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Fragrances -LANVIN -Marry Me!

on 12/21/2018 4:43:00 PM


I really enjoy this one
Imagine wearing a 1700's dress and riding a horse in a vaste royal garden, flowers everywhere and ur prince charming by ur side
This is exactly what i picture everytime i wear this x)
The smell isnt in ur face type of smell
People may picture this as a spring/summer smell but i do like it in winter too
Ill keep rebuying this forever

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Fragrances -LANVIN -Arpege

on 7/10/2018 5:41:00 PM


Received a bottle of vintage MY SIN and ARPÈGE, both in the "Eau de Lanvin" strengths, essentially a strong eau-de-toilette. I can't help comparing them, as they are "siblings" from the same era, and share some DNA.
As another Fragrantica reviewer has correctly observed, they are Yin and Yang to each other, the way Piguet's FRACAS is to BANDIT, Guerlain's L'HEURE BLEUE is to SHALIMAR. ARPÈGE is "solar", or "Appolonian" while MY SIN is "lunar" and "Dionysian". Both are products of the grand era of French perfumery, of the first half of the 20thc.
MY SIN has heavy-lidded, nocturnal flowers as her starring characters, rooted, as we know, in a pronounced musk base of civet, ambergris and costus root. ARPÈGE is brighter, more "golden" to MY SIN's "deep violet-blue". ARPÈGE is definitely more balsamic, and I detect not only benzoin, but tolu balsam and quite possibly myrrh and opoponax; perhaps it is the tolu that imbues ARPÈGE with a certain fleeting spicy nigh-cinnamon quality, certainly given edge by a pleasingly bitter coriander. ARPÈGE is more "cheering" and "society chic" where MY SIN is more seductive, somewhat "glowering", and she has her eyes firmly set on the boudoir, not the ballroom. In fact, ARPÈGE even seems to have a slight "smoking cigarette" hint.
ARPEGE is woodier, and her powderiness is somewhat drier, more stimulating than MY SIN's moonlit floral brew. ARPÈGE definitely possesses more citrus rinds... not only bergamot, but possibly lime and grapefruit, giving her a more tart, "thirst-quenching" cocktail quality. Her stone fruit hint is subtle and fresh, while MY SIN's is ripe to nearly rotting.
Both are undeniably great aldehydics of yore, and it's that sensuous éclat, no doubt softened by the old nitro-musks, that gives them a decided "oldschool" French quality, which, to an untrained nose, may smell "old-ladyish" or even possibly "Hollywood melodramatic", but connoisseurs know this old quality is to be treasured and admired, not dismissed.
Typical of early 20thc perfumery, both perfumes are seamlessly blended... no notes stand out at all, but the whole thing merges into a distinctive whole, greater than the sum of its parts. Where modern perfumes, with their surfeit of synthetic and trendy aromachemicals, are like a sharp (and somewhat unchanging) 1080p digital photograph,
these oldschool perfumes are more like an Impressionistic watercolor, with soft, indistinct edges. That is their beauty, not their liability.
Because these earlier numbers contained a hefty proportion of natural essences, they naturally degrade in different styles and rates than modern perfumes will tend to do, even when kept in the best cool environs. You may buy 3 vintage MY SINs or ARPÈGEs off eBay, and they all will smell quite noticeably different. I have 2 ARPEGEs here, and two MY SINs, all with unknown provenance but purchased from independent sellers on eBay: They are all different: one will have a striking freesia and ylang-ylang takeoff, where, in its homologue, those notes are only hinted at. One MY SIN will contain dramatic-- and undeniably authentic-- animalics starring, with their not-unpleasant purring fetor undergirding the floralcy; another MY SIN will read as a more linear aldehydic, a brilliant holiday postcard, say, from the darker-smelling juice. But this is all par-for-the-course when buying vintage from eBay... You can never be sure what you're going to get.
In ARPÈGE, the dry sandalwood seems to be a prominent, character-defining middle-note; in MY SIN, the sandalwood smells more incensey, and is proffered as a supporting basenote, married to styrax for a sueded rub. ARPÈGE smells...savory, as though it's designed not to put anyone off their dinner.
Some have compared MY SIN and ARPÈGE to Chanel NO. 5, but they are similar only in that they are all oldschool aldehydics... there the similarity ends; of the three, NO.5 is the most unapologetically synthetic and brilliant... shiny and cellophane-like, just as Coco Chanel prescribed. The Lanvins have deeper complexities afoot.

