MAC Cosmetics (MAC standing for Make-up Art Cosmetics) was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984 with the assistance of chemist Vic Casale. The first U.S MAC store opened in 1991, in New York. The company's products were initially aimed at professional make-up artists, but are now sold to consumers worldwide. Estée Lauder Companies acquired a controlling interest in MAC in 1996, then completed their acquisition of the company in 1998.

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Liquid -MAC - Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

on 10/23/2017 3:36:00 AM


This foundation is unusual and I am not quite sure where to start with it. Originally MAC was recommended to me by a friend who is a makeup artist due to their undertones and broader shade range for persons who have warmer/ darker skin tones. At the time I was going to buy EL Double Wear but thought I'd give MAC a go as their shade range, and the claims of their foundations performance was good.
I was matched with NC40 and it is a pretty good match for my skin tone (better than EL DW Honey Bronze, which is yellower), that I was impressed with as its very difficult for me to find foundations to match my skin (I have neutral/warm and yellow/golden undertone). I have good skin with no wrinkles, minimal lines and no pores however I do have some scarring acne. I have normal/sensitive skin that is prone to dryness at times so I definitely did not want anything full matte. Despite being advertised as a 'Matte' foundation, I don't think this is unless you put powder on top of it. It is a more semi matte/ satin finish (which I prefer).
The biggest disappointment for me with this foundation is coverage. Its advertised as medium- full coverage, but is really medium coverage, if you use a fair bit of it I would say full medium at best. Personally I prefer full coverage because I don't see the point in wearing makeup unless it covers everything. I do apply this foundation with a brush so perhaps applying with a sponge (which I am planning on trying) will be different. I've only used primer with this foundation once but have not noticed a big difference whether you use one or not (I should note I am planning on buying a silicone primer and trying it so I'll post an update) It doesn't do a bad job of covering my scars, it covers my lighter ones quite well, but the darker scars not so much- it definitely doesn't conceal them. At $50AUD a bottle, I kind of feel it should.
The second disappointment for me with this foundation is its lasting power. I find that for the first few hours of wear, it looks amazing and photographs beautifully. However around the 4hr mark, its like it starts to soak into the skin a bit more and slowly begins to wear off. It also is not transfer proof, as you may have guessed (not terribly transferable like most Revlon foundations but is transferable nonetheless). Usually after the sixth hour of having this on, half of it has worn off and I have to re-apply. I haven't used a setting spray with this but I kind of think you shouldn't have to. Its 2017, if you want to charge high end prices for foundation, make sure you can make a product that actually does the things you claim. Makeup has come a long way and I am beginning to feel a lot of the higher end foundation brands are not delivering the foundation quality they are capable of producing and are sort of just half-assing it. Again, for the price and MAC's reputation, I expect better.
I find this foundation does oxidise a little, but doesn't make a difference on my skin.
I am on the fence about whether to re-purchase this or just keep hunting for a better one which can deliver on what it claims. I feel like if MAC made a few improvements to this foundation it would be my HG for sure. I have made a list of pros and cons below so its easier for others to make a decision on this foundation as well.

-Formula is nice and creamy (I am used to using crème foundations and this is lighter than what I am used to, but I love the consistency)
-Great color range for warmer/darker skinned people
-Photographs beautifully
-Does not look cakey (on me, anyway)
-Easy to blend in
-Minimal Oxidization
-Semi-Matte Finish

-Full Medium coverage at best. I feel as if you put a lot of this on to try to get full coverage, then it may look cakey
-Not long lasting. Starts wearing off around the 4hr mark, you will need to touch up around 5-6hr mark.
-Transfers. Not terribly but still, it transfers.

On a final note I want to say if people were in the same boat as me and tossing up between EL Double Wear and this one, I would say certainly get samples and try both out. MAC foundations are more golden in the warmer tones whereas EL foundations are more yellow. I found Honey Bronze (my shade in EL) is fine when only a thin layer is applied but once I put more product on, its too yellow on me and does look cakey/dry/chalky(possibly because I have normal skin, not oily skin). EL DW is also proper matte, whereas this foundation is semi matte.

Lip Gloss -MAC - Lipglass in Lust


Beautiful color, I am NC25-30 and this shows as a nude with a strong peachy tone. MAC lipglasses are long lasting and pigmented, no need to reapply often as far as lip glosses go, but they are quite drying.

Liquid -MAC - Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation


Awesome foundation. I find that it lasts longer than average, and it's a natural satin finish. It gives a full coverage, polished look. I have normal-combo skin and I normally have issues with foundations, especially non-matte ones, lasting.

