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Recent Lierac Reviews

Cleansers -Lierac -Double Cleansing Balm in Oil

This is an oil based makeup cleansing balm for the first step of double cleasing method.

Pros: It is very soft, smooth and gentle for dry faces.
Cons: it doesnt emulsifies easily in water, so it lefts a white residue.

it can dissolve face makeup and sunblock but it cannot dissolve eye makeup (even none waterproof eye makeup products), instead it fixes eye makeup strangely. I can dissolve my eye makeup even with water, but once I rub my eye zone with this product, none of makeup remover and water can dissolve the makeup anymore. Therefore this is the strangest makeup remover product I have ever seen.

I wont buy it again, I will buy Clinique take the day off cleasing balm instead of this.

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Skincare - Face -Lierac -Paris Luminesence Illuminating Serum Complexion Corrector

on 5/5/2018 1:04:00 PM


This is by far my favourite face serum i’ve ever used! It is also the most expensive serum I’ve ever purchased *sigh*. This comes in a glass bottle with glass dropper incl. The serum itself is a whitish (cream-coloured appearance depending on the lighting) opaque fluid consistency. There is an opulent sheen to this serum but it’s very subtle. Once applied spreads easily dries fairly quickly and has worked well with most of my moisturizer, leaving skin soft, smooth and plump. It imparts a pretty, luminating glow. It evens out my skin texture although, I did not notice any discolouration diminishing properties for myself as the product claims. I really enjoyed this serum and it’s effects to my facial appearance. If it weren’t for the steep price tag I would defin repurchase. I’m not big on serums and primers etc... would rather put the $$ towards eye creams and moisturizer... and definitely on cosmetics. But this is defin an excellent product-strongly recommend!

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Treatments (Face) -Lierac -concentre mesolift

This serum is absolutely amazing! In terms of texture, smell or feel to the skin! It looks like a thick cream but no! it's so fruity fluid that melts to the skin and gives a great even more result! i would totally recommend this serum for guys! It's like a mesotherapy alternative that will give u a boost as radiance and overall skin health! use it under your sunscreen and before bedtime and there you go!

Guys you're gonna love this serum!!!

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Moisturizers -Lierac -Huile Sensorielle aux 3 fleures blanches

on 2/27/2018 11:38:00 PM

Super oil! I tried it once, love it now. I am very skeptical with some products and their organic or natural ingredients they claim and their origins, but I tried this one. I found out how fantastic it is. Amazing feeling, smooth, soft, leave my skin hydrated and smell very nice. and no reactions. I use it on my body every morning after showering and I absolutely love it. I got it in winners for a good price. Again Love it!

Treatments (Eye) -Lierac -Diopticerne dark circle treatment

on 12/11/2017 5:16:00 PM


My eye round skin is one of my biggest beauty concerns and dark circle is one of it's problems.lierac is one of easy to access skincare brands here and there are not many eye creams specifically for dark circles so I had to try this
I chose the tinted one to have a concealer and eye cream at the same time.but it was a terrible concealer and a terrible eye effect on my dark circles,it didn't even hydrate my made my eye skin dry and my undereye looked was very thick and looked cakey and unnatural.also I hated it's small was difficult to use and it's not cheap.
I will never repurchase it but reading positive reviews intrigues me to try the untinted one

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