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MAC Cosmetics (MAC standing for Make-up Art Cosmetics) was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984 with the assistance of chemist Vic Casale. The first U.S MAC store opened in 1991, in New York. The company's products were initially aimed at professional make-up artists, but are now sold to consumers worldwide. Estée Lauder Companies acquired a controlling interest in MAC in 1996, then completed their acquisition of the company in 1998.

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Eye Shadow -MAC Cosmetics -Eye Shadow - Espresso

on 12/17/2018 5:24:00 PM


I got this eyeshadow as a gift with purchase but i wouldnt repurchase. I acually use Espresso more for the tail of my eyebrows. I have dark brown almost black hair but my hair has a bit of warmth in the sun. I dont know if i love this as an eyeshadow because it is a drier type of formula. Its not the easiest to blend but for the brows its better. I do darken my outer v if im using Soba and Cork since the undertones of these 3 eyeshadows are all golden. Espresso is pigmented, just hard to blend. Espresso is still good just not a must have since it does pull too cool on the outter v for me personally. I am C1 nc20. Anything too cool will make me look ashy and dirty. This is just Okay in my book

Eye Shadow -MAC Cosmetics -All eyeshadows

on 12/17/2018 3:22:00 AM


I was lucky enough to purchase recently a absolutely gorgeous eyeshadow from Mac called "sea and sky". It is one if the most amazing purchases I've ever made.. makeup wise.. and I've made a few! The colour is extraordinary. One shimmery pale blue, one royal blue. Together they look divine. I cannot recommend this product enough. It makes my blue eyes pop! Aaannnddd it has great staying power! Thanks Mac!!! :-D

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Bronzers -MAC Cosmetics -Bronzing Powder - Golden


This bronzer was recommended to me by a MAC employee. Since I love shimmery blush, I thought a little shimmer in my bronzer would be great.
I was wrong. This bronzer has such a nice base colour that is ruined by the rather chunky glitter in it. I can see the golden flecks on my skin everytime I use it. Plus, they seem to migrate across my entire face over the course of the day which leaves me looking like a human christmas ornament.
Additionally it seems to be getting hardpan almost immediately. As in, I use the same brush two days in a row without washing it and this bronzer starts to close up.
I really wanted to love this for the price I paid, but sadly it did not live up to my expectations.

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Eyeliner -MAC Cosmetics -Brushstroke Liner in Brushbrown

on 12/16/2018 3:24:00 PM


I've never been able to use liquid eyeliner successfully until I tried MAC Brushstroke in Brushbrown. I purchased it on a whim while buying the MAC waterweight foundation. My expectations were low because I've literally never been able to apply liquid liner without making a giant mess and/or it irritating my eyes. I've tried the KVD, Clinique, Stila, and others that I can't remember off the top of my head.

This one isn't super pigmented, which I think it actually makes it easier for me to use. Even though it isn't super pigmented, it's also not SUPER light. It applies evenly, is slightly buildable, and doesn't show mistakes as easily as really rich/dark formulas. I find it really easy to use, which is a miracle for me! It stays all day and just creates a an easy breezy cat eye look on my deep-set eyes. I haven't tried the black shade, but I think the brown is perfect because it's less harsh on my coloring.

I kind of get why this doesn't get more love because I'd imagine for liquid liner experts, this stuff is probably not pigmented enough maybe? But if you have struggled with liquid/felt liners, TRY THIS!

Blush -MAC Cosmetics -Powder Blush - Peaches

on 12/16/2018 5:13:00 AM


Love it!
Very very beautiful color, really is like the color of a peach. A bit pink in the warm orange color makes it go well with almost every lipstick color that I have (except for hot pink and dark red or blue based red). The texture is amazing either, very soft and velvety. I used to hate powder blush because it leaves my cheeks cakey and emphasize my pores but this one change my mind. It glides easily and evenly on the skin without making the foundation cakey tacky or anything's like that.
But it's too sheer even for a sheer one. I'm all for the no makeup makeup look (or else I would have bought the Melba one instead) but I have to swirl my brush several rounds in the blush and keep applying 3 4 times to have some light color on my cheek.
But overall this one is really amazing for a natural look and is worth the money

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