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Fragrances -Joop! -Joop! Femme

on 11/15/2018 12:55:00 AM


I find this soft and long lasting and feminine. It does not smell strong or harsh at all . It is soft and slightly sweet and I could sniff it all day and bathe in it ! It is beautiful and inexpensive and perfect for a lady or a young woman . A great scent!

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Fragrance -Joop! -Joop! For Men

on 4/5/2018 1:04:00 PM


This cologne reminds me of a coworker this guy called Jonathan @ uja federation who used to wear this all the time! It's a really strong 💪 scent every time he came to work you knew it was him Bc of his overpowering cologne! He was a cute guy! ! LOL & this scent reminds me of him! LOL

Fragrances -Joop! -Le Bain


This is a glorious, gorgeous scent! It is sweet and balsamic and powdery....vanilla and amber and a hint of cherry tobacco (not listed in the note matrix but it's definitely presenting as cherry tobacco on my skin) and ooooh I'm in love. I can't stop sniffing myself!
I'm in my 4th hour of wear and the musk is starting to come through, but in a cozy creamy way. I get hints of vanilla ice cream with the cherry tobacco and musk, and this is truly a masterpiece. I am already thinking I need a backup, and that's saying something!
As far as the floral notes go, only a tiny bit of LOTV in the opening and very little orange blossom, but a hint of jasmine and rose make this more than just a fluff scent. The patchouli is fairly nonexistent on my skin, but this doesn't really even need it.
Truly a winner!

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Fragrances -Joop! -All About Eve

on 9/30/2015 11:10:00 AM

It's so sad this blind buy perfume doesn't like my skin or vice versa. I hoped for something delicious and apple pie-ish (as notes included apple, vanilla and cinnamon), which this is not, at least not on me. Luckily, the price wasn't bad.

Fragrances -Joop! -By Night Jette

on 11/28/2009 6:54:00 PM

Anyone who laments the discontinuation of Cacharel's Gloria should rejoice in the cognate By Night Jette. The two are nearly inseparable.

Ignore the given list of notes for By Night. At the top there is a strong whiff of mint that signals the presence of almond. So minty is the almond that it smells like peppermint oil. The minty almond is very similar to Gloria, although it is stronger in By Night.

By Night trucks along through a forest of cedar that smells--as it does in Gloria--of lead pencils. The almond/cedar combination dominates By Night for the first few minutes; you either like minty almond and pencil shavings or you don't. It's a dealbreaker that broke wrong for me.

There is a very creamy vanilla musk in the base of By Night, which detours through a thick powder before reaching the final heavy-cream stage. There is a similar effect done with peach in Burberry Classic.

Just as with Gloria, By Night's florals (primarily rose) are hard to pick out, although as the thing unspools the rose is creased through the vanilla-musk base. By Night wears for hours in this last phase; it is sweet face powder, a rose petal, some lead from the pencils, and a tiny hangover reminder of the minty almond at the top.

Because I dislike powdery/creamy fragrances, this one isn't for me. It also smells a bit like Lady Evangeline, Mandorli di Sicilia, and Mazzolari Alessandro.

Aside: Many people describe this type of almond note as smelling like rootbeer. I say peppermint, but it could go either way. By Night has a lot of it. continued >>

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