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Recent Kryolan Reviews

Concealers -Kryolan -DERMACOLOR Camouflage Cream

on 12/11/2018 8:24:00 AM


I've got nothing to add to the Kryolan-lovers' reviews except one thing: I'm 63. You'd think this would look like Grey Gardens on me. It doesn't. I use it on my nose (red) and to cover my bluish circles under my eyes. I use a areal Techniques concealer buffing brush and set it with Kryolan powder. You'd never know that I had anything on (I rarely wear another foundation) and it lasts until the moment I take it off 12 hours later.

Misc Beauty Tools -Kryolan -Non-Aerosol Fixer Spray

on 10/8/2018 5:31:00 PM


This product is basically hairspray. It sits awkwardly on top the skin and exaggerates skin texture. It sets with a sheen, so if you're aiming for a matte finish, this product will nullify that. It does keep makeup all day, but I noticed the areas on my face that produce more oil just created a more unflattering sheen, and powder just seemed to sit awkwardly on top.

Eyes -Kryolan -CEL Sealer/Cake Eye Liner Sealer

on 4/27/2018 7:00:00 AM


This DUPE FOR BENEFIT SHE-LAQ product will *seriously* transform/convert/seal and make waterproof/sweatproof/tearproof/smudgeproof/budgeproof, you-name-it-proof ANY eye-make-up product you mix it with OR apply it on top of, regardless of quality. IT'S PURE ALCHEMY!!! The clear, liquid, thin, water-like formula is designed to either a) be mixed with your preferred substrate--& then applied to face OR body OR b) simply be applied over substrate once substrate has ALREADY been applied to face OR body. SUBSTRATE=Base Product~eyeshadow powder, brow powder, liner powder, shadow liner, liquid liner, gel liner, cream liner, etc. Once dry, it remains completely transparent, flexible & non-sticky. I've used She-Laq (the original) in NUMEROUS ways before BENEFIT--for whatever *COMPLETELY IRRATIONAL* reason--decided to stop making/selling it, among them: Eyebrow Color Enhancer & Sealant (mix with powder eyeshadow or brow powder) (atop gel- or cream-based brow product) Mole Maker (mix w/dark brown or brown/black powder eyeshadow); For non-multiple, stand-alone 3-D zits--which YOU CANNOT CONCEAL WITH FLESHTONE CONCEALER--apply w/tiny 'concealer' or 'pencil' brush; instant realistic camouflage--and VERY sexy. Eyeliner Sealant (mix w/powder shadow OR atop shadow OR atop liquid OR gel OR atop pencil) Body Art Sealant: suitable for use anywhere on the body--it is canvas --indiscriminatory (although I WOULD NOT recommend too close to the 'more sensitive' areas of the nether-regions). Works well in conjunction with any cosmetic substrate to create 'temporary tattoos' or other semi-permanent forms of illustrated, stenciled or stamped body art. I'm not gonna say it, I'm not gonna say it, I'm not gonna say it--OH, dear LORD, forgive me, MUA'ers forgive me for what I'm about to say (because I posted a semi-rant about how irritatingly trite the phrase has become here on MUA), and I've NEVER said it before myself, but right now it's just a-sittin' there on the very tip of my tongue 'bout to roll off of it and well goodness gracious great balls of fire I sure do "HOPE THAT HELPS!!!" ;-) P.S. THIS PRODUCT IS A DUPE FOR THE FORMER HOLY GRAIL/CULT CLASSIC FAVORITE/NOW-DEFUNCT BENEFIT "SHE-LAQ." FYI: HYPOCRISY ALERT [Cringeswithselfloathing.] Here I go again. With the other oft-repeated MUA phrase that *really* grates on my nerves. The rare opportunity to use it correctly serendipitously happens to be presenting itself as such right here, right now. It's use here is rational and well-chosen within the context of the sentence, paragraph and review, particularly since I had to *SUBSTANTIALLY* edit my review *MULTIPLE* times (it wouldn't post properly or post at all otherwise, so [essential] info re. She-Laq being a wholly separate product was inadvertently omitted; then copy edited and included but with punctuation errors; then copy edited again "IF THAT MAKES SENSE.") LOL!!!

Stick -Kryolan -TV Paint Stick


My everyday foundation. It took me years to find the right shade and consistency of foundation. This is perfect for someone like me who has active acne and acne scares/stains. The full coverage helps me out and as long as you blend it in well it won't look thick and textured. I recommend this foundation to all my friends ❤

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Crème -Kryolan -Ultra foundation cream

on 8/16/2017 11:12:00 PM


Was glad i made a big step to try this cream foundation, super natural finish (with proper blending, single layer) Please read all the other reviews, very helpful and useful but you need to try it yourself. I hv combination to oily skin so my face does get a bit shiny but you know wt to do (powder/blot tissue etc) however honestly i like a bit of natural shine on my face (not greasy) price factor, bought it for S$70+ from cosmoprof singapore quite exp I think but the product is good i wear make up everyday so will use it sparingly or alt with other brand...

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