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Mascara -Kanebo -KATE Magical Volume Gel mascara


My eyelashes are really long but there is a little flakes after using this.Whatever I wore this and went to swim and it worked well for waterproof property, so it's pretty nice.

Brows -Kanebo -Kate eyebrow pencil

on 5/20/2018 11:03:00 PM


I'm using my 4th pencil already, and I've got 4 stocked up. Absolutely love how natural the color is and it's so easy to draw because of its petite size. I'm also able to draw very finely because of the fine tip. I used to love the NYX pencil but after I used this I've never tried anything else! Only downside is that there's no spoolie so I gotta use my own spoolie. But for the price point, I'm not complaining. Great to stock up on when you visit Japan :)

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Liquid -Kanebo - KATE Powderless Liquid for Cover Foundation

on 5/6/2018 12:19:00 PM


I heard many great reviews about this foundation for oily skin and decided to give it a try. However, this really didnt work for me for some reason. The foundation broke down even before mid day, looking patchy and ugly. I gave this 2 chances and decided I really can't use this anymore. I usually hate to waste products but this is one of the ones where I really can't use it anymore.Not sure if this is still in stores as Kate has a new foundation but its a super no go for me.

Toners -Kanebo -Sensai Lotion II

on 5/4/2018 6:56:00 PM


I’m very happy with this, has brightened up my complexion and has not caused acne.

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Mascara -Kanebo -kate mascara base

on 4/25/2018 3:44:00 PM


Y'all, I never write reviews (this is my first review EVER) but felt I had to for this one. I have tried the following mascara primers: Lancome's, Clinique's, Loreal's, Maybelline's, Tarte's, and Urban Decay's. NONE of them came close to this, and this primer is much cheaper than most of the ones I mentioned. My search for mascara primers stopped when I tried this one. This primer separates my lashes, and my lashes stay curled. It has incredible staying power. It doesn't sting my eyes. This primer is phenomenal, and I want to spread the good word. I got mine off of Ebay. If I could buy this 100 times over, I would.

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