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Liquid -KOSE -Sekkisei Supreme Whitening Liquid Foundation

on 3/24/2019 7:11:00 AM


I love the CC cream and sunblock gel from the Kose Sekkisei Line, so when I saw this foundation on sale for 35% off at my local drugstore, I snatched it up. At full price, 4,000JPY plus tax, it`s not exactly high end, but it`s definitely more expensive than your average Japanese drugstore foundation. The coverage is sheer, inching up its way to medium, but not quite. The coverage and finish remind me of Suqqu`s newish serum liquid foundation or La Mer, though slightly less dewy. It is beautiful and looks like skin when applied with a damp beauty blender, but you will definitely need concealer to cover up any blemishes. The finish is not dewy, nor is it matte. It wore beautifully on me for 6 hours, then it separated on my chin and nose, my oiliest parts of the face. If you are super pale, then you will find some good shades to match you, but if you are more than a medium complexion, you`re out of luck. Most likely because this is a Japanese product that caters to people who want to lighten their complexion, so such people in Asia mostly tend to buy much lighter colored foundations anyway. I much prefer the CC cream from this line, as I find the coverage to be better, and the formula easier to be blended with fingers. The foundation is more watery, so you will need a sponge or brush. THe packaging is a clean pump. There is no scent with this foundation, which is a huge plus in my book. I will not repurchase because I much prefer the CC cream from Kose, and for 600 yen more, I can buy the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation, which is my HG. If you like a sheer look with clean ingredients, I think you would like this.

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Cleansers -KOSE -Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

on 3/9/2019 7:37:00 AM


Generally works well to remove face makeup, but not so well in completely removing my waterproof mascara. I wear the Heroine make mascara for reference. It still leaves some mascara behind, even after scrubbing.
The consistency is thin and watery, but I don't need a lot of product for my whole face - 2 full pumps at most. It washes off easily without leaving a film or residue on top of the skin, which is a plus. It also doesn't sting my eyes either, and is easy to wash out if it gets into my eyes. However, it leaves my skin clogged with little bumps under the skin, and they're quite difficult to extract.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this product for removing heavier makeup and waterproof mascara, and acne prone skin.

Sunscreen -KOSE -Suncut Super Waterproof UV Protect Gel


This is a good sunscreen that is ultra lightweight on the skin. It's really comfortable to use esp during summer. Here's a summary of its pros and cons after using it for a few months.

What's Great?
1. It’s Waterproof
2. High & Effective UV Protection
3. Affordable Sunscreen
4. Light-weight & Refreshing
5. No Pimples
6. Easy to Wash Off
7. Works Great Under Makeup
8. Free of Fragrance, Color and Mineral Oil

What's Bad?
1. May be Drying

You can see full review and recommendation at http://bit.ly/2TlS5AO. Since they have so many versions of the product, I'll share which one you should go for depending on your needs.

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Cleansers -KOSE -Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil


No fragrance, essential oils, extras. My eyes thank this and *highly recommend* for sensitive eyes/skin. Only Fancl has been this mild to remove waterproof mascara and sunscreen with zero irritation. I do use a mild cleanser rinse after. Much less expensive to order online and not readily available in US.

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Sunscreen -KOSE -White UV Gel SPF 50 PA++++

on 2/8/2019 10:09:00 AM


New HG cold weather sunscreen! After struggling awkwardly with the not so cheap, nor convenient, Curel Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion, I was fed up and wanted to try a better sunscreen that would be moisturizing, easy to apply and cosmetically elegant for the winter months, when my skin is drier than usual thanks to the Differin treatment I have been on. In the past, I have loved all of the bases and sunscreens from the Kose Sekkisei line, so I decided to pick up this new formulation. It comes in both a gel (the one I am using) and a milk. The difference is that the milk is much more watery and it is also waterproof. Since the Curel Lotion that I HATED and just finished up was similar in texture, and also because I wasn`t planning on going swimming to the beach anytime soon, I opted for the gel version. It is everything I wanted and hoped it would be: easy to apply, minimal next to no white cast (can`t speak for darker complexions, since I am really fair) no breakouts, and the part that amazed me the most, was how it makes my skin look and feel. As I mentioned, my skin has been feeling tight and drier than usual because of Retin-A, but from the first application, my skin looked plump, moist and radiant, and that effect only intensified as the day wore on. Hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients in this, but whatever version of this acid it is using, it is incredible, because no other form of it, even the HadoLabo that everyone raves about, has given my dry, mature skin such results. It is SUPERB. Now, this is by no means a cheap sunscreen: in Japan, it retails at 2800 JPY before tax. However, the Kose Sekkisei line is fantastic and has been formulated for sensitive skin, and so far everything I have tried from them has been top notch. In summer, when my oily skin creates its own moisture, I can wear cheaper sunscreens like Biore Aqua or Nivea, but in winter, when my skin needs the extra TLC, this will be my sunscreen of choice.

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