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Recent Kiehl's Reviews

Lip Treatments -Kiehl's -Lip Balm #1

on 3/22/2018 3:31:00 PM


I was wary of this lip balm because, well, it's expensive and the ingredients don't seem like much. But to my happy surprise, my lips are more moisturized than they've ever been! I usually use Carmex all the time, but I've realized I've been going for the Kiehl's instead lately because it makes my lips feel better.

I have been a Carmex user for many many years, but a couple years ago I tried out many lip balms on the market, looking for a better product, and couldn't find any. Baby Lips, eOS, Rosebud, Softlips, Netrogena, Nivea, Blistex, Chapstick -- none of their lip balms worked. They all made my lips very dry.

Recently, I ordered Kiehl's lip balm #1 and have been wearing it for a week and my lips have fewer lines, look plumper, and have more moisture. I'm sold! I wish it was cheaper, but it's a great product.

Treatments (Eye) -Kiehl's -Midnight Recovery Eye Concentrate

on 3/20/2018 10:55:00 AM


Used almost half a tube but didn't notice any difference. I do not understand the use of lavender oil for something to be used around the delicate eye area.....been getting rashes under both eye at times. Didn't happen again after i stopped using this and went back to my loreal eye cream. Wouldn't recommend it.

Toners -Kiehl's -Herbal Blue Astringent


I have combination acne prone skin. When I tried this product from a sample someone gave me i felt in love with this product: it mattifies my skin, lives it oli-free and reduces my blemishes in a few hours. I only have two cons against this product: one it's a bit pricey (but I would totally repurchase) and two, it dries my cheeks very badly so I have to be extra careful about the zones where I use it.

Cleansers -Kiehl's -Ultra Facial Cleanser

on 3/14/2018 12:55:00 AM


This was very drying for my skin. I have combination/dry skin, and after a few days of using this cleanser I had visible dry flakes on my nose, which I have never experienced before. I can’t recommend this at all.

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Moisturizers -Kiehl's -Ultra Facial Deep Moisture Balm Moisturizer


This stuff is so good. I went on vacation to Banff in the middle of winter and I credit this with keeping my (very dry) skin happy.

A couple things to note. When it says 'balm', they mean it. I normally don't like using products that come in jars, but it literally would be impossible to have it in any other form, it's that thick. For that same reason, I don't recommend using this during the daytime. It leaves me feeling a little tacky, which I don't mind because I know that it's trapping in moisture, but it won't play well with makeup.

It's also pricey, but I don't mind because I only need a tiny bit each night. I take a pea sized amount and rub it between my palms to warm it up a little, then press it into my skin. Rubbing doesn't work well, again because it's so thick, but pressing seems to do the trick.

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