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Shampoo -Living Proof -Timeless

on 9/2/2018 8:14:00 PM


I have a lot of fine, naturally wavy but straightened from keratin hair. My HG before keratin was Redken All Soft shampoo, as it moisturized while giving a ton of bouncy body. When I started keratin years ago, I had to switch to shampoo free of sodium chloride. No matter what I tried, my hair was flat and sometimes matted looking, even though I shampoo every day (due to workouts). And then, cue the angelic music, along came Living Proof Timeless. My hair is full, bouncy and moisturized. My new HG.

Styling Products -Living Proof -Perfect Hair Day 5-in-1 styling treatment

on 9/2/2018 2:08:00 PM


I received a generous sample of this creamy styling product. Quite strongly fragranced, some might find it overwhelming but it does dissipate. To be honest, its a decent product & does hold the waves in my hair but so does Boots curl creme (you just have to use more product) & at a fraction of the price

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Shampoo -Living Proof -Full Shampoo

on 8/29/2018 11:50:00 AM


My hair is plentiful, but very fine. Like baby hair. I've struggled for 50 years to find the perfect shampoo.
I've never found a shampoo that really worked. ..until now!

Other volumizing shampoos made my hair look and feel course and stiff.
Living Proof full shampoo made my hair fuller! And no heavy 'product' feel! !! I couldn't believe a shampoo could make that much of a difference.

I'm "living proof" that this product works!

I took before and after pictures and comments included "amazing" and "that doesn't look like you". My hair looked that glamorous.

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Styling Products -Living Proof -Full Dry Volume Blast

on 8/25/2018 7:28:00 PM


My hair - Fine, but I have alot of it. Dry, wavy, color-treated.

I didn't like this product at all. It did not add much volume for my fine hair. In addition, it left my hair looking dull, dry, and frizzy.

The packaging was fine. The spray worked well. There is a strong smell - it's a cheap sweet smell.

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Shampoo -Living Proof -No Frizz shampoo

Received both the shampoo and conditioner as a gift. Horrible products for my fine, color-treated hair. This no-frizz product gave my hair frizz when I do not have a problem with frizz. How is that possible?
Cost is ridiculous for me for a product that makes my hair look as if I've never conditioned it, spent days frying it in the sun and then over-bleached it. That's what one usage makes it look like. I was forced to use a plethora of styling products and my oils just to make my hair viable again after shampooing with Living Proof.
I did try it a few times to make sure the product was responding equally horrible and it did each and every time, along with its matching conditioner. I had trouble combing thru my wet chin-length hair, which has never been a problem with my other products. Fragrance is ok. Lather is good. But to make my hair full of frizz after blow-drying, and to dry it out excessively is not the look I am attempting.
I wound up using the remains to wash sweaters so as not to waste it.

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