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Polishes -Love My Lips -Love My Nails Polish in White 556

on 9/8/2012 6:26:00 PM


Seems like this needs a more recent review.

For about a dollar, you get what you pay for. And this nail polish is crap. It doesnt dry quickly which makes it smudge, and when it does dry it chips easily.

If you want a cheap, good quality nail polish, I suggest NYC, Wet 'n' Wild, or L.A Colours.

Lip Gloss -Love My Lips -Wet Shine Gloss in Creamsicle

on 3/20/2011 5:32:00 PM


very pretty packaging

No color
no real shine
no real sparkle

great for a kid that wants make up but can't wear color , anyone else , I think wet and wild is a much better cheap option .

Lipstick -Love My Lips -Far Out Fuchsia 487


I had a love affair with this color! It is a bright fuchia pink color, with a blue irridescent sheen.

The formula is sticky and thin, and it builds well, but it was always drying to my lips. But for the low cost, what could I expect? I would make sure to dab on some moisturizer before hand and blot since this lipstick brand didn't seem to want to stick to anything else except bare lips. i couldn't find this color in any other brand except for NYC's Blue Rose, which has replaced this color in my collection.

This is a bright pearly pink fucshia and it pairs well with cooler skintones, and darker hair. Also, with the right eyeliner look, and dark smokey eyes, a blonde could pull this color off too. You have to really love bright pink to venture into this color family.

It may be discontinued, because my tube is about used up and I purchased it in 2005. This was the ONLY lip color that I've ever purchased from this brand, since I could get just about every other color from other brands besides this one. I think that NYC's Blue Rose is an excellent replacement for this item, and it is more creamy and smooth and longer-lasting that LML's Far Out Fucisa formula.

Lipstick -Love My Lips -Ultra Violet 451

on 7/5/2010 8:41:00 PM


I'm not a lipgloss fan, however I love messing around with this stuff! It's amazing how many looks I can create with a purple tinted lip gloss.

For only $2.00, this long lasting formula can be bought at Walmart.

The tube is small and easily portable. You can pack "Ultra Violet" around in your jean pocket or in the cozy warm nook of your purse.

The large doe foot applicator makes applying gloss fun and simple.

As for the scent, it smells like an old fruity perfume. The scent is an unusual and unique whiff. Personally for me I don't care about lip gloss smells, however for those of you worried...once "Ultra Violet" is applied, the smell goes away.

This lip gloss doesn't stay on very long. With just one lick of my lips, half of the gloss is already swept away. "Ultra Violet" can't seem to last through dinner parties or anything requiring drinks either. If it had better staying power, I'd kind-heartedly rate it 5 stars.

Lip Gloss -Love My Lips -Wet Shine Lip Gloss Midnight Rose

on 7/1/2010 11:54:00 PM


Bought it in Midnight Rose 1366, looks pretty in the tube, but on my lips, the color dissipated to a sheer bronze, which I don't like as a lip gloss shade.

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