L'Occitane en Provence is an international retailer of body, face, fragrances and home products based in Manosque, France. The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, who wanted to create a personal care company that preserved the traditions of Provence. Headquarted in Paris, the company has shops in over 90 countries worldwide

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Recent L'Occitane Reviews

Gels/Soaps -L'Occitane -Verbena Shower Gel

on 4/24/2018 3:02:00 PM


I must admit that I might have developed a body wash addiction problem as there are about 25 in my bathroom at the moment. I love anything beautifully scented and they are mostly not hugely expensive, will get used anyway so why not? Especially when the weather is getting warmer anything citrus scented takes the front seat in my bathroom.

L'occitane verbena shower gel has a nice natural citrusy/green scent although it's not my favourite. Still pleasant after a hot sweaty day. I have to use a bit more than normally for rich lather but nothing tremendous. The thing in that I find it drying and I rarely face this issue so if you have dry skin better avoid. I didn't love it in the end. Pass.

Skincare - Body -L'Occitane -Terre de Lumière (Lait Corporel)

I believe this product is quite expensive for a body lotion that has silicones in it. Also I think the smell is a little too strong for me so I can only use it on my legs and then I hav to wash my hands.
I like that it gives you a glowy look and the fact that it has shea butter in it.
It is not a very moisturizing cream.
I won't repurchase this product because of the smell, the price and the silicones.

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Skincare - Body -L'Occitane -Amande Supple Skin Oil

on 4/5/2018 6:22:00 PM


Youtube made me buy it.
I think it happened at least once,if you are lucky,to blindy spend your cash because a beauty guru gave it a stellar review.This is basically what happened here:saw a video and then basically went out and bought it.
While it's surely overpriced,beauty guru forgot to mention that part and i probably wouldn't have spent 39.00 euros for a body oil was i not already in a hunt for a new one,i do think it's...worth it. This product leaves my skin so amazingly soft,i have no idea what kind of witchcraft they put in there,but let me tell you:I have used many different oils on my body,including regular almond oil,and none of them left my skin so nourished and so smooth as this one (and do notice i scrub myself regularly).The smoothing part is the first thing you notice,you basically won't stop touching your skin in disbelief;I know it's also supposed to firm the skin,but i have not been using it for enough time to notice a difference in that respect.
The scent is fruity-sweet,it smells like freshly picked almonds with a bit of powdery sweetness,could be considered overpowering by some.
That packaging though,who was the genius who thought glass bottle and oily hands was a great idea?
As it's NOT a dry oil,even if it absorbs pretty quickly, you are supposed to use the spray pump with your oily hands while maintaining the glass bottle. Come on,I know the glass gives it an expensive look,the appearance it's worth all that cash,but glass,really?!
The packaging gets a side eye from me, but the product itself is actually pretty good and i would buy it again in a heartbeat.

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Shampoo -L'Occitane -Aromachologie Revitalizing Fresh Shampoo


I had first tried L’occitane’s shampoo and conditioner for dry or damaged hair (pink bottle) as I was having issues with an itchy scalp and thought that it might be due to dryness. The smell was so putrid I could barely use it up, but I did and my hair looked plump and full bodied. So when I ran out I thought I would give this a try. It’s heavenly! It smells of mint, amber, and orange and leaves my scalp feeling clean and fresh all day. I use it with the matching conditioner and have had no more itchy scalp ever since! I love when you’re ready to repurchase that you can buy a refill bag. Very economical and eco friendly which is important to me.

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Lip Treatments -L'Occitane -Ultra riche 10% Shea butter lip balm

on 4/2/2018 1:00:00 PM


This lip balm is horrible. HORRIBLE.
It just sits on top of your lips and has a waxy texture. It makes your lips drier and doesn't moisturise them at all..
It has a neutral but not quite pleasant smell.

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