L'Occitane en Provence is an international retailer of body, face, fragrances and home products based in Manosque, France. The company was founded in 1976 by Olivier Baussan, who wanted to create a personal care company that preserved the traditions of Provence. Headquarted in Paris, the company has shops in over 90 countries worldwide

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Recent L'Occitane Reviews

Gels/Soaps -L'Occitane -Milk bar soap

on 2/20/2018 8:16:00 PM


I guess the thought of a fancy soap draws a lot of people in.
It was nothing special at all.
If it left me feeling super moisturized and soft, then I may want to purchase in the future, but it didn't. Good thing I got it for free.

Treatments (Eye) -L'Occitane -Immortelle Eye Balm

on 2/20/2018 6:38:00 AM


I love this eye balm and am onto my second tub of it. I have fairly normal under eye skin, no major issues with fine lines or dryness and only mild dark circles. This product really helps to moisturise my under eye area, keeping it nice and soft. I also find that when I use this, my dark circles appear reduced. I use this eye balm twice a day, and the tub does last a long time. You only need a very small amount. I enjoy the scent, it doesn’t last long at all on the skin - in fact it is completely gone within 30 seconds - and it doesn’t irritate my eyes or make them water. However, I do know people who have this issue so if you have sensitive eyes there is a chance this may irritate you so I encourage you to get a sample or try it in store first. This eye balm sits well under makeup, it doesn’t cause foundation or concealer to pull or seperate. I will continue to use this product for a long time, I enjoy it and find it effective. The only downside is it is quite pricey.

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Fragrances -L'Occitane -Eau des Baux

on 2/16/2018 11:04:00 AM


I won't leave home without wearing a fragrance but prefer to wear something that is not cliche and widely recognized and worn. While in a L'Occitane boutique, I explained to a staffer that I l prefer fragrances that are in the spicy, oriental categories - avoiding floral and citrus. Without hesitation, she grabbed a bottle, instructed me to disregard the name and section from which she got it, dabbed a bit on my wrist and I fell in love immediately! Although technically a men's fragrance, she said women love it - as do I. L'Occitane has wonderful customer service and when the nozzle broke early on, they sent me a new bottle without issue.

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Lotions/ Creams -L'Occitane -Amande Milk Veil

on 2/16/2018 1:56:00 AM

L’occitane’s Almond Milk Veil is a gorgeous body moisturiser laced with a small amount of pearlescent shimmer and given a deliciously sweet scent. This lotion comes in a pump bottle, which is very convenient and hygienic. The lotion has a medium consistency, and applies smoothly to the skin. It absorbs in quickly and leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated. The shimmer is barley noticeable on the skin, only noticeable in bright lighting, and very subtle. This is in no way garish, and if you want a super sparkly body glitter, this is not the product for it. However, while it is subtle on the skin, the glitter does stick to your palms after you have rubbed the lotion over your body. The scent is the same as the rest of L’occitane’s Almond range - sweet and nutty with a hint of vanilla. It is a grown-up gourmand scent. I absolutely adore it. This lotion leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished all day. It absorbs in quickly, so is a good one to use in the morning before getting dressed or on a hot, humid day. I would highly recommend this product, I am nearly finished with my bottle and will be repurchasing!

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Toners -L'Occitane -Immortelle Essential Water for Face

on 2/9/2018 7:50:00 AM


There really is nothing wrong with this toner. There just doesn’t seem to be anything special about it either. It does the job it says it will with no frills and no fuss, but it doesn’t go above and beyond and doesn’t feel overly luxurious despite its high price tag. Its consistency is like water. Simply pop some on a cotton pad, wipe across the face and you’re done! It does do a good job at removing any residual makeup or dirt that may be on you skin post cleansing. The fragrance is quite nice and not too strong. It doesn’t irritate the skin or dry it out which is a bonus. It doesn’t cause any breakouts either. I believe it could be used by all skin types. It’s not something I would go out of my way to purchase, but I would use it again for sure. It’s just.... fine.

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