All my Lanvins are glorious, though, and hearken to an era of elegance now long-gone. The time is soon approaching, I suspect, in which there will be no senior citizens around who will be able to identify these grand old numbers on your neck.

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Fragrances -LANVIN -Jeanne

on 3/31/2018 12:20:00 PM


Such a lovely scent! Definitely feels age appropriate for me. The top notes are citrusy and fruity with the noticeable lemon and berry notes. The floral notes peak out after a few minutes, ending with a subtle woody scent. As it is a lighter scent, though, the longevity is not as good as other perfumes may be. This doesn't change how much I love this perfume, however. If you tend to prefer lighter scents like me, this is the choice for you. Perfect for Spring. Would recommend!

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Fragrances -LANVIN -My Sin Extrait

on 2/26/2018 6:14:00 AM


One of the most fascinating and complex perfumes of the 20thc, and with a rather outrageous name (originally called "MON PÊCHE" in French, its outrageous name is surpassed in perfumery only by Tom Ford's F*CKING FABULOUS), MY SIN sails in on a sharp aldehydic/citrus note... curiously leavened by a slightly aromatic clary sage; which evanesces quickly to reveal the dark floralcy of the heart. An "old" "varnished wood" quality is always there, courtesy of oak and styrax, making it similar to that other Lanvin classic, ARPÈGE. But where ARPÈGE is mature, very put-together and somewhat austere, MY SIN is more blatantly sensual, less controlled, with dusty-dark, throbbing, nocturnal-smelling florals like daffodil, narcissus, neroli, iris, jasmine, and ultimately, a glowering purple-black accord of tuberose, ylang-ylang and lilac. All united by a very pronounced musky base of deermusk, costus root (with its curious smell of unwashed, oily hair or kitten's belly), ambergris, oldschool nitromusks and civet, which add to the floralcy's lowing, crooning, swarthy beauty. This scent smells like something a youngish femme-fatale might wear, like a young Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford's bratty daughter in MILDRED PIERCE, or Kathleen Turner in BODY HEAT, or Faye Dunaway in CHINATOWN. Little Edie Bouvier Beale at her Pierre debut. Maybe even Glenn Close in FATAL ATTRACTION. It is pure, musky, sensual attraction, with no frilly, girlish notes that say, "No, I'm just kidding." MY SIN is definitely not kidding... it's not cheering, really, it sets its tender trap, almost with an air of Film Noir danger to it. Modern youth might call MY SIN "old-ladyish" because of its oldschool swank... but I read it as a woman in her 30's or 40's... a cougar. Not for office or church or the PTA. Wearing strapless black velvet with low sweetheart décolletage. Long-lasting, with a surprisingly restrained sillage... it's designed to hug the skin...and purr away. Discontinued in 1988, but bottles of it can still be found on eBay.

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Fragrances -LANVIN -Jeanne Couture

on 12/8/2017 4:34:00 AM


Jeanne Couture is the big sister to Lanvin's Jeanne. Jeanne Couture still has that luscious raspberry note and a very nice note of peony but it has also added some nice aquatic notes and woody notes. It has kind of a masculine vibe beacause of those notes i think. I like to imagine being on a wooden raft on the ocean with pom pom pink peony blooms and raspberries floating by me. The bottle is pretty too. A nice violet color with a purple bow tied around the cap. Notes of musk and cedar finish off this lovely fragrance.

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