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Kate Somerville is a skincare company founded in 2004. Kate Somerville is an paramedical esthetician who operates a skin care clinic in Los Angeles, CA. Her collection of skincare products are currently distributed by leading retailers, spas, and in doctorsű€™ offices, both in the United States and abroad.* Source: www.hayhouse.com

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Skincare - Face -Kate Somerville -Eradikate Acne Spot Treatment

on 9/14/2018 8:56:00 AM


This stuff works! I've started to get menopausal outbreaks on my chin and tried this after reading reviews online. Wow! This really does clear blemishes overnight. It can dry the skin out so im careful to apply only to areas the need it.

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Cleansers -Kate Somerville -Cold Cream

on 9/11/2018 11:22:00 PM


I personally love this:) I am also a Charlotte tilbury junkie and she has a similar product. But I think I like Kate’s a lot more. I got a smaller container of it as a gift sample. Wasn’t expecting much but I am hooked. Perhaps it’s the smell I like. Kind of reminds me of my moms face cream when I was a kid(I am 56). It’s a clean soothing smell. I like it. Now I hope Kate comes out with a jumbo size for the holidays. Tonight I actually used some my cleansed face as a night cream: as I have some dry patches from microdermabrasion. It’s not heavy it’s not greasy. I ordered a large size to keep on using it.

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Treatments (Face) -Kate Somerville -Exfolikate

on 9/5/2018 9:49:00 AM


Exfolikate is an interesting facial exfoliater. It is a chemical exfoliater which leave on the skin for around 2 minutes before rinsing off, however it also has a grainy consistency and manually exfoliates as it is massaged onto and rinsed off the skin. The grains in this are extremely fine, so they do not feel harsh on the skin. This product also did not irritate my skin, cause redness or breakouts. However, it didn’t really seem to do anything. My skin didn’t feel smoother or softer after using it, and it didn’t look fresh, clean or bright - which is how my face usually looks after exfoliating. This product is pricey too. In my opinion you can find a much better product for a much cheaper price. I would definitely pass on this.

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Cleansers -Kate Somerville -Purify Clarifying Cleanser


I have oily skin and I'm a guy, so harsh products don't really bother me (read: this is a harsh product). I've even put lavender oil and tea tree oil on my face neat and haven't had problems (don't recommend this). Anyway, I got this on sale for 50% off so paid about $17 for it. The cleanser is strong and definitely not for dry or sensitive skin. It strips your oils out for sure. However, the use of irritating menthol ingredients is troublesome. Every time I wash my face with it my eyes burn like hell. The pump is also annoying. You have to screw it back every time oyu use it, and if you forget a bunch of product falls out. So even if you have really oily skin, I think there's better cleansers that are gentler yet more effective.

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Self Tanners -Kate Somerville -Somer 360 Tanning Towelettes Face and Body

on 6/22/2018 12:56:00 PM

Is this product a joke? I followed the directions precisely and ended up with orange, streaky, awful smelling skin. I purchased it so that my legs wouldn't look so pale for a presentation I was giving and am so grateful the weather ended up too cold to wear a dress. It would have been so embarrassing to have such obvious self-tanner skin. This product is expensive, smells awful, and doesn't work. Good idea, terrible execution.

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