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Recent Laneige Reviews

Moisturizers -Laneige -Water Bank Moisture Cream

on 5/16/2018 6:25:00 PM


I love korean products.Although the price was not a bargain I decided it was good for me since there was a Beauty test you can take on their website. I stopped using this product because I had a rash on my t zone area. I have sensitive skin ... because I really wanted this product, I didn’t even read any reviews before purchasing it. I better read them next time because I can’t return it anymore. I thought maybe the gel cream is better but now I see that the reviews are similar for both products . Ow well.

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Masks -Laneige -Eye Sleeping Mask

on 5/13/2018 3:38:00 AM


I got the trial size to try. It’s ok, leaves a moisturising layer around my eyes. It’s quite hydrating and helped with the dry parts around my eyes. Doesn’t seem to help with anything else though. Dark circles and puffiness remain.

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Masks -Laneige -Time Freeze Sleeping Mask

on 5/12/2018 11:44:00 AM

I've been very happy with the Laneige skin-care products I've tried and I very much enjoy their original Sleeping Mask so I was eager to try this Time Freeze (yeah, right!) sleeping mask. It is almost $20 more expensive (in Canada) than the original but I don't find it to be all that much better. It's suggested to use this once or twice a week, after moisturizing. It is a nice product and my skin feels lovely after applying it, once it sets/absorbs a bit (doesn't take long) and feels very smooth and firm in the morning, even if I don't use a moisturizer under it. Packaging is nice - an attractive wide-mouthed jar with a silver-toned lid and a good-sized spatula for applying the product, eliminating the need to dip your fingers into it. However, as much as I think this is an excellent product, I actually much prefer the Shiseido sleeping mask - of the sleeping masks I've tried, the Shiseido one is my absolute fave and don't even like rinsing/wiping it off in the morning because my face looks so nice.

Lip Treatments -Laneige -Lip Sleeping Mask

on 5/6/2018 1:00:00 PM


I got this after reading rave reviews about it online. I was looking for a deep moisturising lip balm to use at night before going to bed, particuarly designed to help tackle severe dryness which I especially suffer with during the cold winter months.

The mask applies nicely and goes on smoothly but it doesn't sink into the lips. Instead it forms a kind of barrier on top of the lips, helping to lock in moisture overnight. I use the small spatular that came with it for application, as I've found trying to apply this with my finger can be quite messy.

Although this does leave my lips feeling softer in the morning, the results haven't been as spectacular as I was expecting given all the positive reviews online. It's also really pricey for what it is and in all honesty I don't think I'll be repurchasing when my pot ends, as you can get regular lip balms that are much cheaper which do a better job.

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Masks -Laneige -Water Sleeping Mask

on 4/29/2018 8:50:00 AM


It went well for the first couple of uses, my skin looked nice and smooth the next morning. And then, the small pimples started appearing. Laneige products seems to clog my pores a fair bit coz whenever I use them (emulsion, essence etc) I get small pimples. Not sure what to do with this now.

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