Lush Ltd. is a cosmetics retailer headquartered in Poole, Dorset, United Kingdom. The company was founded by Mark Constantine, a trichologist and Liz Weir, a beauty therapist. They met in a hair and beauty salon in Poole, England. A few years later, they decided to branch out and start their own business selling natural hair and beauty products.

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Cleansers -LUSH -Angels on Bare Skin

on 11/13/2018 5:05:00 AM


My boyfriend has more than 10 tubs of this. I thought that because we had different skin types (he has normal to dry while I have combination/oily) that it wouldn't work for me, but I was intrigued. Face washes normally dry out my face too much, making it feel tight. It doesn't help that recently my skin has developed sensitivities to most moisturisers I've been using, so I can't even compensate my moisture after washing my face. I gave this one a go and my face didn't have the tight, dry feeling after washing it. I feel like it retains moisture while cleaning your face. I really like the scent of most Lush products so I enjoyed the lavender smell, it's quite nostalgic and relaxing. I pinch a generous amount on the palm of my hand, wet it with a little bt of water and massage it on damp skin and leave it for a minute before washing it off. I really like this stuff, wish I had tried it sooner! (Btw, I've also tried Dark Angels from Lush, wasn't a big fan since it gets so messy. No one's going to complain about a lavender scented sink, right?)

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Hair Treatments -LUSH -h'suan wen hua conditioner

on 11/11/2018 1:09:00 AM


I saw a lot of mixed reviews on this product however, I still decided to keep an open mind to it. There's a few things:

- I'm really big on scents and I didn't really like the leafy, basily smell to it. Although reviewers mentioned it would disappear, it lasted for a day or two.
- The treatment itself only worked for a day or two and was instructed to use once a week
- I have thick wavy hair and I find that it didn't make my hair smooth as it said it would
- I don't usually blow dry my hair however, I do feel like you need to in order to receive the product's full potential

Overall, I wouldn't purchase this product again and converted into a drug store option.

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Cleansers -LUSH -Let the Good Times Roll Face & Body Cleanser

on 11/6/2018 5:47:00 AM


While Let The Good Times Roll (LTGTR) is marketed as a face and body cleanser, I only ever use it on my face. I picked it up after I came back from travelling as my skin was looking a bit congested, broken out slightly and dull. This has definitely improved my skin by a long shot! My skin looks bright and clean after using this, my complexion is even and it doesn’t break me out or cause redness. It has a slight exfoliating property which is very gentle, and helped with my skin’s congestion. A little goes a long way, so the tub lasts a long time. You mix a small amount with water, or simply apply onto a damp face, to turn it into a somewhat of a paste consistency. Then massage it in and rinse! It smells delicious, like salted caramel, and has a very soft texture. I really enjoy using this product, it makes my skin look and feel great and I highly enjoy using it. LTGTR is definitely on of my favourite Lush cleaners (and I have used a lot!). I would highly recommend this to anyone, definitely would repurchase and just wish I had tried it sooner!

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Gels/Soaps -LUSH -Golden Pear Soap

on 11/2/2018 7:21:00 PM


Golden pear soap by lush contains:fair trade organic cocoa butter,extra virgin coconut oil,organic castor oil,pear puree,glycerine,cardamon oil,sandalwood oil,brazilian orange oil,murmuru butter,almond oil,organic agave syrup. It smells like an exotic pear with a bit of spices with also the agave smell in the background. It lathers well on a washcloth, it leaves the skin smooth and fresh. Love it!

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Masks -LUSH -Mask of Magnaminty


A fairly decent mask but nothing state of the art. It's a multi-tasker which doubles as a scrub when you dampen and massage it off with water...however me being me, I prefer to use an exfoliator before masking, not after, so that the mask gets to work on my skin, not the dead skin cells! I find this mask helps with hormonal acne on my chin, or the odd blemish on my cheek or forehead but not as powerful as say Avene Cleanance or Sand & Sky Pink clay, the latter of which, like Lush's, is also a multi-tasker but one that performs strongly regardless of what it is you're trying to achieve.
It's not too drying either (keep in mind I'm using the self-preserving version which contains extra honey and doesn't dry out so much).
The temporary 'flush' caused by the peppermint oil seems a bit gimmicky and I'd imagine for sensitive skin types it's a no-no. I'd much rather have a glow that lasts and is due to my skin absorbing beneficial ingredients, not a strong essential oil.
All in all an ok mask, just not one that I'd necessarily rush out to buy again.

Selena x

~ My HG list ~

(As I've sampled many 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora)

1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil
2. Lip Balm: 'Nuxe' - Reve De Miel Lip Balm
3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum
4. Cleanser: 'Paula's Choice' - Skin Balancing Cleanser
5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer
6. Lash Growth Serum: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Divinelash
7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow)
8. Face Scrub: ‘Sisley' - Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream
9. Moisturizer: ‘Antipodes' - Rejoice Light Day Cream
10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

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