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Skincare - Face -Kjaer Weis -The Beautiful Oil

on 12/3/2017 2:12:00 AM


This facial oil is divine. It is used as a primer for Kjaer Weis foundation and can also be used as your nightly moisturizer. It has a very light natural fragrance. I had it under my make up all day and when I took of my make up my face was glowing! You just need a few drops and it absorbs right in without feeling greasy and it gives a nice dewy finish - with or without the foundation! I also add some drops to the back of my hands because they get very dry in the winter. If you find a retailer, you might be able to get a sample.

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Foundations -Kjaer Weis -Foundation

on 11/17/2017 6:44:00 AM

This is a great green foundation in sustainable packaging. It does need to be applied a certain way though, which can be a bit faffy. I find it works best when applied over a face oil, spread with fingers and buffed in with a damp beauty blender. Coverage is medium, sometimes I wish it was a little more pigmented though (compared with the RMS Beauty Uncover up, which is incredibly pigmented). It is much more matte than Uncover up and with both I feel my face looks better at the end of the day as the ingredients seem to calm down breakouts and redness.

I have a colour that when I bought it matched me and is now a tad dark, but blended in properly it still works okay. The price is steep with the compact, and I didn't want to commit to it initially, so I bought a refill (which is much more reasonable) and housed it in a MAC compact using sticky dots to glue it down (as the MAC palette is not magnetised).

I do feel for the quality of the ingredients it's okay to pay a steeper price. Uncover up, which is even more expensive, has been lasting me an absolute age, I've had it for years and there's still so much left, however, KW's foundation seems to be used up much quicker, thus working out more expensive in the end. As it is less pigmented, I find myself reaching for Uncover up to conceal dark circles and spots. Ideally, this would do the job of both, foundation and concealer.

While I enjoy using it, I think once it's finished I will want to try other green beauty foundations such as Gressa or Hiro,

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Mascara -Kjaer Weis -mascara

on 4/27/2017 2:03:00 AM

This is the second refill that I have ordered of the Kjaer Weis mascara. It is the best natural mascara that I have found to date. If you want dramatic lashes this is not the mascara for you however I love the defined natural look that this gives. My preference is plastic wands which this has and I find this design helps to lengthen and separate my lashes beautifully. It can flake if you add to many coats or accidently touch your eyes but it doesn’t clump and it’s very easy to remove at the end of the day. The packaging is luxe and so easy to refill. I love Kjaer Weis eye products!

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Blush -Kjaer Weis -Cream Blush "happy"

on 10/15/2016 7:59:00 AM

After I was really happy with two Kjaer Weis lip tints already, I had to try one of the blushes too. As I am very fair skinned, I decided for the shade "happy" - avery strongly pigmented coolish pink. (and as far as I know the most pigmented blush they have yet).
I was a bit reluctant due to the price tag as almost $ 50 is quite a price for a blush. But the colour looked so lovely so I finally bought it.
And I have to say I am really impressed. I own quite a range of blushes, including cream blushes and powder blushes and this one does stand out.
It is very creamy and when applied it just looks very natural and spready so easily over the cheeks. Although "happy" is a very strong pink it never looks artificial and you can decide if you just use one soft layer which gives this natural healthy look, or two layers which give a beautiful bright pink look, still without looking caked.
But what I love most about this blush is that you can also use it as lip tint. I use some bit of lip balm before and just pad a little of the blush colour on the lips and it gives the absolute perfect look if I have the same colour on my cheeks and in a softer shade, combined with my natural lip colour on my lips.
This blush also stays in place for many hours. I wear it for my ballett classes and it stays on the cheeks and lips through two hours of training without problems.
Although it has a hefty price tag I would recommend this blush, and I have to say in the organic segment it certainly is the best quality I have tried yet.

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Lip Gloss -Kjaer Weis -Lip Tint

on 10/7/2016 2:20:00 PM

Hm, strange how different the reviews for these lip tints are. I got my first Kjaer Weis liptint about 4 weeks ago, in the shade "lover's choice".
First of, I do like the packaging, which means the actual silver packaging, which is really stylish, and also quite comfortable to use. I don't get the ravings about the red boxes so much, yes, it's solid and it looks quite like Cartier, but I didn't like it that much as it was quite hard to get the lip tint out of that red box.
The lip tint itself has the most beautiful red rose shade, which looks perfect with my very fair skin. I love that I can freely choose the intensity by using just one soft layer for a hint of rose red, or apply it full on which gives a really hollywood-like but totaly natural deep, lively red.
The pigmentation is really awesome I have to say. If I apply one layer it stays in place for about 10-12 hours even with drinking and eating.
It has no scent whatsoever, it just smells like natual oils.
it is creamy but I personally like to apply a layer of chapstick before so it lasts even longer on the lips.
So, in a nutshell, it really is very expensive but in the organic beauty section it defintely is the best I've tried so far and worth the money for me.
One negative thing for me though: with this price tag I actually expected a small lip pencil included, which it hasn't.
But still, I will repurchase this colour for sure if it runs out.

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