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Moisturizers -Linda Sy -Vita-Oil

After 10 years of dealing with what I thought was intermittent acne during my teens and twenties, I was finally properly diagnosed with Rosacea. For three more years I struggled to find the right drug, had doctors prescribe everything from Retin-A, to finacea, to metro-gel, saw a cosmetologist, went to a naturopath to help me fix my diet, and NOTHING WORKED. I was a mess. Finally decided to try this product, in conjunction with a sulfur disc from another online company -- I don't want to say the name because I don't want to look like a paid reviewer for them. You leave your skin wet after washing with cold water, and spread just two or three drops of this over face. After years of embarrassment with papular rosacea, it went away. Every time I meet someone who has rosacea that is papular, I recommend this (and the sulfur disc system from the company I mentioned -- they also give you some helpful guidelines for subtle ways your diet affects the breakouts... but I don't even really follow it anymore because the oil is so good). After the oil, dry skin and put sunscreen on with at least some zinc in it (I use Cereve am).

Anyway, after three years, my skin barely has any broken capillaries, I'm 35 and people think I look like I'm in my 20s (didn't realize that this would even be an anti-aging solution, but I'm realizing more and more that my skin looks better than it did 4 years ago). Ocassional papular irritations, but almost imperceptible. I use it everynight and every morning. When I run out, sometimes I substitute with pure cold pressed organic jojoba oil which is cheaper, but I think the vitamins in this are important anti-aging additions.

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Treatments (Face) -Linda Sy -Acne Cover Lotion

on 4/5/2008 9:04:00 PM

This is the best acne product I have tried. It doesn't cure or eliminate acne, but it does seem to lessen or reduce my monthly chin breakout. The best part is that it conceals the redness, so it actually makes you look better. I just can't use peroxide. Peroxide doesn't work under makeup and it dyes your sheets if you wear it at night. The sulfur in this prevents a pimple from getting too inflamed (usually) if you use it immediately at the start of the pimple.

Treatments (Face) -Linda Sy -Acne Oil Control Gel

on 10/4/2007 4:07:00 PM

For starters, I have adult acne, rosacea and insanely sensitive skin. I use a retinoid, but still have persistent blackheads that won't budge. I started using Linda Sy Acne Oil Control Gel (2% salicylic acid) almost three years ago to help dislodge the blackheads. Over time I have been persuaded to try other brands/formulas, including Paula's Choice, Neutrogena, Bye Bye Blemish and others. I always come back to this formula.

The AOCG is a medium-weight gel that easily spreads over affected areas with the fingertips. The 2 oz. bottle lasts for what seems like forever, even with frequent usage. Even though the gel has an alcohol base, the gel has never dried me out nor caused me to peel -- unlike some other BHA formulas. It does sting a little upon application, but I think that it largely affects my rosacea this way. It never has led to a flare, despite the initial discomfort.

Those who have difficult with the PC formulas really should give this one a try. continued >>

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Sunscreen -Linda Sy -ZincO

on 6/6/2007 9:16:00 AM

I use the tinted version. I tried this long ago and at first didn't like it. In my recent search for a good physical sunscreen, I decided to give it another try. I now like it. It does leave me shiny, and it doesn't stay on my upper lip when sweating, but overall this performs better than other physical sunscreens I have tried. When I am planning to really sweat, I use UV Natural and just put up with the oiliness. I have to put a powder on over this. (Paula's Choice makes a good pressed powder in my opinion that has zinc oxide and titanium dioxide in it.) I think I didn't like it at first because my skin used to be in worse condition and more broken out. Now, my skin is less broken out and I think less aggrivated by this product. It will, of course, feel heavier than a chemical sunscreen, but seems to me to be better for the face than other physical sunscreens out there. Also, I'd give Linda Sy in general 5 lippies. Twice I have emailed questions to her about product ingredients, and a few days later she sends a detailed reply with references to primary literature for more information. I am planning to try June Jacobs Sheer Micronized spf 30 because of reviews here and will update if I like it better....

Sunscreen -Linda Sy -Optical Light Sunscreen

on 12/21/2006 9:03:00 PM

I received this as a sample, so I won't comment on the price or packaging of the full-size version. I use sunscreen on my face everyday, so I took a break from my current brand to try this. The texture is actually gritty, with large chunks in an otherwise smooth liquid. If it were not for the chunks, the texture would be nice and light. (Not sure if this was just an anomoly with the sample). I don't have particularly acne-prone or sensitive skin, but I got a large blemish on my cheek (very rare, even when I was a teenager) and I can only assume it was from this product. Definitely will not purchase a full size version.

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