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Liquid -Kat Von D -Lock-It Foundation

on 12/11/2018 7:15:00 PM


So...I have extremely oily skin, acne, a lot of redness and Sensitive skin. i did a lot of research with any foundation before I try and I was so excited to try this but this foundation would be the worst foundation I have ever tried! I find my face is really difficult and many foundations that i see look flawless on others with the same skin conditions as me however, i dont get the same effect. So frustrating!!! I have been looking for the perfect foundation for 7 years, I get my makeup done professionally all the time and my makeup artist uses stila on me which I love however, I still find I have to reapply powder every 2 hours. So I am searching for that foundation that stays matte for the whole day. This foundation is really thick which i didn't mind at all I loved the coverage! however, I looked really cakey and areas around my nose and on my chin cracked within the first hour of applying and i used the primer and powder with it as I didn't feel it was matte enough without powder over the top. I was shiny within a few hours and when i reapplied powder i went even more cakey and patchy around my nose and chin make up went spotty and yuck!. I'm just glad I got a sample and didn't purchase the whole bottle!

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Palettes -Kat Von D -I Am Divine Eyeshadow Palette


For Collectors
I picked up this palette the day it released, thinking with some of the hype that it would sell out fast. HAHAHAHAHA. The two exciting shades would be the lime green and light blue. The rest of the palette is nothing special. I suppose the matte white is nice but if it wasn't Divine, I don't think anyone would have had an interest in the colors of this palette.
The shadows themselves applied rather chalky, mattes went on well but the pigment of that ever inclusive lime shade was subpar. I can see why this ended up being half price, do yourself a favor and look into the mini shade and light quads, a full look and some with a bonus blush or contour shade.

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Palettes -Kat Von D -Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette


A fantastic matte eye shadow palette. Having tried every color in the palette over the course of this month I have to admit each one looks exactly the same on my lids as it does in the pan. And that's not something that happens very often for me! Each color is very pigmented, buttery and super blendable. Whether it's a neutral day eye I'm aiming for or a more bold smokey eye, I've managed to create many different looks with this which is why I've been raving about it to so many people recently! No fallout whatsoever and these last the entire day when I use a primer first (although not quite the full day if I happen to forget, but still a decent amount of time). Total re-purchase.

Selena x

~ My HG list ~

(As I've sampled many 100s of skin, hair and m/u products over the last decade and a half, I thought it might be useful to share my top 10 must-have products, subject to change if and when I come across something more effective. I love constantly trying out new stuff - usually sample sizes via e-bay, also plenty courtesy of a friend who works at Sephora) 

1. Hair Loss Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Hair Oil
2. Lip Balm: 'Nuxe' - Reve De Miel Lip Balm
3. Pigmentation + Anti-Ageing Treatment: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Facial Treatment Serum
4. Cleanser: 'Paula's Choice' - Skin Balancing Cleanser
5. Concealer: ‘Mac’ - Studio Finish Concealer
6. Lash Growth Serum: ‘Divine Herbal’ - Divinelash
7. Foundation/SPF: ‘Juice Beauty’ - Stem Cellular Repair (warm glow)
8. Face Scrub: ‘Sisley' - Botanical Gentle Buffing Cream
9. Moisturizer: ‘Antipodes' - Rejoice Light Day Cream
10. Hand Cream: 'Origins' - Make A Difference Rejuvenating Hand Treatment

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Lipstick -Kat Von D -Studded Kiss Lipstick in Underage Red

on 11/22/2018 1:35:00 AM


Solid formula, like all the Studded Kiss lipsticks

The name is spot on, I feel like I’m a kid wearing my mother’s red lipstick in this. All of my mistakes show glaringly!

Overall: 3.5* - this is a hard red for me to wear, though if this is a color you are going for, it may be good for you since the formula is nice. This is a shade that concealer and a lip brush will definitely help the application of

Lipstick -Kat Von D -Studded Kiss Lipstick - Adora

on 11/22/2018 1:24:00 AM


Smooth, not drying formulation
Flattering red

There are more daringly metallic shades

Overall: 4* - I like the color and formulation, but for a metallic red I prefer other formulations (such Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick in Crimson Chrome or the Path McGrath Lust 004 kit)

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