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Fragrances -Les Parfums de Rosine -Une Folie de Roses

on 11/17/2018 11:10:00 AM


A chypre leaning toward old-school chpres though not as opulent, well-blended or complex to my nose. The Rosine website says this is to be worn with fur and silk, which gives me the impression that we are after that Chanel feel here - for some reason I'm thinking of No.5 and Coco Madem.oiselle. And Une Folie de Rose may give you that during the drydown, although I think it has a more retro or whimsical feel. And it is more spicy than dusty.

I get a peppery opening with a woodsy aspect. On some days, I get some patchouli and sometimes sweeter notes, too. This is a more natural patch than I often like and it's earthy aspect is more like humid, dark soil on me. It's more dark and thin than full-bodied.

The rose is a sweet, full-bodied one which I like more than sheer, pink roses. And the drydown is interesting. I get that Guerlain powder together with the dark earthy aspect. Then it becomes a rose.

When I wore it, I got complimented by perfume lovers, but from a distance. On my skin, though, I keep on smelling wet soil and something like saffron or cumin, which feels too much. This probably smells better on others. Hence, one extra lippie. Tauer's Une Rose Chypree works much better on me than this one, giving me a better-blended composition.

Fragrance -Les Parfums de Rosine -Rose d'Homme

on 10/23/2015 4:25:00 PM


I really like this fresh unisex rose patchouli with a delectable dry down that isn't too dark (perhaps it's because of the slight lift and structure due to Lavander and/or oud). But, somehow, I always forget I own it. When I do remember, I often choose not to wear it if favor of something else more exciting. Exactly unisex, IMO right in the middle. Office appropriate and day appropriate. Citrus and rose of the opening segue very smoothly into the rest of the fragrance, and despite the initial prominence of the rose accord, I would say that the rest of the fragrance would appeal even to those who are not rose lovers.

Fragrances -Les Parfums de Rosine -Rose Praline

on 3/2/2014 2:32:00 AM

This is a nice, sensitively made fragrance, which is an enjoyable mix between Bvlgari The Rouge and, as one of the previous reviewers noted, Parfumerie Generale's Brulure de Rose. It shares that rice-like cloudiness of the former, and of course, the chocolate rose of the latter, but where Brulure de Rose smells like jam and coriander, Rose Praline opts for Turkish delight, cardamom and geranium. I wouldn't usually say this, but in the case of these two, you may not need both.

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Fragrances -Les Parfums de Rosine -Rose D'Ete

on 6/10/2013 4:15:00 PM


Rose D'ete is a very pleasant fragrance and I really like it, but it has taken me some time to get used to dabbing only a little bit at a time.

The sunny promise of yellow roses was what got me into Les Parfums de Rosine some time ago. I like yellow flowers, particularly mimosa as well as fruity fragrances and I was ready to love Rose d'Ete even before I sniffed it. Still, my first experience was disappointment - mainly because I like my fragrances with a bit of sillage and when I douse myself in this one, it smells big, tired, flat and almost rotten.

However, sprayed or dabbed just a little bit, this is a very very pleasing yellow rose with a lovely sweetness and brightness. I can't distinguish the apple or lotus stated in the notes but heart notes have fruity, full bodied mimosa undertones as well as some airiness. It isn't the most sophisticated or complex fragrance, but it never fails to put a satisfied smile on my face. There is a retro or vintage aspect to it, which I enjoy experiencing. The drydown is light and soapy and I quite like that phase as well.

It has OK sillage even when I use just a bit but doesn't last much. I have decanted some into a vial and dab throughout the day. It's not very practical but I love catching wafts of it around myself.

Guerlain's fruity mimosa Champs Elysees is one of my favourite fragrances ever and I think, if you like Champs Elysees, you may like Rose d'Ete as well.

Fragrances -Les Parfums de Rosine -Ecume de Rose

on 5/3/2013 11:35:00 AM


I like the idea of a salty rose but unfortunately I'm not blessed with the right chemistry or the nose. In either case, no salt on me, but a metallic note. The heart is a powdery, vintage pink rose that makes me think of boxy, wall-papered, cutesy powder rooms rather than the ocean. The drydown is a pleasant, really well-done fresh rose, pink again. It's refreshing and uplifting. Still, without the salt note, this isn't particularly interesting to me.

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