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Lash Treatments -MAVALA -Double-Lash

on 10/31/2018 6:06:00 PM


Actually, I’ve been using this product approximately about 3 weeks , then I had a reason to stop using it for a while , and I noticed that my eyelashes is falling .. not 1-2 but more ..
for this week maybe 9lashes falled .
And I’m so upset ..

Treatments -MAVALA -Nail Hardener

on 9/21/2018 8:19:00 PM


I just love it !!!! it rescues my nails after too many gel polish applications. Highly recommended.

Treatments -MAVALA -Mava-Strong

on 7/28/2018 3:05:00 AM

According to Mavala, Mava-Strong is a fortifying and protective base coat for nails. Mavala recommends it for for soft, thin, and breaking nails. It's clear and contains a crystal resin that's supposed to make the nail plate feel more resistant and thicker. It can be used by itself if not wearing polish. I've used it as a base coat for four weekly manicures and my thin and weak nails don't feel any stronger and I had some nails break. When I removed my polish after the fourth week, my nails looked dry.
I do like the size and shape of Mavala's bottles. They're round, which makes it very easy to roll them around in my hands to mix the contents.

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Polishes -MAVALA -Thinner for nail polish

on 7/28/2018 2:44:00 AM


The dispenser top works very well to add one drop at a time to a nail polish bottle. It thins out polish and lasts a long time.

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Polishes -MAVALA -Touch Of Provence

on 7/4/2018 3:39:00 AM


Touch of Provence is a lilac (cool toned) polish with very subtle shimmer running through it. I bought this polish a long time ago, but I kept putting off trying it. This polish was such a pleasant surprise - it looked soft and feminine. It gives you enough colour not to look boring, but it is neutral enough to be worn at work. I was worried that the shimmer would make it look like a frost polish, but instead it gave this polish glowing, porcelain-like effect.

The formula was very good, which was also a surprise. I thought it would be thin and sheer, but I only needed two coats to give me full opacity. It lasted well on me too.

if you like soft, feminine polishes with just a hint of colour, I would highly recommend you try Touch of Provence.

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