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Cleansers -MD Formulations -Facial Cleanser

on 2/21/2018 11:52:00 AM


my dermatologist recommended this cleanser years ago. it is great stuff. It makes your skin look healthy and smooth. it is a milky cleansing lotion that contains glycolic acid. I have sensitive skin and it was fine for me. It was always hard to find now it seems impossible. I dont know why this company is not more successful as this product alone is a winner. If you can find it, I recommend you try it. it is very effective, not too expensive and a little goes a long way.

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Moisturizers -MD Formulations -Amaranth essential oil


This stuff is absolutely a fix-it-all HG product! I adore it! It has replaced lotion, makeup remover and fizz serums for me. It's main ingredients are apricot and soy oils, but it contains multiple vegetable and flower oils, with a gorgeous natural fruity scent that stays put all day. It isn't over powering or chemical. My skin has shown great improvement after just a week of use, and the natural wave of my hair has returned, minus the frizzy damage of bleach. I use it to remove eye makeup, and it has never caused me breakouts or stinging in my eyes. Usually oils cause me to develop stys on my eyelids, but so far this has worked perfectly. I picked it up at TJ Max, $5 for an 8oz glass bottle. I never had seen or heard of it before. I am seeing it retails for $15. I went back and got every bottle they had! This has improved my nails, skin and hair. I adore it.

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Masks -MD Formulations -Vit-A-Plus Firming Mask

on 3/14/2017 7:29:00 PM

This is pretty good. The only thing is that this is really thick so I water it down with a mist afterwards or mix in some oil to make it more moisturising. Due to its thick nature, I have not had good results at <30min and its best left on for several hours, or overnight like I often do. Yes it firms, plumps and gives it a treatment boost. I would recommend for all except oily types, esp those that want to curb new signs of ageing. Best bought on sale with a code too.

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Moisturizers -MD Formulations -Moisture Defense Antioxidant Cream

on 12/29/2015 3:27:00 PM

I really wanted to like this but I think it was breaking me out, and it didn't moisturize all that well. I was using it every other night, alternating with Epiduo for my acne. I was using it to add moisture and antioxidants that the Epiduo was stripping away, and to gently exfoliate. Prior to this I was using Alpha Hydrox Souffle which works really well but is strong stuff that stings a bit.

My skin started looking dull and I started getting cosmetic acne all over (the hard bumps)and nothing would clear it up. I stopped using this and went back to the Alpha Hydrox and my skin quickly cleared up and got its radiance back.

Its too bad, the packaging is a nice pump, and I got a good deal on it on Amazon. Seems like other people have good results with it but my skin just didnt' like it.

Treatments (Face) -MD Formulations -Daily Peel Pads

on 11/22/2015 3:10:00 PM

Love these daily pads, I use these every evening after cleansing snd before applying antioxidant moisture defence cream. They are a little pricey, there are 40 in a jar, I cut them in half as this us ample to wipe over your face using both sides. They contain glycolic acid and salicylic acid, keeping skin clear, even toned and plumped, this is a HG product x

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