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MAC Cosmetics (MAC standing for Make-up Art Cosmetics) was founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo in 1984 with the assistance of chemist Vic Casale. The first U.S MAC store opened in 1991, in New York. The company's products were initially aimed at professional make-up artists, but are now sold to consumers worldwide. Estée Lauder Companies acquired a controlling interest in MAC in 1996, then completed their acquisition of the company in 1998.

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Blush -MAC Cosmetics -Powder Blush - Peaches

on 11/13/2018 9:19:00 PM


I gotten this as a gift with purchase on mac website for their singles day! Ive been wanting to try this because ive tried melba and felt it was too pigmented and clownlike. I am nc20 c1 to c2 so i am on the pale side. Melba looked like i gotten sunburnt and i like going heavy hand with blush. Peaches is less coral and pulls less red on me.

My favorite hg blush WAS mac warm soul. I can go nuts and it still looks good. Peaches on the other hand is sort of the same since its a sheertone and i can go to town. It looks like it could be a dupe for the reformulated warm soul except it has no sheen and its not as bronzey. Its a bit more brighter and pinkier than warm soul but more fresh on the cheeks. Warm soul has that glow to it since it has shimmer and peaches is on the matte and super super natural "im blushing" side. I tried to wear it side by side on both cheeks and i actually like how peaches makes my skin looks better. I look more fresh and bright that looked very natural and not too much. Warm soul side is a bit more orangey and muddier than peaches. I have the new reformulated version of warm soul so im guessing thats why? Plus warm soul new packaging is so ugly and hard to open. Idk im really loving peaches over warm soul these days since it is getting colder and i dont want a shimmery blush. Peaches might really replace it and become my new hg.

I love the sheertone formula because i can go heavy handed and it wont be clownlike. I def am thinking of repurchasing if i ever finish or lose this, i love it, its so easy to wear, lasts long and looks so youthful. This is a great natural everyday blush thatll go with everything.

Lip Gloss -MAC Cosmetics -Cremesheen Lipglass in Boy Bait

on 11/13/2018 9:12:00 PM


This reminds me of buxom white russian without the plumping and much better smell. I love how mac lip products smell! This is not sticky at all. I choose these over a lipglass any day. The color is a nude milky pink with a bit of peach. Easy to wear and does not wash me out. I much prefer this to the sticky/goopey prrr lipglass, its a lot more comfortable and moisurising than the lipglass. The color is very close to nyx fortune cookie butter gloss. If you want a dupe that one is pretty close. I would pair this gloss with a smokey eye or if i want a nude plumped lips. Its a really cute color that enhances my natural lips in a healthy way. Sort of if i drank lots of water. Not so pale that wash me out like a corps. Its hard to explain but its my favorite type of color for a nude gloss! Milky peach pink that looks innocent but also sexy.

Eyeliner -MAC Cosmetics -Brushstroke Brushblack Pen

on 11/13/2018 9:03:00 PM

This is perfect in drawing a thin line for begginners. Ive used the tattoo liner trooper by kvd. Stila stay all day both the original and the micro tip. I like the mac one the best. Heres why

Kvd trooper tattoo liner- not a true black, kind of grey . Dries out very quick. Brush is not as precise. But good brush style tip not felt tip. Fades throughout the day

Stila stay all day- too shiney of a finish, felt tip but lots of product and lasts longer than kvd but not as easy to draw a good line.

Stila microtip- same as above but with a very tiny felt tip brush but still not as easy to use as a brush tip.

Mac brushstroke- best of both worlds. Last long, true black and brush tip that is super tiny. Its the easiest to use out of all of these ive mentioned. Hg! Will def repurchase.

Primer/ Corrector -MAC Cosmetics -Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50

on 11/13/2018 2:51:00 PM


Overall, a decent product. Pros: it's a lightweight lotion primer with SPF 50. The SPF is the whole reason I bought it. The texture is light, spreadable, goes on very smooth and doesn't pill. Huge bonus: this product layers so well with my other skincare products, and all I have to do is use this on top, and it does the job of 3 products in one (lotion/primer/SPF). Cons: like some other reviewers, I found that this product isn't the best at oil control and I am shiny by mid-day, so need to blot more and apply a bit more powder throughout the day. Having said that, though- I believe this product is meant as a hybrid product and lighter lotion, therefore is not meant to take the place or do the job of a heavy-duty makeup primer. While it doesn't take the place of a separate primer, the fact is that it's a smart, one-step solution with a decently high level of SPF, where one doesn't have to resort to using a heavy, greasy SPF product for sun protection. For that reason alone, I will repurchase.

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Liquid -MAC Cosmetics -Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation

on 11/12/2018 7:56:00 PM


I had several samples of this product while looking for a new foundation. I have dry skin and I had real difficulties with this foundation. It sat on my skin like a mask but never 'set'. It felt greasy and made my dry patches really obvious. The coverage was both heavy and patchy. I am an NC13 and couldn't find a good shade match in the range either. Overall, a bit of a disappointment.

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