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Polishes -L.A. Colors -Color Last

on 7/14/2018 12:24:00 AM

My mom bought me this color last clear top coat and a teal bottle of the polish at Walmart while I was visiting. It’s great.

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Top/Base Coats -L.A. Colors - Base Coat/Top Coat

bought at dollar store, used it as base and to cover my red sally hansen miracle gel (no uv polish) polish, when i ran out of the top coat that goes with that polish. works great, it does take a good 20 minutes to dry, but for a dollar, who cares.

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Lip Gloss -L.A. Colors -High Shine Lipgloss - All Colors

on 7/12/2018 12:46:00 PM


So far, I have only "Dynamite," and I'm impressed.
Dynamite is that rare bird - a true red (not pink, not orange; just RED) lip gloss.
It's shiny and sheer, but imparts plenty of color. It's perfect for summer, IMO.
Mine has a very pleasant vanilla(with maybe the faintest hint of coconut?) taste/scent.It feels nicely emollient, and never sticky or oily. It lasts admirably for a gloss.
The tube is larger than average, so you get a generous amount of product for very little money.
L.A. Colors is cruelty-free, which is very important to me.
I can't think of a single negative, in fact.

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Eye Shadow -L.A. Colors -Highlighter Time To Glow

on 6/29/2018 4:56:00 PM

This is the third palette in my LA Colors journey. This palette is a Highlighter but I used all three for eyeshadow.

It comes in a plastic package with double ended sponge applicators which I used my make up brushes.
There is pigment but you must use a greeat deal and
Fallout is great. Along with glitter everywhere. I actually find that this palette I can use and it brings out my green eyes. I did use primer.

So I finally found something on my journey. I must warn you it is quite messy. I would suggest for an evening out. Don’t know if it would hold up all day. I do know it is quite drying on eyelid.

This one I might buy again. I think you could use this as a bronzer high lighter if you are dark skin. I am blonde, green eyes and it works for my eyeshadow.

So I am continuing on my LA COLOR journey this one would buy for a buck.

Eye Shadow -L.A. Colors -Calm

on 6/29/2018 4:45:00 PM

I am on a journey trying ten different LA Color Eyeshadow pallettes. I decided to see if they could work. I am a high end drug store and high end eye shadow girl. I am willing to try things to see if I can save money. So this was my journey.

I tried the palette Calm it is small packaging which actually I like making it easy to travel or carry with you. The colors are kinda dupes of Urban Secay light to a medium taupe browns.

I used primer first and found no pigment wat so ever and when I tried the darkest shade it went on like cakes or chalky the fallow wasn’t a lot.

This palette simply work. So I am not out a great deal of money and now know this doesn’t work. I think you can get higher end drug store brands cheap that would work better than this.

I am thinking these could go to little girls to play with but not for adults who want a serious eyeshadow.

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