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Kiss my Face was founded by Bob Macleod and Steve Byckiewicz in the 1980's in New York's Hudson River Valley. The first products were bars of soap, and have since expanded to carry over 100 items (including body, face, sun and oral care) available in over 19 countries worldwide.* Their line is 100% cruelty-free and most items are vegan. *Source: Company website

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Hair -Kiss My Face -Kids Detangler

on 10/10/2018 9:17:00 PM


Smells so good . Does not detangle at all. I have no idea where these positive reviews come from. It is like flavored water. I wish it worked. Do not buy.

Gels/Soaps -Kiss My Face -Olive Oil Soap

on 10/4/2018 1:48:00 PM


I have used Kiss My Face Unscented on and off for years. I’m concerned as I can rarely find it in stores nor online often these days.. am wondering if it is being discontinued. 🤔
I first tried KMF unscented because it was listed on a skin care forum for people with allergies to coconut, fragrance, nuts and seeds. There are almost no cleansers that fit this criteria. This soap is devoid of all my allergens, and is a godsend for that purpose!!!!
This soap is a big, solid, green bar. It smells like pure olive soap. (Some reviewers below didn’t care for the smell. While there is a scented version of KMF, this odor is NORMAL for an olive oil based soap. The odor does not stay on the skin. It’s not an unpleasant smell.).
This soap does not not lather much (normal for olive soap) and does not have the slip/emolumentsy (normal) to use shave your legs. Again, this is an olive-based soap w/o coconut—this soap embodies exactly what a true olive-Castille soap is. For those of us that are severely allergic to those other emollient/ fragrant/ slippage ingredients, this is a Godsend!!
This soap cleanses my face and body very well. It rinses easily, cleans fully, and lasts a long time if kept on a dry soap dish. It removes any water-based makeup I wear, but it’s not designed to be a makeup remover. On makeup days, I wash my face with this after I remove my makeup with jojoba oil (organic). This soap can be drying (and I have oily skin). During humid days drying isn’t a problem.. but during dry winters (or in arid climates) a moisturizer would be needed afterward.
This gem does—and is—exactly what an olive Castille soap is supposed to do/be! I am even able to make my own allergen-free shampoo with it! (Many of us with severe allergies do this.). As it is suddenly hard to find, I’m purchasing as many bars as I can find.
I still like the emolliency and slip of some of my other soaps/cleansers.. but they contain small amounts of allergens than my body can no longer tolerate. I fully understand why some reviewers prefer other soaps with rich lather and are so emollient you can shave your legs.. you have other options you are able to enjoy and use without consequence.
I highly recommend Kiss My Face Fragrance Free Soap for everyone who has sensitive or highly allergic skin.

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Sunscreen -Kiss My Face -Oat Protein Complex Sunscreen - SPF 30

on 8/28/2018 5:14:00 PM


I could definitely see this product breaking out those with acne-prone skin. This sunscreen is full of various oils so it's definitely better suited for those of you with drier skin. I am oily, but cancelled it out with an overly matte foundation. I'm not crazy about how this played with my make up to be honest. It ended up looking more cake-y.

There are some really nice pros to this product though. It doesn't make my sensitive eyes sting. It got the job done at protecting my skin from the sun. It initially comes out of the tube a scary shade of white - but quickly blends into NOTHING. And I feel like the oat protein in this is actually soothing. I have rosacea so I wasn't left with a shade of bright red once it was time to wash it off.

It's not perfect for my skintype so I likely won't repurchase. But those of you with dry skin - have at it.

Skincare - Face -Kiss My Face -Ester C Serum

on 6/20/2018 8:51:00 PM


I've came to really like this serum. At first, I was hesitant to use it because every time I did I experienced a bit of a breakout. Nothing major, just a few small red spots that weren't there before. I decided to power through, use this every night and see what would happen. I'm glad I did! After about a week, the red spots went away and there was just bright, glowing skin. I applied this at night, because it really is just too sticky to use during the day. Plus, it didn't play well with my SPF moisturizers. I'd wake up in the morning and my skin would look amazing. The cheery citrus scent was just an added bonus. Definitely recommend!

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Deodorants -Kiss My Face -Liquid Rock Deodorant


I've tried more natural deodorants than I can possibly remember. From powders to sprays to creams to solids. I had a little success with alcohol based spray and A LOT of irritation with anything baking soda based. Nothing has ever truly worked until this. I've had a bit of odor protection from others but they always wear off quickly. For my body (I sweat a lot and get pretty stinky) this is 100% effective . Now I know this is gross but I put this product through it's paces to give the best review possible. I applied this product after my shower one day and didn't reapply or wash my pits for four days. FOUR DAYS! There was nothing more than a faint staleness. If I could have held out longer I would have, but I just needed to wash. The one drawback is that it doesn't smell anything like cucumber and green tea. I love those scents so that would have been nice. What it does smell like is rose stems. Exactly like them. I like it. It's botanical and fresh and doesn't stick around anyway.

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