelic Acid Serum

on 5/25/2018 12:25:00 AM


I have bought this numerous helps control my hormonal and cystic acne that has come back with a vengeance in my 30s. I also used this during both my pregnancies to help control my troubled skin.
This along with the toner gives me a very smooth, glass-like glow.
The price is also great since mandelic can be quite pricey.
Beware, there is a high alcohol content.

Treatments (Face) -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -TCA Peel

on 5/22/2018 2:57:00 PM


I'm a first time tca user and was really scared but i got sick of my sundamage and wrinkles 2 forehead wrinkles 2 between brow wrinkles one wrinkle each side of my mouth and acne scars. So i ordered 15% tca peel and 40% mandelic peel from make up artist choice and got it a 6 days later. Super fast shipping as i'm in Canada very detailed instructions and they are great so helpful with helping you pick the right treatments for your skin. And affordable $97 including shipping i got enough for 40 tca peels and a sample size mandelic acid peel which is a pretty good amount. I primed my skin followed instructions and it went well only my cheeks had a light frost no discomfort at all so i removed it early at about 3 minutes, and it started peeling on day 3 and peeled a lot till day 8 and my skin was looking good. I repeated 2 weeks later and it worked better i had frosting in spots on my forehead cheeks and nose area etc forehead it stayed on 5 minutes and everywhere else but when my nose and cheeks frosted it was at the 2-3 minute mark and they were the last area i applied it to so i removed it all and wow it worked much better the morning after i feel like i have a bad sunburn and am a pink colour so i'm not planning to add a second layer on my third peel unless there's no frosting at all it may feel like it's not doing much but it is so be very careful and don't go overboard untill you get used to it and know how your skin reacts to the peels if i put a second layer on with the first or second peel i think that would have been way to strong. Im inpatient and want fast results but don't want to have burns and scars and than be slowed down by that, iv had very good results so far one side of my mouth the wrinkles gone acne scars are gone and sundamge is almost all gone all from 2 peels

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Treatments (Face) -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -Gly-Luronic Acid Serum

on 5/12/2018 7:30:00 PM


I really like this; it gives me a glow, my skin looks more hydrated and smoother, and makeup goes on better. I don’t think about it much until I run out - then I realize I need more!

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Masks -Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC) -25% Mandelic Acid Peel

on 5/12/2018 7:28:00 PM


Love MUAC, but this was a total dud for me. Did absolutely nothing for my skin at all.

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