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Mascara -Just for Redheads -Mascara Ultresse- Ginger Henna

on 7/26/2018 10:49:00 AM


I love JFR's mascaras - they also can be used on brows (with care) and as a root touch up, in a pinch. Not inexpensive but on sale they are fine. Can clump if exposed to air, cap tightly.

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Mascara -Just for Redheads -Naturelle Mascara

on 1/19/2018 9:56:00 PM


This mascara is perfect for natural makeup looks. I have NC05 skin and lashes that have light brown roots that taper to blonde so even brown mascaras can look harsh if that’s all I’m wearing on my eyes. I have the shades Ginger Cocoa (light warm brown) and Ginger Red (light red brown). Unfortunately, this smears after a few hours so I will not be repurchasing. JFR has a waterproof formula that I will be trying next.

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Foundations -Just for Redheads -Flawless Foundation

on 2/20/2017 1:46:00 PM


It's a bit on the expensive side, $35 for the compact but it's a really nice light powder that matches my skin tone (Royal Bisque=NC20) and does not make my face itch. It's not hg but still a good find.
Edit: this has become my HG after trying all walks of life with foundations. This is,all I buy now.

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Mascara -Just for Redheads -Voyage

on 2/20/2017 1:42:00 PM


I really like the color and formula of this one, I bought Auburn. I could do without the giant brush/wand though. I'm OK with big brushes but this is HUGE. Too big really.
This has become my hg mascara. No irritation, love the color range, it doesn't run or flake. Really my only complaint is the huge brush.

Update: I think this is making my lashes fall out. :( Seems like every time i take this off, no matter what i use, i see lash fall. Such a shame because this was perfect in every other way.
Updaye 2: this is definitely making my lashes fall out! I looked in the mirror after a few hours of wearing and seen i had a couple lashes just dangling, yes they fell out when i touched them. I hope my lashes grow back.

Mascara -Just for Redheads -Mascara Studio - Cinnamon

on 6/30/2016 1:43:00 AM


I have been using JFR Mascaras since 1993. Where has the time gone? My sister and I rely on JFR for the most natural look possible - that enhances our coloring and features but doesn't disguise them. My favorite JFR Mascaras have been, and remain, the Henna Mascara Supreme and the Mascara Mystique in GingerAuburn, but I decided to try something different this last time I ordered makeup. "Cinnamon" is a new color in the "Studio" line, and, on the website, it looks like a shade between GingerRed, and GingerBrown. In real life, the color of this mascara is actually much lighter than the color of cinnamon. In life, it is much closer to the color of Turmeric, which is a bright yellow-orange. Mascara Studio Cinnamon doesn't do much for my eyelashes because it's lighter than their natural color (which is light auburn-ish). For darker lashes, GingerRed, enhances my particular lashes better. Cinnamon will give color to pale-blonde/strawberry-blonde lashes, but for red and auburn hair, it doesn't do much more than define and separate. This formula does not thicken, at all, and it doesn't add any noticeable length. Maybe it's just too light to see. It looks truly natural, as in nothing-at-all - ,so if you want to enhance sparse, short, light eyelashes, like me, this mascara may be disappointing unless your eyelashes are very pale.

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