Lush Ltd. is a cosmetics retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Mark Constantine, a trichologist and Liz Weir, a beauty therapist. They met in a hair and beauty salon in Poole, England. A few years later, they decided to branch out and start their own business selling natural hair and beauty products.

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Lotions/ Creams -LUSH - Charity Pot

on 5/23/2017 1:04:00 AM


Seriously for around one week I keep mistaking it as ice cream XD

First the texture of the lotion is creamy and very thick. However it is not sticky,so no problem with that. Moreover, the cream has a good scent like vanilla ice cream or something but not too sweet. I found this item very useful for dry season or cold season. I always bring this lotion wherever I travel due to the fact that after taking airplane and different climate, your skin will be dry and red which lead to itchy feels. I applied this after take a bath or at the airplane, whenever I feel my skin is a little bit dry. So the cream is very useful and nice.

But the packaging does not really fit for travelling, when the bottle is a little bit compressed- it leaked. The size is good, around 9 cm in height. In order to fix that you can wrap it with rubber bands and thin plastic, or move it to small container.

Overall I would love to buy it again, this cream works fine for me.

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Shampoo -LUSH - Godiva Solid 2 in 1

on 5/21/2017 1:08:00 PM


This is a lovely little round shampoo bar! The first bar of the brand I've tried, it has a wonderful jasmine scent that perfumes my hair in an astonishingly seductive way (my boyfriend is amazed!). If you happen to have dry hair like me and are using it, I would definitely recommend using either a conditioner that is more moisturizing or some kind of styling cream for your hair after you get out of the shower, because I've found that it's not nourishing enough on its own.
My personal routine is this shampoo bar, as well as an apple cider vinegar rinse as a clarifier. Finally I apply either Peach Mama hair oil from Haus of Gloi or LUSH's RNB to the ends of my hair and then comb out tangles with a wide-toothed comb.
I have naturally frizzy hair and my friends now comment on how nice and straight it looks. I would definitely buy this product again, but first I would like to test out some of the other shampoo bars by the company.

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Gels/Soaps -LUSH - Honey I Washed the Kids soap

on 5/21/2017 7:39:00 AM


I absolutely adore this scent. To me it smells of a mixture of honey, honeycomb and toffee. The scent is very strong and lasts in the air and on the skin for a long time - your bathroom will definitely smell sweet if you have this soap on your skin or in your shower! The soap lathers easily and creates a creamy lather. However, while the soap does not dry out the skin it is also not one of Lush's most hydrating soap options so you will need to use a lotion if you are prone to dry hands. The soap looks adorable - caramel colour with a dark tofee 'honeycomb' on the top of it. This honeycomb decoration is prone to separating from the body of the soap however, and isn't too nice to use alone in my opinion. This is the only negative aspect of the soap, and to me is minor enough not to impact on my overall opinion of the soap. Honestly, this is one of my favourite of Lush's soap offerings and really does live up to the hype.

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Masks -LUSH - Catastrophe Cosmetic

on 5/21/2017 4:42:00 AM


I collected up my 5 pots and traded them in for this face mask. Originally, I was looking for rosy cheeks or don't look at me but they were out of stock so the saleslady pointed me toward this face mask. It was blue and smelt delicious, so I thought "why not?"

I have combination skin which gets very, very dry across my nose and cheeks due to swimming. I washed my face with lâncome's crême-mousse confort then applied this mask and sat down to watch 10 minutes of America's next top model. When I rinsed it off, my skin felt hydrated and glowing. I know you aren't supposed to, but I couldn't stop touching my face. After my toner (tea tree water from lush) and moisturiser (Model co), my skin felt amazing.

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Gels/Soaps -LUSH - Snow Fairy Shower Gel

on 5/21/2017 4:31:00 AM


I loveeeeeeee snow fairy. It's probably one of my favourite lush products ever because of the scent, colour and, of course, the glitter. One of the only bad things I have to say is that it's a Christmas edition product and I end up spending over $70 stocking up on it.

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