Lipstick -MAC - Impassioned (Amplified)

on 10/22/2017 5:00:00 PM


this is a beautiful watermelon pink that really, really looks good on brown/warm complexions. the perfect watermelon, actually. HOWEVER, it is slightly drying for some reason, and -- as others have mentioned -- it really sinks into lines on the lips unless your lips are exfoliated and moisturized very well before application.

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Liquid -MAC - Studio Waterweight Foundation SPF30

on 10/22/2017 5:58:00 AM


Deleted my initial review for this foundation and decided to write a new, updated review entirely. Since my skin has been pretty clear lately, I was looking for a lighter coverage foundation. I also found that the matte finish, long wear foundations (ie. EL DW, Tarte Amazonian Clay mousse, Revlon Colorstay) I normally wear have been looking very cakey on my skin and I wanted something more light weight and natural-looking. Initially I didn't like this makeup as I thought it felt and looked too greasy on my skin. However after reading so many positive reviews from people with all different skin types, I decided to give this foundation another shot and after experimenting with application methods, (tip: if you're having a hard time with application, try watching youtube application videos for this foundation) I found that it applied and looked beautiful. I have very fickle, oily-combo-dehydrated skin so it is difficult for me to find a foundation that works well. For reference, color-wise I am fair-light neutral-cool, 115 Ivory in MUFE HD, Ecru in EL DW. I ordered both NC and NW15 in this foundation and found that the NC15 looked way better, the NW15 had a slightly orangy-pasty look that didn't look good on me even though I lean cool. NC20 was way too dark and yellow for my particular skin tone.

Pros and tips:
-I love the natural-satin finish as it does not cake up on my oily-dehydrated t-zone and looks incredibly skin-like
-One layer of foundation will give light coverage, and two will give light-medium coverage which is perfect as I no longer wanted a foundation with medium-full coverage
-Coverage is enough to even out skin tone without it looking like you are wearing a mask, in fact when applied properly it hardly looks like you're wearing makeup. I checked it out in an outdoor mirror in bright sunlight yesterday and my face looked beautiful, even-toned but without any trace of a mask-like appearance
-Applies smoothly and evenly. As an application tip, I like to dab it on my t-zone and then blend it in by dabbing with a beautyblender. Since my t-zone is oily with large pores, but at the same time dehydrated, this method avoids "micro-exfoliation" which is what causes dehydrated skin to look flakey and it also avoids wiping away the primer I use underneath.
-I smooth the rest of the foundation onto my cheeks with my fingers or a tightly packed synthetic foundation brush (I use the Real Techniques foundation brush which is a great inexpensive brush) and then blend with this brush or a beautyblender. This allows the foundation to really "meld" with the skin and takes away the sheen that was what made me dislike this makeup when I first tried it out. Then you can do a second layer.
-Read on a blogpost that this makeup looks even better when used with MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural pressed powder, and also saw on youtube - the girl's skin looked phenomenal when she used this as a setting powder. Being the makeup junkie that I am I went ahead and bought the Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Plus and it really looks beautiful with this makeup. It adds a little extra coverage and gives a beautiful, healthy satin finish that mattes slightly without looking the least bit heavy or cakey. That being said, you certainly do not need both products (I know they are both pricey) for this makeup to look good, but a setting and/or finishing powder is needed for this to last and not transfer
-Did NOT oxidize at all for me which is a huge plus! For some reason, even with a primer SO many foundations oxidize on my skin.
-Pretty glass bottle and I like the dropper. Make sure to shake before applying.

Cons (why I look off one lippie):
-Lasting power could be better. I work a full time job and at the end of my 8 hour shift it no longer looked freshly applied and my skin looked a little flaky. The flakiness could be attributed to me over-powdering throughout the day, though. I find that there is a trade-off with foundation; those with good lasting power tend to be cakier and have heavier coverage and those with a natural finish tend not to last as long
-Didn't really control oil breakthrough, but again this is a trade-off for a more natural finish. Even with oil-control foundations, I still have to blot throughout the day so it didn't really make much of a negative difference for me.
-A setting and/or finishing powder is necessary for lasting power and to avoid transfer, but I use both regardless so again this isn't really a con for me personally
-Application can be a little tricky, at least for my finicky skin. Takes a little while to apply, for me it's defiantly not a "slap on and go," makeup, but I'm sure with practice application will get easier and faster.

Overall, I really enjoy this foundation. **It has to be said: if you have either dry or normal skin this foundation is a yes. If you have oily or combo skin but you are looking for a natural, light-medium finish this foundation is a yes. If, however, you are looking for med-full coverage or a matte finish foundation this makeup is not for you**

One other thing to be noted: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water is literally the exact same product at a higher price.

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