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Deodorants -Juvena -Cream Deodorant

In one word .... Wonderfull

no white or yellow marks
low on perfume
protects nicely

If you have the money go for it!

Treatments (Eye) -Juvena -Juvena - Skin Rejuvenate Delining Eye Cream


Although its very expensive (bought 95 dollars) but it worths ,nicely scented,nice viscosity and it makes my eyes brighter and rejuvenated
my only complain is that it comes in a jar ,otherwise its a wonderfull eye cream

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Moisturizers -Juvena -Juvedical Renewing Day Cream

on 11/15/2014 3:30:00 PM


I used this and the night version and I am not very impressed. It was just ok nothing very special. I have a normal to dry skin and my skin did not feel super moisturised after I used this product.


on 11/4/2013 3:45:00 PM

I have fine expression lines. So I chosed treatment this to prevent others, not to make the ones I already have go away....
I have used it for more than one month.
The texture is heavy, and I think is rather emoilant, than hydrating.
It was ok, in the beginnning, I could apply concealer and iluminater with no problems.
Since a week or so,I ve noticed the area under my eyes is getting puffier and puffier.
First I thought is just a coincidence, didnt think about the eye cream, but now even people around me noticed the puffines like little small bags. http://www.makeupalley.com/product/qu.asp?itemid=69979#morevideo
Yestarday I stopped applying the cream and started with frozen tea bags for 5 mins per day, hopefully the puffines will go away soon !

VERY VERY frustrated with the results of this cream!

WHO wants to pay a huge amount of money to get puffy eyes????

Eye Makeup Remover -Juvena -Quick And Easy Makeup Remover

It didn't take my make up off! I much prefer my Bioderma one and it is much cheaper! I gift it to my 11 years old sister to play around with make up!

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