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Fragrances -Lulu beauty -Dame perfume oil

on 11/27/2013 6:26:00 PM

When I first got this perfume oil as a gift I really wasn't sure about it because it just smelled so flowery and I'm not into really strong flowery scents. Recently I decided to give it another go around and surprisingly I really liked it. There is something creamy scented about it like a really nice soap. On the downside, there is an unusual smoky scent that comes along with it. It's hard to describe. It almost smells like you've just had a cigarette and since I don't smoke that part kind of turns me off the fragrance. On the other hand the smokey scent that seems to come out at least on me almost borders an incense type scent which I do like. And the smokey scent does seem pretty subtle. I'm kind of torn with this fragrance. It's an unusual scent to say the least.

Fragrances -Lulu beauty -GiGi perfume oil

on 11/18/2012 2:47:00 PM

A lovely delicate gardenia scent, creamy and very very pretty. Way too much like an aunt I never liked for me to wear though, so I had to scrub. Can totally recommend to others, though. Darn that aunt for spoiling all pretty gardenia and jasmine scents for me!

Fragrances -Lulu beauty -LuLu Guinness Cast a Spell


I bought two bottles of this one gift set one 3.4oz size. I like it but I won't buy again it smells icy to me like icy berries with musk and patchouli. Its not a dark scent its more icy like something you'd wear to see disney on ice. The bottle is cute and the lotion is sparkly I agree with the poster who said this is a weird fragrance it is. It in no way reminds me of angel or lolita. Lolita is a warm fragrance that is odd smelling but nice and angel just stinks I threw the tester at kohls my first time sampling it I couldn't believe how vile it smells I think "it" would have been a good name anyhow back to cast a spell its just icy berry that's how I describe it best.

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Fragrances -Lulu beauty -LulaMae perfume oil

on 6/9/2011 9:35:00 AM

I bought a sample pack of Lulu Beauty's perfumes and I'm making my way through them. I get a citrus opening (probably the bergamot), a very short floral stage, and then it quickly dried down to white musk, which is all I could detect for awhile. Hours later, I get more of a floral musk which is nice. However, I much prefer Starlet (which is a gorgeous gardenia). This might develop differently on you - I highly recommend the sample pack. Reasonable prices and the packaging for this line is gorgeous!

Fragrances -Lulu beauty -Lulu Guinness EDP

on 3/6/2011 12:29:00 AM


I've had this for awhile now, at first, I wasn't too sure about this scent. It was way too heavy on the floral side for me and almost smelt like something my grandmother would wear. But now, it's starting to grow on me. Like the reviewer below me has suggested, do spray this with a light hand as it is quite over-powering, so one spritz is more than enough. The scent lasts for an incredible long time. I guess because of the strong floral notes in this perfume. I find that if I wear this too often, or too much, I get headaches, and I'm sure the people around me do too. I can definitely smell lillies and maybe rose? But after a couple of hours, the scent dies down a little and smells a bit like air freshener to me. Not my favourite scent, but will find a way to use it up.

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