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Palettes -Kylie Cosmetics -The Purple Palette

on 2/24/2018 6:56:00 AM

The Purple palette contains nine powder eyeshadows in a mix of matte, metallic and metallic-with-microglitter finishes. The palette also contains a mirror, which the earlier nine-pan palettes do not have [or at least the first couple of batch releases didn't]; Periwinkle (metallic/microglitter icy pink), Trophy (metallic/microglitter bronze), Stone (matte cool-tone taupe), Lilac (matte soft lilac), Wine 'N Dine (matte deepened plum), Turning Violet (matte deepened violet), Amethyst (metallic purple), Purple Smoke (metallic purple slate) and Blueberry (matte cool gray).

The biggest plus for this palette is the rich pigmentation in the matte purple and lilac shades - fantastic for matte purple shades to be so what-you-see-is-what-you-get shade-wise, and have non-powdery formulas. The other two matte shades aren't as richly pigmented, but the pigmentation is still nice and I really appreciate that they put in cool tones for their practical neutrals, rather than the more common neutral or warm tones. Purple Smoke is another shade that I love, as it's totally unique to my eyeshadow collection - but I don't think that it's a straightforward metallic like the site says, I'd say that it is more like a pearl/duochrome, as it flashes purple. This is the first Kyshadow palette I've tried where every shade blends out well and there is nowhere near as fall out as much as the other Kylie Cosmetic shadows that I've tried - and I haven't noticed any creasing or colour fading with any of the shades over the day, which have been issues before.

However, I've still found a few downsides; the shades Trophy and Amethyst don't apply as vivid on the lids, compared to how they look in their pans - I don't always mind shades that apply slightly different in comparison to their first appearance, but at the price-point that the brand has chosen to put themselves at I can't overlook the issue the way I can with cheaper palettes. My biggest hangup with The Purple Palette is that the microglitter that is in some of the metallic shades is loose in the base, so things get messy with it migrating over the day - the Kylie Cosmetic site doesn't mention any of the shades containing glitter [they go as far as to call Periwinkle a satin!], so I kinda feel cheated by the company, as I wouldn't have bought The Purple Palette and would have picked The Burgundy Palette instead, if I'd have known that this one contains glitter.

I don't feel that this palette has been as overpriced like I think the other eyeshadow palettes I've tried from the brand have been, as the quality has much improved over the earlier eyeshadow releases and I'll continue to get use out of it, so if the flash-sale price I paid was the usual price I'd give this a higher rating and click 'yes' for re-buy. however; the regular RRP ultimately still is overpriced in my opinion, as I'm only totally happy with four shades & find another two 'nice' , so I find the price tag just too much, when I will barely touch a third of the palette going forward. I'll be a bit fair to KC and say that if you want to own a palette/buy a palette as a gift specifically from this brand, then The Purple Palette is nice enough quality-wise, the shades are very wearable and easy to work with. But if you just want some nice quality shades of purple to wear, then check out the Unicorn's Dream palette by indie brand Karity - great quality, more shades [15 pans], less money, cheaper & faster shipping and I didn't get any custom tax charges.

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Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics -Kylie Lip Kit

on 2/13/2018 2:41:00 AM


The colours are extremely misleading & nothing like visually shown on the website or described.
For instance Kristen is described as a warm brown berry, when in reality it is a bright fluorescent orange red. It also iany colourstay ( which it should be for the price ) & rubs off everywhere the colour Dazzle is also almost identical to Kristen.
The product is cheap Chinese crap & you can buy similar on eBay for $1 delivered.

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Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics -Creme Brulee

on 2/5/2018 6:52:00 AM

Creme Brulee is described by Kylie Cosmetics as being a soft muted pink shade of lipstick, with a hydrating cream finish. I picked this shade as the model on the site with a similar skintone to mine, also has the same warm skin undertone as me and the shade looked lovely on her; however on me the lipstick has no visible pink overtones, instead resembling the shade of an elastic band.

As this lipstick has a slightly glossy creme formula, it helps to keep my lips feel hydrated and flake free during cold weather and central heating, as the formula is buttery and light. Having a softer formula means that this product isn't extremely long wearing [3/4 hours without drinking or eating], but the comfort makes up for this downside in the formula for me - I much prefer this more traditional bullet lipstick over the brand's more-popular matte and velvet liquid lipsticks. One thing which could be a deal-breaker for some is the fact that this lipstick has a fragrance to it; it has a vanilla cupcake scent, that is very similar to the scent used in the brand's matte and velvet lipsticks.

I didn't feel that this item was too overpriced, like I feel the other stuff that I've tried from the brand has been; it's just unfortunate looking like I've applied a stick concealer on my lips isn't my best look, though maybe someone leaning more towards the neutral side of skin undertones could pull it off. Of course, postage and import taxes bump the price up, but I knew what I was getting myself into. Personally I wouldn't buy this again since I'm not keen on the shade, but there has been a noticeable increase in the brand's overall quality, so instead of say to avoid this, I'd say that people who can pull off the shade might like this lipstick.

Lips -Kylie Cosmetics -In Love With The Koko kollection


The complete set consists of three lipsticks and a lip gloss that are extremely high quality. I purchased this collection for £40 meaning that the individual products amounted to £10 each and not to mention the absolutely stunning packaging. The glitter finish isn't as rough as other products as well as the fact that the glitter doesn't transfer, as someone that enjoys a clean makeup bag and makeup desk, this is ideal for me.
The lipsticks go on extremely smoothly and last up to 9 hours, whereas the gloss needs a few applications for full lip coverage yet it still lasts a good 8 hours. The matte finish of the lipsticks is beautiful and the colour does not transfer while eating or drinking. The lip gloss has a buttery and non-sticky feel when it's on the lips which is perfect for anybody.
As a beauty fanatic that has bought over 20 of Kylie's products I can safely say that I have never personally experienced an issue with her makeup, especially not her lip kits.
I am a person that is prone to dry, chapped lips and at the end of my week trialling this product I realised that the lip kits had even made my lips softer, smoother and fuller, whether this is due to the cosmetics or just good luck, it is safe to say that this lip collection is going to be any beauty lover's best friend as the shades fit a wide range of looks as well as suiting to a wide variety of skin tones and skin types.

Lipstick -Kylie Cosmetics -Koko Kollection

on 12/14/2017 5:07:00 PM

Went to Kylie Cosmetics website, ordered 4 lipsticks so expensive. Checked out regular check out. Never got an email confirmation and it got taken out of my account and it was fraud!!!! emailed Kylie Cosmetics and they were so incredibly rude and said that I didn’t order through their website. I went to their website and it turned out to be fraud. Wouldn’t help me at all and give me free shipping as this was for Christmas. Beyond rude rude people and my friend has their lipstick and it gets super dry and peels off. DO NOT PURCHASE

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