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Kiss my Face was founded by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz in the 1980's in New York's Hudson River Valley. The first products were bars of soap, and have since expanded to carry over 100 items (including body, face, sun and oral care) available in over 19 countries worldwide.* Their line is 100% cruelty-free and most items are vegan. *Source: Company website

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Skincare - Face -Kiss My Face -Ester C Serum

on 6/20/2018 8:51:00 PM


I've came to really like this serum. At first, I was hesitant to use it because every time I did I experienced a bit of a breakout. Nothing major, just a few small red spots that weren't there before. I decided to power through, use this every night and see what would happen. I'm glad I did! After about a week, the red spots went away and there was just bright, glowing skin. I applied this at night, because it really is just too sticky to use during the day. Plus, it didn't play well with my SPF moisturizers. I'd wake up in the morning and my skin would look amazing. The cheery citrus scent was just an added bonus. Definitely recommend!

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Deodorants -Kiss My Face -Liquid Rock Deodorant


I've tried more natural deodorants than I can possibly remember. From powders to sprays to creams to solids. I had a little success with alcohol based spray and A LOT of irritation with anything baking soda based. Nothing has ever truly worked until this. I've had a bit of odor protection from others but they always wear off quickly. For my body (I sweat a lot and get pretty stinky) this is 100% effective . Now I know this is gross but I put this product through it's paces to give the best review possible. I applied this product after my shower one day and didn't reapply or wash my pits for four days. FOUR DAYS! There was nothing more than a faint staleness. If I could have held out longer I would have, but I just needed to wash. The one drawback is that it doesn't smell anything like cucumber and green tea. I love those scents so that would have been nice. What it does smell like is rose stems. Exactly like them. I like it. It's botanical and fresh and doesn't stick around anyway.

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Shave Products -Kiss My Face -Moisture Shave

on 6/20/2018 1:53:00 PM


Iv'e tried other shaving creams, got nicked, cut, dried out my skin, but this one, does none of that. Just got it thru Amazon, and love it, love the way it smells, glides on your skin, silky smooth. Highly recommend.

Gels/Soaps -Kiss My Face -Coconut Milk Bar Soap

on 3/25/2018 11:49:00 AM


Luxuriously creamy lather, heavenly coconut scent, leaves skin clean, soft and moisturized. I rub the bar against a silicone nubby facial cleansing tool(?), you know, one of those tear drop shaped things that has a finger loop, and then really scrub it against my skin. It does a remarkable job of gently exfoliating and has completely rid my upper arms of keratosis pilaris (little bumps around hair follicles). Kiss My Face is cruelty-free and makes really great shave cream, hand/body lotion, liquid and bar soaps, etc. Highly recommend!

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Deodorants -Kiss My Face -Active Life Fragrance Free Aluminum Free

on 3/4/2018 4:24:00 PM


I found this deodorant in the discount bin so thought I'd give it a try. I purchased the "sport" version.

While I like the smell, it does not protect or stop body odor. This deodorant also stings if you've just shaven your underarms.

After only about 3 hours of light activity, running errands, I got home and felt stinky. Just isn't doing the job for me. I'd imagine I'd be awful embarrassed if I was depending on this product before going to a gym!

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