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Shocked this hasn’t been reviewed on here before! I found this little gem while researching
Hadalabo Gokujun Hyaluronic Lotion Moist. I decided to go with this one instead of Hadalabo because it was more economical for 500ml, just $14. I was looking for a very moisturizing skin plumping type lotion that would keep moisture from escaping my skin. In the past I’ve used Stratera Liquid Gold, Ceremidin, Nivea (German version), embroylisee, Hope in a Jar, La Mer... I liked them, and found near HG status in Liquid Gold (but that fishy smell when it dries...yuck). The K M lotion is lighter feeling, absorbs fast, is more versatile and a far better value than any of the aforementioned.
Some background: I’m 35, use retin A 3x + per week, dry , somewhat dehydrated, oily in the t zone. I *try* to be diligent about using my Clarisonic but I’m not always good at that on the regular. Lately My routine has been:
AM: toning with either Pixi Glow Tonic or Neutrogena Pore refining toner, Vitamin CE serum, High M, Clairins Blue Orchid Oil, Trader Joe’s Nourish Moisturizer or Lacura Q10 night, then Biore Watery Essence 50+++ Sunscreen.
PM: removing my makeup with a baby wipe (I know, I’m lazy lol), toning with either Pixi Glow Tonic or Neutrogena Pore refining toner, High M, retin a 3X wk OR, an occasional rotation of HQ Nadinola or Tri Luma generic. Lacura Q10 on “off” retin a days. Kiel’s Midnight recovery on extra dry days, although now those are few and far between and I’m just trying to use it up :). I also 1x week use TO
AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution to keep the dead skin away.
This is thin like water in consistency, and smells like weird artificial bubblegum sake . The scent dissipates quickly though so that’s no big deal. The bottle is really large with a clumsy pump so I like to decant into one of those small amber bottles w/pump that you use for making your own skincare products (amber bottle not necessary, it’s just what I had on hand). I apply it with my fingers, consistency is watery. I let it soak in and voila, plump, moisturized skin. For a deeper moisturizing treatment, I do a mask. Using just a one ply gauze pad from my medicine cabinet, I cut eye and nose holes, saturate on a plate, lay down/relax and leave on my face for 15 minutes.
The biggest difference I have seen is just how well my makeup glides on. And my face just glows. Also, was trying out a powder at Sephora the other day and the SA said I had really nice “supple” skin (nobody had ever made a comment like that to me before about my usually dry/dull skin, never happens!). This stuff is truly magic, nothing more to say :)

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