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Hair Treatments -Kérastase -Ciment Thermique Heat-Activated Reconstructor

on 11/9/2018 5:06:00 PM


My favorite thermique mostly because my hair holds style better with this one. It is a reliable, trustworthy and practical heat protectant that offers some additional haircare benefits for those days when I don't want to layer a protein mist with a heat protectant mist. I also trust it more than my more affordable heat protectants if I'm using a straightener or curler. I don't notice extra benefits with a blowdryer but it has never made my hair greasy - though my hair is very dry. Neither have I seen great 'restructuring' benefits from it but I know that my hair gets much worse if I heat-style without something like this. I also use it in the summer to protect my hair from the frying sun, salty ocean etc and I like it more than Kerastase's UV products.

One downside is that it tends to make my hair a bit crunchy if I use too much and do not style my hair immediately. I often stray because I like trying other products but find myself returning to this.

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Hair Treatments -Kérastase -Resistance Masque Therapiste Hair Mask

on 11/3/2018 6:17:00 PM


Although mineral oil is the third ingredient after water and cetearyl alcohol, I have used 2 tubs of this mask to see if its claims are true. It is not a horrible mask per se but I didn't see any strength in my hair and always found my hair a bit matte after using it. I usually air dry my hair, and my hair didn't look that good without a blowdry.

The texture is not very heavy and the smell is fresh. But it leaves a sticky feeling on my damp hair - that goes away when hair is dry. Although it doesn't flatten my hair, I think my hair gets oily quickly with it. The ends, however, return to their brittle state on the second day. Not exactly what I want at this price range.

I think this would be a good mask for thick but shorter hair that gets a trim regularly - and needs less use of mask. I tend to use masks quite often though and need more benefits. My hair missed protein sprays terribly when I was using this series but whenever I layer products after this, my hair had build-up very quickly.

Shampoo -Kérastase -Resistance Bain Therapiste Shampoo

on 11/3/2018 5:55:00 PM


This is my favorite product from the Therapiste line. Normally, my hair doesn't like Kerastase shampoos - one even gives me knotty hair that feels like an old sock. This, however, is a gentle shampoo with jellified texture. The smell is fresh. The idea is to reduce friction while washing for very damaged hair. As someone who has damaged her hair in extreme forms before, I can see the purpose of this shampoo. And it really can be good if your hair is so damaged that you are afraid of touching it in the shower. However, I think of it as a short-term solution until hair gains a bit of strength. In the meantime, what rescues my hair is protein treatments by other brands.

I can see myself buying it again - especially because my hair starts to tangle after it reaches my shoulders and I don't need anything else after this shampoo. However, I don't use it during periods when I do heavy DIY pre-poos mostly with oil etc because I would have to use a lot of shampoo. Still, it's a good product - albeit with SLS.

Conditioner -Kérastase -Resistance Soin Premier Therapiste Conditioner

on 11/3/2018 5:43:00 PM


The Therapiste series is marketed as band-aid for very damaged hair and has KAPs (keratin associated proteins) as its innovative technology. Kerastase calls this conditioner a reverse-care conditioner as it is supposed to be used before shampoo - it can be used after as well. This can be practical if you like using matching products. However, pre-poo methods are not a big novelty and the conditioner itself didn't feel that special to me. It is a lightweight conditioner with a fresh smell that still has amodimethicone as the second ingredient after water. Then comes a softening alcohols and then perfume. Polyquats follow. Personally, I don't enjoy paying much for dimethicone and I don't like it as the first ingredient in my haircare routine. Any product with so much dimethicone gives the same feel on my hair.

This conditioner didn't do anything special for my hair and the shampoo of the series is pretty gentle anyway.

Styling Products -Kérastase -Laque Noire Anti Humidity Super Shield Fixing Hairspray

I need hairspray in my hair routine, no questions asked. The sturdier the better. Usually I go for a cheap, strong, supermarket stuff as long as it does not stink too much (hello Ellnett) but after years of going with it I wanted to treat myself to something a bit higher end and when one of the websites had this in their 2 for 1 offer I jumped at a chance.

This is a perfect hairspray for me. Let me explain what it needs to work with - my hair is currently a chin length bob. My hair is thin, wavy and prone to being flat and static. I need to wash it everyday and then I blow dry it. I never wear it up (it is still too short) but I need to be able to beef it up so that it does not lay limp. When my style is ready i'll fix it with a thin layer of hairspray sprayed UNDERNEATH the top layer of hair so I don't get a 'helmet' on. If it becomes too stiff, I'll comb it through so basically the hairspray needs to give my hair a bit of grit so that it becomes just a bit stiffer, while texturising spray just make my hair to look dirty. It does not need to HOLD anything. Soft, cascading, glossy hair just does not work for me. I don't really care about humidity protection as I live in Scotland and there is not usually much choice here in that matter.

This Kerastase hairspray does not smell bad or too intense (fragrance seems to evaporate quickly), the nozzle does not block, the spray is thin and even and it keeps my hair in good condition, hair looks slightly thicker and is not stiff to the touch. After using these two bottles I will probably come back to my usual supermarket stuff but meanwhile it works and who knows, I might yet win a lottery!

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