Lush Ltd. is a cosmetics retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Mark Constantine, a trichologist and Liz Weir, a beauty therapist. They met in a hair and beauty salon in Poole, England. A few years later, they decided to branch out and start their own business selling natural hair and beauty products.

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Bath Treatments -LUSH -Ceridwen's Cauldron

on 5/23/2018 10:36:00 PM


Love this product; have been through many. It’s like a palm-sized little dome of cocoa butter with a bottom ‘crust’ of oatmeal and herby stuff. Smells like...well, cocoa butter, lavender, some orangish citrus (orange?tangerine?clementine?IDK) and a small hit of other stuff (toasty oats, sandalwood, maybe frankincense, etc) and it does not bother my tetchy allergies. LUSH would have you use the whole thing at once, but unless you’re just so rich as to splash out, or your tub is the size of Al Pacino’s in ‘Scarface’, you don’t have to. It’s much more cost effective to cut it up (I have a smallish 50’s era tub so I cut into thirds and get THREE baths!). The idea is to hold it under warm/hot running water and melt it into the tub. When I’ve just thrown it in, it hasn’t melted down completely and it floats around in a wad. If you want to avoid the oatmeal ‘crust’ going down your drain, use a drain strainer or tie the chunk up in the little cheesecloth sack it comes in as you hold it under the water stream. The butters will melt through it and the oatmeal stays in the sack. If you cut it up set the extra pieces somewhere and just tie up the one you’re using. Empty the oatmeal after and when the cloth is dry stow the remaining chunks back in it! Anyway, I find a 1/3 melt is an effective emollient. I don’t have to moisturize upon exiting the tub and that’s ACE for my lazy self. After a nice hot bath I just wanna tie my robe and loaf. I don’t want to lotion up. I have dry skin, not to the point of ashiness or flakes, usually, but I mean, I can put on old-time Nivea or Aquaphor and not be greasy twenty minutes later, let’s say. So I’m vouching for its softening properties! Only two ‘negatives’: one, as it is oily, it does sometimes scum up the waterline of the tub. This is outweighed by the quality of the moisturizing and the VERY relaxing bedtime-y scent. Two, since it is made of butters, it melts if it gets hot enough. If you order this to be shipped to you and it is more than about 68, I wouldn’t if I were you. I believe LUSH has a cutoff temperature of their own which is higher, but I personally would be even stricter. I order a load of em’ in the cold months and ration them out. Likewise if you buy this instore when it is warmer weather go straight home!!! Do not leave this in your car while you hit other stores. You will come back to no melt and greasy stained whatever-it-was-touching. Even with those two drawbacks I love this product and hoard it like it was doubloons. If being bath-softened and calmed sounds nice, try one!

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Masks -LUSH -The Sacred Truth biofresh mask

on 5/23/2018 3:51:00 PM


I was very excited to try this mask because of the good reviews but it broke me out so bad! I also didn’t like the smell. However it made some areas of my skin smooth. Only try this if you have dry skin otherwise i wouldn’t recommend. Definitely not repurchasing!

Lotions/ Creams -LUSH -Rump

on 5/23/2018 9:42:00 AM


A-FLIPPING-MAZING! Not even joking. I use this over my bust, lower, tummy, a-la butt cheeks and my thighs and noticed a difference in softer, plumper skin after ONE use and the more you use it, the more results you see! Plumper, smoother, sexier looking skin. I LOVE the warming sensation it gives off - that boost of blood circulation is just so sensational. Lovely to use in winter. Such a sexy cream! Wish it came in a giant pot!

Cleansers -LUSH -Ultra Bland Facial Cleanser


In the beginning I loved this product. The small pot goes long, it’s very comfortable to use it. It doesn’t irritate the skin and it’s suitable for dry skin. The only thing what I don’t like is the fact that I need to make sure I have time to do double cleanse. It’s very thick and also the bee wax doesn’t go easy from your skin. So I need to make extra effort to clean and rinse this product out of my face.

Masks -LUSH -Brazened Honey Face Mask

on 5/22/2018 12:41:00 PM


one of my favorite fresh face mask from Lush. I have normal skin in the T-zone and dry all around of my face. Great for pimples. It went on warm due to spice in this formula but not burn or sting you skin. I love ginger and turmeric these are great for acne and pimples. Love this one. Smell doesn't bothered me. Used at least 3 times a week is better results. Lush face masks still better prices than other face masks.

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