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CD/Books/Movies -Lauren Hutton -Face Disc Instructional DVD and VHS

on 5/23/2015 7:20:00 PM


This was such a saga! I placed my order for one of the passport compacts and thought I should have an application refresher so I ordered the DVD as well. When the DVD came it was in PAL format which only works in Europe and parts of Asia and Australia. I emailed and let them know of the problem. They emailed back and said they'd send another one but it should work because they only shipped to US and Canada. They sent me another PAL format disc!! Now I have 2 of these useless coffee coasters. I emailed them again suggesting they check what their supplier sent them as there is clearly an issue and asked them to refund me the money for the DVD. I never heard another thing from them. So frustrating! Given this lousy customer service, I won't be dealing with them again. I can't tell you if the product is good unless I do some travelling.

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Palettes -Lauren Hutton -Passport to Africa

on 5/23/2015 7:13:00 PM

I was excited to try this as it seemed to be a compact way to have everything. The colors were nice and I do like the product although I don't find it to be special enough for me to bite the exchange rate bullet and purchase again. The thing I really didn't like was that the packaging was defective from the get go. When I opened it the whole thing fell out! It wasn't even attached to the compact. Very flimsy for the price. I really wanted to love it but no go.

Palettes -Lauren Hutton -Good Stuff Face Disc [DISCONTINUED]

on 12/2/2013 3:49:00 PM


Love this Disc, can only find it on ebay at a much more expensive cost to the last time....Can anybody recommend where to purchase please.

Eyes -Lauren Hutton -eye shadow trio

I've been looking for a nice matte or demi-matte eyeshadow kit for a while. I'm not looking to spend alot for something that I may only wear in the summer, so one of the more well-known brands was out of my price range. I knew Lauren did makeup for "older" women--and if you're over 18, you'd qualify for alot of her products...They look natural, not sparkly or funky--so if you're going for a natural look, her stuff is really great no matter your age.
Anyways, I ordered this kit from Lauren's website so it was deeply discounted....I like that!lol I wasn't sure about the colors but figured wth I'd try them and see anyways...
This kit was surprising. The peach-toned eyeshadow is really lovely and soft. Doesn't get cakey like other 'matte' eyeshadows, and kinda mimics skin-tone with a pop of healthy's pretty amazing! The brightener is great under your eyebrows to lift the area and lighten any darkness or wonky brow shadow...It's sooo nice to finally find a nice lightener that *isn't* shiny, sparkly or outlandish.
The cool thing is the middle color looks kinda gray-blue...I *hate* those colors with a passion. I'm a warm so anything in that color family looks horrendous on me!! But this stuff kinda blends on down to like a soft smokey tone...It goes on your eye area where you have any hooding or just above the crease to give your eyes a lift. Knowing how I detest those blue/gray colors I was ready to hate this from the moment I saw it, but going on, it's pretty good. My eyes look lifted and like they did when I was 20-something...I'm not sagging or anything now, but this was enough to really give me a fresh-faced look when I'm feeling worn out, tired-- and My only complaint on that though, is that it still has a grey-cast to it so if you're a 'true' warm, it will probably not be your fave color. I like that it looks natural(for the most part) in daylight but under fluorescent light it still looks bluish--which is never good on warm skin tones. I'm kinda on the fence about the color for that reason, but it does soften nicely and give the eye a lift, so I'm kinda on the fence. I think I would have outright preferred a matte fawn or soft taupe color instead.
I'm really looking forward to trying more of Lauren's line...although I will probably skip the foundations since I love my Korean BB creams...but I'm totally open to trying some of her shading and contouring products. Anything to look good, feel pretty and simplify my routine!lol
Overall this is a great product from a pretty decent line that doesn't get near the PR it deserves. The compacts are all pretty plain-jane but well made and chic looking...Fancy they're not, but they all seem well-made and sturdy for tossing around in your handbag.
I think with the website discounts, Lauren's stuff is at a decent price-point that anyone would want to try regardless of age.
Oh and the only reason I didn't give this 5-stars is because I would have liked to see another shadow color in the kit and maybe skip the lip balm. I get it's supposed to simplify our morning routine but I still would like the option of a deeper shadow in a warmer tone.

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Blush -Lauren Hutton -brightening & illuminating blush

I love blush...I buy every shade, every type...its just fun stuff! Because I'm naturally very fair, I need color but alot of blushes make me look like a clown so I have to be cautious what I wear--I'll try them all
I love Milani's blush, but find it a little too glittery for my liking sometimes. Sure it's fun at night but at work it's a little much--and under fluorescent lights you can see the little glittery particles--yuck :(
So I heard good things about Lauren Hutton's makeup and wanted to try it. The blush I ordered from her website was like $8, so that's a plus--figured if I didn't like it it wasn't going to break the
The compact is just square--nothing too fancy, but looks upscale. It is a high-quality compact though--very sturdy and doesn't look like it'll fall apart like some other ones. Chic simple package.
The blush is really kinda pinky peach, which is your run of the mill for fair skin. But it goes on smooth like a powder w/o any shimmer bits...but when it's actually on the skin, it looks fresh and nice. I really like this color alot! It's a nice pop of color without being overdone, but most of all the texture on your skin is amazing. So for $8 you're getting a pretty great blush!
Definitely recommend to anyone...not just us over-30 women...If you have oily skin like I did in my 20's, there's nothing more icky than those glitter particles floating around in an oily pore--yuck! :( But this blush doesn't have any glitter and settles nicely into your skin.
Surprisingly a great blush--who would have thought it?!lol

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