Lancôme is a French luxury perfumes and cosmetics house that distributes products internationally. Lancôme is part of the L'Oreal Luxury Products division, which is its parent company and offers skin care, fragrances, and makeup at higher-end prices. (

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Recent Lancôme Reviews

Moisturizers -Lancôme -Impactive Multi-performance silkening moisturizer

on 11/18/2018 11:03:00 AM


This was a sample from Bloomingdales. I also received the Renergie Lift Multi-Action with Sunscreen for face and neck. The day after applying the face cream on my face and neck, I felt a minor rash. I figured I was having an allergic reaction, though I've never had a reaction to any cream, (I normally use Olay Regenerist). I had applied the eye cream also, but had no rash reaction. (By rash I mean only itching, not redness.) I wasn't convinced the product caused the rash, so I continued to use the face and eye cream for two additional nights. I am now convinced the cream caused the rash on my neck and jaw. This morning, however, I newly noticed that I had severe bags and wrinkles under my eyes. This is from the eye cream. I mean that I have absolutely never had bags and/or wrinkles under my eyes before - none. I was pretty shocked to see what I looked like this morning; my husband was shocked. My husband suggested that maybe the cream puffs up the delicate skin under the eye and that my skin must have stretched some and that in the morning when the effects of the cream wear off, the skin is left limp and dangling. Limp and dangling! I am hoping that my under eye skin can return to normal. I would suggest people use strong creams carefully. I would not recommend using this line of cream. It's pretty strong and can possibly do serious damage.

Mascara -Lancôme -Monsieur Big Waterproof

on 11/18/2018 9:30:00 AM


Excellent waterproof mascara, stays and stays with very little flaking. And just like the regular Monsieur Big mascara, it really extends my lashes, so very happy with this one.

Fragrances -Lancôme -La Vie Est Belle

on 11/18/2018 4:57:00 AM


My sister purchased it several years ago simply because she loves every single perfume with sweet notes which is not my favorite at all. I sprayed a little bit on my wrist and once I sniffed I had a headache and stomachache. To sum it up this perfume is way too much sweet and more likely to be idolized by a teenage girl. I gave it two lippies only because I liked the packaging, the bottle design, the color it and the small ribbon which is tied around the bottleneck. Notes: my favorite perfumes are Chance-Chanel Coco- Chanel No5-Chanel N22-Chanel Coromandel-Chanel Cinnabar- Estée Lauder Youth Dew- Estée Lauder Aromatics-Clinique magie noire-Lancome

Treatments (Eye) -Lancôme - Genifique yeux light-pearl

on 11/17/2018 4:53:00 PM


This is my first eye serum I’ve ever purchased. I really didn’t want to buy one as I usually apply my face serum around my eye area. But I’m noticing aging is catching up with me and the first area to show signs is the eye area, so I figured I wanted a product to target this specific area. Pretty bottle/packaging with a kitschy applicator. A ball shaped ‘metal’ end/tip. After daily use, I noticed as the product reaches the bottom, I felt the applicator was not picking up or reaching the small amount of serum that sat at the bottom of the bottle. That being said, I have now let the bottle rest upside down and use my finger to apply the product to my under eye. (Points off for potential wastage esp for an expensive product). Although the applicator is a novel idea for ease of application, it really is not effective, it did not aid in terms of reducing puffiness, wrinkles or change the eye appearance in any way. If anything the product itself is responsible for that. So as pretty as the packaging is, its not worth the high price tag. The serum I found to be basic, a light textured watery-cream consistency. I didn’t really notice a scent. In terms of product effectiveness, it left me underwhelmed. No difference noticed to my eye area in terms of brightness, diminishing dark circles, or reducing fine wrinkles. I did noticed it absorbs fairly well in the delicate eye area, dries supper fast leaving no sticky residue. It played well with my eye cream and concealer on top. No product separation noticed.
Overall, I think my eye cream is pretty effective in maintaining moisture regardless of adding a serum generally speaking... I think after this experience I will lay off eye serums as it’s just an extra step with no real visible benefits. Just my experience...

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Fragrances -Lancôme -Sikkim

on 11/17/2018 12:33:00 PM


Beautiful, complex, elegant fragrance both in vintage and reformulation. It unfolds over a long time on skin, writing a well-thought composition that is - to me- a joy to witness.

Sikkim opens with white, fuzzy aldehydes - more Rive Gauche and Dia to my nose than more yellow-smelling, maybe peachy or stale aldehydes. Some very lush galbanum joins immediately, transporting me to an enchanted forest after rain. The galbanum here is not very dark, bitter or powdery. It's lush. From this emerges a big and beautiful gardenia, again clean to my nose. Maybe there are other watercolor flowers in the mix. This is a classical floral world which I like and I find it refreshing after having to smell tuberose almost everywhere nowadays. In the blend, there is a beautiful soapiness as well. (Luckily, not that wet, stale smell). These notes are in such harmony, like different parts of an orchestra playing their own part and also coming together in a thematic unison.

Just this into lasts longer than the entire story I get from some fragrances nowadays.

It is in the heart that Sikkim starts warming up on my skin, giving that chypre vibe. I cannot distinguish flowers anymore but they are sweet on my skin. This phase also hints at what is to come - leather, civet etc- but just a bit. These notes are present, adding character to Sikkim without turning it into an animalic bomb. There is certainly an old-school feel to it. Perhaps more wearable than many of its sisters because it is more ambery.

The powdery drydown is not suffocating at all. It has a beautiful leather element that supports the perfume without suffocating it. The deep drydown is one of the most elegant skin-scents I have experienced. A bit of makeup, a bit of powder, a bit of soapiness, a bit of leather. Not super clean, not spicy and sultry. A beautiful, lived-in smell.

What I love about Sikkim is that this is a mellow fragrance in comparison to its peers. It has certain characteristics of its time with their edges rounded. Chanels are more ambitious and dominant than this for instance. Sikkim is more easy-going but not lacking in elegance.

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