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Jordana Cosmetics was founded in 1986. It is a family owned company and they are based in Los Angeles, CA. It is one of the leading brands of value priced cosmetics nationwide. Products are available in drugstores and large retail stores.

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447 products

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Recent Jordana Cosmetics Reviews

Eyeliner -Jordana Cosmetics -12 Hour Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil

on 9/21/2018 3:46:00 PM



Similar to the NYX Slide-On but cheaper, last longer and less creamy so it's easier to create a sharper line
Better than all other drugstore eyeliners and rival high-end
I've tried many if not all!

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Lip Liners -Jordana Cosmetics -Lip Liner in Natural

on 9/20/2018 1:54:00 PM


This review is for the long 7.5" pencil that is completely colored on the outer layer in the shades "natural nude" and "coffee". I believe Jordana discontinued these a while ago, but has since come out with new packaging and slightly different names for the shades.

I absolutely love these pencils. Not only do you get a lot of product, I find since they're a little creamier once warmed up, I can use them as colored eyeliners as well. The "coffee" shade is particularly stunning on my medium/tan/warm complexion and dark eyes and gives the lips such beautiful definition. These pencils are a little dry yes, but if used to fill in the lips completely will last all day in my opinion, the harder/dryer formula allows the color to stay on much longer. I own these in quite a few shades, will never stop using them!

I bought mine in bulk so each pencil came out to something ridiculously cheap like 10 cents. Give them a try, you cant go wrong if you enjoy the matte/long wearing look. Definitely a commonly overlooked and underestimated product.

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Mascara -Jordana Cosmetics -Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

on 7/22/2018 6:48:00 PM


I have very short, very straight lashes and this is the best mascara I have ever used. Most mascaras make my eyelashes black, yeah, but nothing dramatic. This actually makes me look like I have some good eyelashes and they actually curl up. I can layer it up and it never becomes too spidery looking. It stays all days and does not flake which I can't stand. It is super inexpensive and I buy mine at Walgreens. There is only the one color of black and it would be cool if they would add a brown to their line. Awesome stuff!

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Lips -Jordana Cosmetics -Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color

on 7/16/2018 5:52:00 PM


• No transfer
• Inexpensive

• Extremely crumbly since the moment you apply
• Patchy, can't be applied evenly, the applicator doesn't add color but rather takes it off
• Wear time is very short (shorter than with a normal lip gloss) because of the flakiness
• Unpleasant synthetic scent
• Drying to the point where your lips feel like they're burning
• Don't last through meals (they immediately crumble off)
• The applicator isn't that precise
• Limited color range, mostly bold shades

Overall, 2/10. I have the shade Mango Sorbet which is a stunning shade. Unfortunately, this formula is horrifying. So patchy that it can't be applied properly at all. Not to mention that it is so drying that it burns my lips, and it flakes off immediately after application and the flakes get stuck between teeth. Absolutely disgusting. Worst liquid lipstick I've tried (and I've tried plenty). Stay miles away from this.

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Bronzers -Jordana Cosmetics -Sculpt N' Go Creamy Contour Stick

on 6/30/2018 3:15:00 PM


I bought this in Light and absolutely love it. It's a true contour in that it's more cool than warm. I'm fair, about nc20 and yellow, and this doesn't make me look muddy or ashy. I will say the color payoff could be a bit better but it's also very blendable which is better for fairer skins. And it's also about 6 dollars. The stick dries to a powder finish that plays well with other foundations, but I wouldn't advise putting it on top of powder as it might cake up. Once set though bronzers and blush go really well on top.

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