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Lipstick -L.A. Colors -lipstick in berry ice

on 2/18/2018 6:10:00 PM


NOTE~REVIEW FOR BERRY RED!! [No place here for that review that I see] This is a warm red not really what I’d consider berryish or fuschia (I normally consider berry as a cool tone this is warm brick red) this is a dupe for Clinique angel red. It’s a warm toned red not matte more of a satin finish velveteen really pretty color! $1 at dollar tree I am ballin on a budget!! The white tube is cute nothing wrong w the packaging & LA Colors is cruelty-free (big yay!!). I consider this a “safe-red” for those who don’t want a bright vivid red. I’d rebuy! Super nice product for $1USD!!

Lipstick -L.A. Colors -Natural Shine

on 2/18/2018 5:31:00 PM


I love this shade. It isn’t a MLBB on my own self (NC20), but more of a peachy-nude w an almost velveteen finish (I hate super matte). The formula is a bit dry but that makes it last! No obnoxious flavor...Only $1 at Dollar Tree I’m ballin on a budget we made it work when we were kids we can make $20 for a makeup allowance work again LOL =] this lasts 2-3 hours (I’m always sipping water) reminds me of MAC Shy Girl a bit. And LAC is cruelty-free yay!! Nothing wrong w the packaging. The white tubes are cute imo. Label on the bottom tells me what color it is, if in doubt.

Lipstick -L.A. Colors -Pink Frost Lipstick

on 2/17/2018 8:38:00 PM

I have a baggie half full of LA Colors lipsticks & I love them all. Natural Shine is my other fave & Frozen Berries their lipsticks tend to be a tinge dry but it’s not a huge deal. This is glittery but it isn’t rough nor gritty it’s a really pretty pale silvery pink does looks like a pale MLBB. Pretty!! #winning

Eye Shadow -L.A. Colors -12 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Chic

on 2/15/2018 5:33:00 PM


Hell-to-the-yeah to rebuy! I have Traditional, Glamorous & Chic <3 them for $1 you get 12 colors mostly matte the stars in this palette are the russet & pan on the left bottom lavender. I got this at dollar tree for $1. Use a different applicator if you wish I find this 1 a little dinky but it does work in a pinch better than u think. I’m loving my new dollar tree makeup why did I not know this existed normally I am 100% MAC but I’m not going to buy any more MAC for a hot minute I’ll never use it all up & I cringe when I think how much money I’ve spent on makeup so I’m going for cheap makeup & cruelty free brands also I use my MAC with my DT purchases & it works well to use them together at the rate I use up makeup I will never need to buy another color item just fdtn, concealer, powder, eyeliner (liquid & pencil) & mascara that gets used up but I have plenty rn. LA Colors is a guilt free way to buy good makeup (I feel guilty when I spend a lot of $$ esp since I don’t have it to spend) for $20 bucks you can really load up! One of every thing please! At dollar tree lol. Too bad they don’t come out w a lot of new stuff. LAC is better than the drug store stuff fr I don’t see the need to go spend $9 on a L’Oréal mascara or $12 on a revlon fdtn.this is no big deal to go replace good value & cruelty free big Y-E-S to rebuy!!

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Eyeliner -L.A. Colors -eyeliner and brow pencil (Very Black)

on 2/14/2018 9:05:00 AM


I have the regular eyeliner pencil in brown black, not the el/b one. Its OK but I think I like WnW's liners better, it could just be this particular color though. I'll give the black a try and see if its any better, if it is than I'll up my lippies. On the plus side its only $1 and it doesn't irritate my super sensitive eyes.

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